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    Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread
    I am not a long time soccer fan. I am an American, and you know us an soccer. However, I have been really getting into it..Kinda sorry it's taken this long to really appreciate it. It's kinda like American football, all I need is stat research..and im good to go in short time. Anyway...these Germans remind me of the Pittsburg Steelers back in the day in all black.."The Steel Curtain". Now I know Argentina is good..Infact, I thought they had a shot for the cup..but after today..they got slammed!, and worse than that- Germany made it look easy. Ghana, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Portugal..all these guys looked fantastic during the ride..Germany along the way did not look to much better than these guys. The difference I saw today, is Germany knows how to take it to another level..the others still stuck in previous level. The Germans are cold faced, with no character to the players...no pretty faces and fancy hair...they just play soccer, and bring it to you hard and fast. They are big. Unfortunately, This will probably be the only good comments I will ever make again about Germany..I always root for the underdogs..
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