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    Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over...

    One of my all time favorites from WASTELAND season 1...still chuckles me up.
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    Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over...

    One of my all time favorites from WASTELAND season 1...still chuckles me up.
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    VS. ANOTHER great win for my Almeria team ... making that the 8th straight win this season ( Counting the cup aswell as the leauge ! )
    Blackburn was kind of a struggle i merely scraped by with a 2-1 win ... Pjanic had 2 a*sists, making him my point leader, 13 points in 6 games ... and Ya Konan with yet another goal ... making it 6 in 6 games ! I'm extremely pleased with my pre-season signins ( Payet,Ya Konan etc. )
    Astori Is injured for 11 days ... altho Botia will take his place ... so no harm done there really !

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    Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over...

    Tuleviks New Goalposts Pay Off

    Camila De al Meida Brum steered Tulevik to victory against Gornik Leczna.
    Tulevik beat Gornik Leczna 4 - 2 on penalties after a 2 - 2 draw in their W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D. Cup Round 2 fixture.
    Viana scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.
    Kadrii was also on the scoresheet for his side.

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    Re: The Globe Tournament Discussion Thread
    Been very busy last week or so with work so not had much time to post. Luckily had time to put bids in and FC Tokyo is now transformed. Missed out on a few names, but more than happy with what I've got so far

    Hopefully will add one or two new faces in the next week or so to complete the squad. Should probably have a loan or two available for weaker teams too.

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    Re: The Globe Tournament Discussion Thread
    I also maded one

    From upper left to right: Martin Olsson, Martín Montoya(2x Martin's xD), Yann Sommer, Leonel Galeano, François Affolter, Franco Zuculini, James McCarthy, Scott Sinclair, Jordan Ayew, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Abel Hernández AND... 7 other peoples
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    Re: W a s t e l a n d - Match Report/Transfer Thread

    Mariehamn see radical change.

    After failing to secure top flight football for IFK, Sir Abdul has decided to do a massive overhaul of the squad.
    Star players such as Erik Lamela and Gabriel Silva were all transfer listed immediately after the result of their woeful season, and a host of new players were bought to the club
    A total of 15 transfers out, with 8 in, Sir Abdul still hopes to bring a few more faces to the club, as IFK continue to attain stability.
    more to follow..
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    Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over...
    Bump, so everyone can marvel at my work.....

    Season 2
    Division 1 Champions
    Torpedo Zhodinho - Sgt Fury
    season 1 - Kongsvinger - Shack
    Division 2 Champions
    FK Vetra - Longnose
    season 1 - Gornik Leczna - Cainhoy
    Division 3 Champions
    Tulevik - Tecalee
    season 1 - RoPs - BigGameMo
    Charity Shield Winners
    Kongsvinger - Shack
    Wasteland Cup Winners
    Trans - Gozzy
    season 1 - Gornik Leczna - Cainhoy
    still to be determined between Torpedo, Breidablik, Kongvinger and Jaro
    season 1 winner - RoPs - BigGameMo
    Golden Boot Winner
    S Lenhart, Torpedo Zhodino - 20 goals
    season 1 - M Niang, Kongsvinger - 21 goals (record)
    W Thompson, Tammeka - 18 Assists (record)
    season 1 - M Niang, Kongsvinger - 16 Assists
    MoM/Player of the season
    Tied - S Lenhart, Torpedo Zhodinho & W Buckley, FK Vetra
    both with 7 MoM's in 24 appearances
    season 1 - L Damiao, IFK Mariehamn - 9 MoM's (record)
    Red Card Record Holder
    E Lamela, IFK Mariehamn - 4 red Cards (season 2)
    BigGameMo and his RoPs for gaining a second straight promotion!
    All of Wastelands forumers
    Patrick Coll
    Nick Justice
    Joe Robinson
    Thanks to everyone for another great season, for the second time in the Wasteland history it came down to the wire for several teams.
    BigGameMo showed his managerial prowess by getting promoted Two seasons in a row ...
    while it is back to the drawing board for both Gornik and Mariehamn..promoted last season and relegated this
    All in all the foruming was adequate but not great..let's step it up next season people
    So that's it, get some rest and let's re-load for season 3..
    I'm off to Disneyland with the Torpedo boys

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    cainhoy got a reaction from KopStar in EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN   
    Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!

