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  1. Re: Norwich Tactics Okay thanks ill give it a try
  2. Re: Players who never play well for you? Mertesacker seems to always get a match rating or 3 or 4 for me at normal cb position 4-4-2 formation, he had 2 red cards in 1 season and 7 yellows
  3. Re: Norwich Tactics anybody? I just got beat by a team that all there match fitness ratings where between 1-30% 4-0 ive tried most tactics now yet i always get destroyed
  4. This Barnsley manager has continued to win every single game around 3-5 goals to 0 with his players at 1% - 30% match fit my players are always at 100% i play a basic 4-4-2 formatian and so does he my squads average rating is 90 and his is 88 yet he beats me 4-0 with everyone of his players in the 1-30% match fitness reigon, i cant get my head round this at all.
  5. Ive tried a few tactics and i continue to lose here are my starting 11 players. Current Tactic: 4-3-3 (Wingers) GK:T.HOWARD RB:G.JOHNSON CB:V.CORLUKA CB:P.MERTESACKER LB:H.BADSTUBER Or Steven Warnock. DM:S.RAMIRES DM:T.HUDDLESTONE Winger:R.KEANE AM:S.KIESSLING Winger:M.VUCINIC CF:G.PAZZINI
  6. Re: Fernando Llorente I also like him, hes a trouble for defenders, but its to early to tell, for all we know he could go on a goal scoring drought for about 7 months, so yeah to early to tell at the moment
  7. Re: Lukas Podolski Not a bad player but dont think he will rise above 90 as long as he is with Fc Koln
  8. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Who shall i sell out of my players, and possibly name a replacement and maybe add if there in for a drop/rise, thanks Goalkeepers Tim Howard 90 Eliton Deola 75 Defenders Stephen Warnock 89 Glen Johnson 91 Vedran Corluka 91 Per Mertesacker 93 GaƩl Givet 88 Holger Badstuber 88 Yehor Bidny 70 Midfielders Santos Ramires 90 Claudio Marchisio 90 Thomas Muller 88 Alberto Aquilani 90 Forwards Mirko Vucinic 92 Gary Hooper 82 Giampaolo Pazzini 90 Stefan Kiessling 90
  9. Re: Darren Fletcher He went to a 94 because he move to Juve and that was considered a big move and at the time he was playing for Brazil, now since he has under performed for Brazil hes went to a 93 and will go to a 92 shortly i assume, which will suit him nicely because his attacking quality is as good as fletchers defensive quality, so comparing those 2 together 92 is about right for both
  10. Re: Darren Fletcher When Diego played for Bremen he actually did play a fair bit for Brazil.
  11. Re: Darren Fletcher I cant see him going to a 93 let alone 94, hes not as good as Schweinsteiger never mind better! As for 94, do you really think hes as good as Xabi alonso, De Rossi or Mascerano???
  12. Re: Jermaine Defoe.. Mario Gomez.
  13. Re: 90 + Risers Centre Midfielder Cant see him going from 92 to 93+, hes not up there with the likes of David Silva (93) and Schweinsteiger (93) However he is a United player so i wouldnt take it as a major suprise if he was to rise =/
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