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  1. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge yep, Im still in..
  2. Re: Need managers new gw I understand that some have other options and ideas they would like considered in this setup. I have seen them and did think about them. However, I came up with this idea that I have because it is exciting and competitive. I may have began things to soon. The idea of this set up is based on a concept very close to that of American football. I will use that concept as the example I am going to give: If You were the coach (manager) of the University of Texas football team.., you would be looking very routinely at the 15 to 18 year old players at the high school leve
  3. Re: The International Minor League GW ID:236911 Plenty of clubs available. 74 and under gw
  4. I have a game world I created not to long ago. I have a few rules in the game world. One of the things I did was leave all rosters empty so that managers could start with a clean slate. so, far after 2-weeks im only 20% full. In this case, is the custom GW automated to the point it will fill the roster itself on a given date?, or will it not begin until all manager positions are filled? I did quit my club and join one of the nonmanaged clubs to randomly fill it's roster, then went back to my club immediately so as not to have that join a club quit a club look on my history. Anyways, that did n
  5. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge I like 18. I think for this type setup 6 clubs per division keeps it manageable, especially for those of you keeping stats and making reports and conducting the club inspections for violations.
  6. Re: Need managers new gw I don't like it Filipe, but I will discuss it with our small group. It's a democracy. If majority want..I will change. Good enough?
  7. Re: The International Minor League Dear Prospective Managers: "The International Minor League" play begins on 2-8-15. So far the set up is 20% full. 6 clubs taken and 28 vacant. I have Stayed inside the New Game World and Custom Game Worlds threads to advertise this setup. A few years back I went on all threads to advertise a setup, It went well getting managers. However, I came close to an SM flagging and probation for advertising so aggressively. If you have an extra club slot on your account or one of the clubs your already with has become a boring drag..come join this setup. I want it
  8. Re: The International Minor League Any new applications I will review and accept this evening. But Keep them coming. This gonna be fun an enjoyable setup. At work .
  9. Re: Need managers new gw 1. Al-Shoalah Football Club Saudi Arabia CAPACITY 8,000 2. Forest Green Rovers F.C. ENGLAND CAPACITY 5,017 3. Fostiras F.C. GREECE CAPACITY 4,000 (MANAGED) 4. Kickers Emden GERMANY CAPACITY 7,200 5. CD El Palo SPAIN CAPACITY 1,000 6. Liberty Professionals F.C. GHANA CAPACITY 2,000 7. Limón F.C. COSTA RICA CAPACITY 2,900 (MANAGED)) 8. Lincoln Red Imps Gibraltar CAPACITY 1,000 9. Rio Branco Football Club BRAZIL CAPACITY (MANAGED) 10. Sligo Rovers F.C. IRELAND CAPACITY 5,500 11. Ross County F.C. SCOTLAND CAPACITY 6,541 (MANAGED) 12. Young Lions FC SINGAPOR
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