    This is a good re-intro song for me and my new boys and a warning to you all....
    The great Mista Peter Tosh...wish he was alive today...lean and cut and 6'-3"..woulda made a great headin center forward.., but you Brits and your secret service shortened his stay on the planet...
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    cainhoy got a reaction from Sgt Fury in W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!   
    Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over...
    on another note..OMG (laughs)!! anyways, Ill be back in div 2 next season...(there was an unfortunate lapse this season:eek:) But nobody does it better than me..so Tulevik, Congrats on your Div3 success...what you can look forward to is embarassment, frustration, anger...crying an stuff..you will question your abilities as a manager/ coach...
    PS: Your true nature shall be revealed "A whiny Pants little girl" in a masculine world...hehe
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    Re: - World Championship 10688 Tranfer/Match Report

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    Re: W a s t e l a n d - Match Report/Transfer Thread

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    Re: W a s t e l a n d - Match Report/Transfer Thread

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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread
    English Cup Preview
    Round 3

    English Cup
    English Cup 3rd round time and we’re down to the last 32 hopefuls. The big causalities so far have included Fulham (knocked out by Swansea), Notts Forest (dispatched by Cardiff), holders Sunderland, who fell to giant-killers Carlisle, Carlisle who fell to minnow-killers Blackburn, and Chelsea, who were dumped out by second division Villa. With two all-first division match-ups the maximum number of top-flight sides able to make it through to the fourth round is eleven, good news for the little guys. Best of luck to all teams, especially the little guys. As always the ties of the round are highlighted with club badges.

    Anticipation is high for a 3rd round goalfest so what better way
    to get you in the mood than Collapsed Lung and ‘Eat my goal!’?
    Watford vs. Middlesbrough United
    17th Div 2 vs. 7th Div 1

    This game is a repeat of last year’s quarter-final match-up where Boro came out easy 3-0 winners. Just two league places separated the teams at that time, with each pushing hard for promotion. How things have changed. Now as Boro more than hold their own in the top-flight, currently unbeaten in seven, Watford struggle away at the foot of division 2. Just where did it all go wrong for the north London club? Ironically the wheels seemed to fall off when Kylan_N17 ‘undid’ many of former manager Mr. Hammer’s so-called ‘controversial’ transfers, including the selling of RVP, replacing them with younger rated players who have failed to perform. With Watford’s squad looking pretty banged up due to management neglect (Kylan’s been Kylan-napped) there’s no indication that this will be anything other than a Boro rout.

    Prediction: Watford 0 - 5 Middlesbrough
    Barnsley vs. Spurs
    13th Div 3 vs. 5th Div 1

    How are Spurs doing this season? Pretty well actually, not that you’d know given the dearth of match-reports, contrary to promises made by Spurs manager to a number of forumers prior to taking the job. So that’s enough on Spurs. As for Barnsley, despite a promising start they picked up where they left off last season and are sliding down the league. Mostly their dip in form is due to their cup and shield success and it looks like competing on three fronts is taking its toll.

    Prediction: Barnsley 0 - 3 Spurs
    Man Utd vs. QPR
    1st Div 1 vs. 8th Div 2

    You only need to look down the QPR squad list to see where QPR’s problems lie. While their team of talented old men can turn over many a good team on their day, when your fourteenth highest ranked man is rated 73 you know those days are going to dry up pretty soon once the season kicks into gear. Sheff United’s 9-0 drubbing of Rangers a few weeks back perhaps foreshadows what’s on the cards here and even though United will rest key players it will be a 3-5-2 walk in the park for SOPs second (or third?) string.

