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  1. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge yep, Im still in..
  2. Re: Need managers new gw I understand that some have other options and ideas they would like considered in this setup. I have seen them and did think about them. However, I came up with this idea that I have because it is exciting and competitive. I may have began things to soon. The idea of this set up is based on a concept very close to that of American football. I will use that concept as the example I am going to give: If You were the coach (manager) of the University of Texas football team.., you would be looking very routinely at the 15 to 18 year old players at the high school level around the nation to recruit to the University of Texas football team. You would be scouting and recruiting based on the best information and stats you could find on the young prospects in hopes of getting them-- and them bringing something in the way of talent to the University of Texas. The University of Texas expects you as the coach (manager) to rise to the top of the division and stay there, at least in the top 5 consistently and win a few National Championships. It’s not an easy job, your players have a 4-year run in college sports. You have to continually at least every 2 seasons be eyeing the next guy to take an empty slot. Many players will run their full 4-years and then graduate. They are gone and the replacements better be ready to step up. If you are fortunate and have recruited a great young player..he is going to help build a championship run at least for two seasons, because his junior year he is gone. The pro clubs will have come and plucked him away at big millions per year. He will finish his degree later in life. This would be somewhat like the case of you recruiting an 18 year old 70 rated hot shot and at the end of season 2 he goes from 70 to 75 rated. He might have got you to one or two championships, but now he is gone to the pros. Plucked early. If you’re a good manager, you can continue season to season to keep your club competitive by your recruiting. There may be a point in season 5 for example that your recruiting went south and you have a flop of a team..you could change up to a new formation and strategy away from your normal routine and see if things change. More than likely your club will fall in the rankings and you will have to bring them back up. The best managers will consistently keep their clubs at a high level in the rankings. It will not be a matter of them having the best players in the world like the normal setups in SM. It will be great scouting and recruiting, formations and strategy. That is “Soccer Managing”. One other aspect is, it does not have to be 15 to 21 year old 74 and unders. It could be 28 to 34 year old 74 and unders. These old geezers are great. They have been around a while and played in many local leagues and maybe briefly in their earlier days had a shot with a mid level club, but only one season or two and they were dropped. These days their not playin for the mansion, Ferrari and girls. These guys are playin to pay the rent and feed the wife and kids… This is what I want this setup to be. Give me some feedback..
  3. Re: The International Minor League GW ID:236911 Plenty of clubs available. 74 and under gw
  4. I have a game world I created not to long ago. I have a few rules in the game world. One of the things I did was leave all rosters empty so that managers could start with a clean slate. so, far after 2-weeks im only 20% full. In this case, is the custom GW automated to the point it will fill the roster itself on a given date?, or will it not begin until all manager positions are filled? I did quit my club and join one of the nonmanaged clubs to randomly fill it's roster, then went back to my club immediately so as not to have that join a club quit a club look on my history. Anyways, that did not work..all transfers were immediately voided when I left the particular club. I did pm a few experienced forumer's on this matter before I attempted this ridiculousness, but most were not sure and the others did not have enough experience in custom setup from the owners side of things. So, the question is..does the game world not begin until all clubs are naturally filled?
  5. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge I like 18. I think for this type setup 6 clubs per division keeps it manageable, especially for those of you keeping stats and making reports and conducting the club inspections for violations.
  6. Re: Need managers new gw I don't like it Filipe, but I will discuss it with our small group. It's a democracy. If majority want..I will change. Good enough?
  7. Re: The International Minor League Dear Prospective Managers: "The International Minor League" play begins on 2-8-15. So far the set up is 20% full. 6 clubs taken and 28 vacant. I have Stayed inside the New Game World and Custom Game Worlds threads to advertise this setup. A few years back I went on all threads to advertise a setup, It went well getting managers. However, I came close to an SM flagging and probation for advertising so aggressively. If you have an extra club slot on your account or one of the clubs your already with has become a boring drag..come join this setup. I want it to be a long lasting and reputable setup. You get a small club somewhere in the world with 10 million cash to put together a club roster of 74 rated or below, just as most small clubs would be. You can build a team with a starting lineup, plus a backup unit for each position and still have 8 million in the bank. To build a winning operation you really have to manage/ coach these youngsters, or in some cases old fellas. It's about strategy..and putting a 68 rated player where a 74 rated player has been playing way below potential. I think you will be happy to see how well a young 68 is among 74s. You can get into the formation selections and try some new stuff out. You can do a lot of experimenting here. I will be involved as much as possible..keeping stats, creating some tournaments..awards and keeping the forum for the setup alive. It's worth investing your SM time into this set up. So, Come and apply for a club..
  8. Re: The International Minor League Any new applications I will review and accept this evening. But Keep them coming. This gonna be fun an enjoyable setup. At work .
  9. Re: Need managers new gw 1. Al-Shoalah Football Club Saudi Arabia CAPACITY 8,000 2. Forest Green Rovers F.C. ENGLAND CAPACITY 5,017 3. Fostiras F.C. GREECE CAPACITY 4,000 (MANAGED) 4. Kickers Emden GERMANY CAPACITY 7,200 5. CD El Palo SPAIN CAPACITY 1,000 6. Liberty Professionals F.C. GHANA CAPACITY 2,000 7. Limón F.C. COSTA RICA CAPACITY 2,900 (MANAGED)) 8. Lincoln Red Imps Gibraltar CAPACITY 1,000 9. Rio Branco Football Club BRAZIL CAPACITY (MANAGED) 10. Sligo Rovers F.C. IRELAND CAPACITY 5,500 11. Ross County F.C. SCOTLAND CAPACITY 6,541 (MANAGED) 12. Young Lions FC SINGAPORE CAPACITY 8,000 (MANAGED) 13. NK Rudar Velenje SLOVANIA CAPACITY 2,341 14. Virginia Cavalry FC USA CAPACITY 5,500 15. PAS Hamedan F.C. IRAN CAPACITY 8,000 16. Tivoli Gardens F.C. JAMAICA CAPACITY 5,000 (MANAGED) 17. Tritium Calcio 1908 ITALY CAPACITY 3,000 (MANAGED) 18. Wolfsberger AC AUSTRIA CAPACITY 7,300 19. Welshpool Town F.C. WALES CAPACITY 3,000 20. Warrenpoint Town F.C. N.IRELAND CAPACITY 2,000 21. Waikato FC NEW ZEALAND CAPACITY 3,000 22. VV Capelle NETHERLANDS CAPACITY 4,000 23. FC Sète 34 FRANCE CAPACITY 8,000 24. Kingston FC CANADA CAPACITY 1,000 25. FC Khimki RUSSIA CAPACITY 5,083 26. Hibernians F.C. MALTA CAPACITY 3,000 27. Ayia Napa F.C. CYPRUS CAPACITY 2,000 28. FC KooTeePee FINLAND CAPACITY 4,780 29. F.C. Bravos do Maquis ANGOLA CAPACITY 4,300 30. FK Baník Most CZECH REP. CAPACITY 7,500
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