    Prediction: Man Utd 6 - 0 QPR
    Charlton vs. Brentford
    14th Div 3 vs. 11th Div 3

    Brentford’s effervescent manager Cainhoy will be pleased to have a crack at the cups this season given that he took over at the helm just after Brentford had been dumped out of both competitions last year. He’ll be less pleased though that he’s up against Charlton’s new manager Ahmad Rivai, who just two games into his reign has totally revamped the side. Consequently the 4-0 drubbing handed out by Brentford to Charlton earlier on in the season is likely to be of little indication of how things will shape up here. Expect Cainhoy to give it all with his trademark 5-3-2 ‘arrows’ but in theory a superior strength Charlton side should easily hold their own. Unfortunately for Charlton though the new players are not well rested and thus fitness problems will likely give the edge to Brentford, much to Cainhoy’s delight.

    Prediction: Charlton 1 - 2 Brentford
    Wigan vs. Bristol City
    3rd Div 1 vs. 1st Div 2

    Wigan manager pipgib, while noticeably absent on the forum, has been suitably present in the in-game department and has done an admiral job during his short tenure. Riding high in the league and boasting an incredible average of 2.44 points he’ll fancy his chances for this game. Mind you, Bristol City boss Shack’s record ain’t too shabby either, currently sitting top of division two and carrying an average of 2.18 (more if you just look only at this season). This will be a real belter of a tie and could certainly go either way. On paper you’d fancy Wigan, all the more so as they rested a couple of first teamers over the weekend. Perhaps the real question here is whether either will deviate from their favoured 3-5-2 formations. With both being served admirably by the 3-5-2 a switch would be only for the brave. Expect goals galore here in a cracking feast of attack-minded footie. Eat my goal indeed.

    Prediction: Wigan 3 - 3 Bristol City (Wigan to win on penalties)
    Hull vs. Blackburn
    11th Div 2 vs. 20th Div 1

    They’re two confusing teams Hull and Blackburn. Hull have always bubbled under without ever really holding a spot near the top of the table, propped up mainly by the exceptional talents of Mr. Hulk up front. Blackburn meanwhile have talent galore, most notably with Kaka in midfield, yet Kaka has yet to register a single assist or goal and Blackburn sit rooted firmly at the bottom of the table with just 2 wins all season. Even so, you’d still back Blakcburn to win this game but poor management has meant that fitness concerns have become endemic. Consequently expect Hull to progress and the Blackburn’s slump to continue.

    Prediction: Hull 3 - 1 Blackburn
    Cardiff vs. Birmingham
    9th Div 2 vs. 19th Div 1

    You’ve gotta give Cardiff credit for how they’ve picked themselves up from the disappointment of last season. A decent run in the league and a flurry of activity in the transfer market has seen them haul themselves up into the top half of the table, not mention the knocking of Forest out of the Cup. They’ve stuttered a bit of late though, conceding 9 in the last 2 games. Their opponents Birmingham though have REALLY struggled, winning just 1 game in the last 11 with manager Brian Sandalls appearing unable to stop the rot. Back Cardif to win this one as traditionally they’ve performed well in the cups and against an unfit Birmingham outfit they should continue that way.

    Prediction: Cardiff 2 - 0 Birmingham
    Aston Villa vs. Hartlepool
    4th Div 2 vs. 17th Div 4

    Villa are undergoing somewhat of a resurgence following the bitter disappointment of relegation last season. Life in division 2 is a dogfight and although Villa aren’t quite top-dogs they’re not far from it. As for Hartlepool, well they’re treading water furiously but still seem to be sinking fast. 17th position is a poor return for their efforts and ordinarily you’d not expect them to make an impression against a team as strong as Villa. Villa though, like many other teams, are dealing with a host of fitness concerns and have little in the reserves to help them out. Accordingly this game will be tighter than you imagine, likely coming down to penalties.

    Prediction: Aston Villa 2 - 2 Hartlepool (Hartlepool to win on penalties)
    Coventry vs. Preston United
    10th Div 2 vs. 19th Div 2

    There’s a new man in town at the Rioch Arena, l0nelykidxD, and he’ll be keen to make a good impression during this, his first game in charge. That said, there’s a new man in town at Preston too, where Matty has enjoyed a dream 100% start in his two games in charge. Given that there’s also very little to chose between these two teams it’s a tough one to call here. Matty has the experience but Coventry perhaps just edge it on ratings. With two teams still finding their feet under new management this will go to the wire and really could go either way.

    Prediction: Coventry 1 - 1 Preston (Coventry to win on penalties)
    Liverpool vs. Rochdale
    17th Div 1 vs. 9th Div 3

    A glittering tie here for Rochdale away at Anfield. They’ll fancy their chances too as Liverpool have been shockingly disappointing this season. Was last year’s fourth place finish merely a flash in the pan as indications suggest? By contrast Rochdale have pulled themselves up from their dismal 17th place finish last season and have added some real quality to the squad recently. Relatively speaking that is. Liverpool’s reserves still put Rochdale’s first team to shame and should still dominate this game. That said, the seeming lack of belief at Liverpool means they really are there for the taking. Rochdale could come close, all the more if they’re willing to stick the boot in, but perhaps just not close enough.

    Prediction: Liverpool 3 - 2 Rochdale
    Arsenal vs. Stoke
    11th Div 1 vs. 12th Div 1

    Huge game this one as underperforming Arsenal host tenacious Stoke. Hard to see why Arsenal haven’t yet lived up to their potential given the wealth of stars on display. They’re a little short on depth though (well, I say little, they can still afford to have Lampard sit on the bench!) and perhaps that could cost them in the cups. Stoke though, it has to be said, aren’t looking in good shape going into this game. They’ve lost the last 4 matches, including a shock exit from the Shield at the hands of Yeovil, and their entire first team seems to have fitness concerns. All things being equal the game should be a cracker, but instead expect a disappointing turnout from Stoke and a cakewalk for Arsenal.

    Prediction: Arsenal 4 - 0 Stoke
    Burton Albion vs. Shrewsbury
    15th Div 4 vs. 19th Div 4

    Ooooh, I bet this was the first game you checked right? A right thriller between two teams both down in the depths of the footballing world. To be fair it’s hard to figure out what Will’s Burton are doing down there. They’ve had a host of recent risers and either the competition in division 4 is just way too much dog eat dog, or things haven’t quite clicked yet. It’s likely the latter (while also not discounting the former) and expect things to click pretty soon, beginning here against a weak and NMF Shrewsbury team, as evidenced by Burton’s 4-1 thrashing of Shrewsbury this Saturday just gone.

    Prediction: Burton Albion 3 - 0 Shrewsbury
    Everton vs. Wolves United
    14th Div 1 vs. 9th Div 1

    Another all division 1 clash here as Wolves travel to Goodison. Wolves began this season in mighty fine form and were riding high as the rest of the league settled. After only losing 1 game in their first 9 (unashamedly at the hands of Man Utd) they’ve now lost the last 4 in a row. With practically all of the first team carrying fitness concerns it seems Wolves boss Adam D has lost interest, much as he did last season. Not that any of that will bother Everton, who themselves just recently inflicted a 4-0 spanking of Wolves. It’s hard to see any other outcome today too so put your money on the Toffees to march confidently into the next round.

    Prediction: Everton 5 - 1 Wolves
    Huddersfield vs. Bolton
    3rd Div 3 vs. 12th Div 1

    Tough tie for Bolton this one. With an average first team rating of around 88 and having only lost twice this season (3 times if you include the 5-2 thrashing they got in the Shield) Coventry are a tough team to beat. Bolton won’t be too worried though. With world-class stars such as 94-rated Mascherano and 95 rated Ribery they can be a match for anyone. Also, perhaps you haven’t noticed but Mr Angry himself, manager Rick James isn’t angry anymore, and that calming down has seemed to do wonders for the Bolton lads who have won 5 out of their last 8. If Bolton don’t take this game seriously then Coventry could well turn them over but unfortunately for the Sky Blues they’ll likely give it their all and should return to Lancashire all smiles instead of red-faced.

    Prediction: Huddersfield 1 - 3 Bolton
    Bournemouth vs. Man City
    1st Div 2 vs. 3rd Div 2

    Bad timing for Bournemouth really. A week ago they stood a chance of turning a ‘managerless’ Man City over (they had a manager, but in name only). The arrival of experienced journeyman Rob Walshe seems to be ushering in a new era of hope at City, signalling a likely exit for Bournemouth here. Allegedly though all are not happy with the approach of the new boss. Reports of discord in the dressing room are rife, which is bad enough, but the controversial sale of City favorite Christian Ronaldo has further raised doubts amongst the City faithful over the new gaffer’s judgment and ambitions for the club. While Walshe’s supporters point out that Ronaldo had failed to score a single goal in 2 seasons at City countless others suggest that no-nonsense Walshe perhaps lacks what it takes to handle the big stars and should maybe head back to his old club Dagenham, who he seems to speak of more often and more fondly than City. A long way to go to see how this one plays out and whether Walshe can hold on to his tenuous position but for now although the protests will continue City will progress with ease.

    Prediction: Bournemouth 0 - 4 Man City

    When he arrived these fans chanted his name in love and Walshe loved them back.
    Now though they protest angrily against Walshe’s controversial sale of City’s top star.
    Newcastle vs. Bristol Rovers
    4th Div 1 vs. 15th Div 3

    Newcastle’s manager Mr dudeskin will breathe a sigh of relief having been gifted a rare easy draw in the cup, this time at home against a managerless lower league team. As always expect ‘the dude’ to ride his luck and juggle his players, putting out a second-string side propped up with a few regulars. Rovers though have 89-rated Butt in goal and boast an 85-average first team so if Newcastle try and coast it too much they could well end up with egg on their face. The Geordies come into this game in shocking form, having failed to win 100% of their last 2 games, scoring just 1 goal in the process. Will they be able to stop the rot, or could Rovers produce a surprise upset? Here’s hoping.

    Prediction: Newcastle 3 - 1 Bristol Rovers

    After no wins in the last two games Newcastle’s notoriously fickle fans are starting to
    turn out ‘on masse’ and protest against the man they once called the ‘Messiah’

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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

    Carlisle vs. Bury
    Carlisle have struggled of late with only one win their previous six league games while Bury have been slightly worse with only one win in seven. Both sides have experienced managers and on the face of it both teams have strong starting line ups but Carlisle, while having a slight advantage in squad depth, have also suffered from injuries to several key players. Home advantage may be enough to get Carlisle through but with both teams struggling to get any consistency going the game may finish all square.
    Prediction; Carlisle 1 – 1 Bury
    Oldham Athletic vs. Peterborough
    Oldham have improved their patchy recent form and have won their last two league games climbing to an impressive 4th place in the league. Peterborough however continue to struggle for form taking seven points from a possible 18. Both sides are evenly matched but with Oldham losing star player Tomas Rosicky the advantage rests with Peterborough despite Oldham’s home advantage.
    Prediction; Oldham Athletic 1 - 2 Peterborough
    AFC Bournemouth vs. Sheffield Wednesday
    Bournemouth have been poor this season but have show signs of improvement and are now unbeaten in three games. Wednesday have been over-performing all season under the Guidance of experienced manager Marc Oldfield who’s done an outstanding job of getting his team into second place. Bournemouth by contrast have struggled towards the wrong end of the table all season. Wednesday have suffered a few injuries recently but their superior squad and recent form should be enough to see off a struggling Bournemouth with relative ease.
    Prediction; AFC Bournemouth 0 - 3 Sheffield Wednesday
    Bristol Rovers vs. Norwich City
    Rovers boast one of the better squads in the league and despite a blip in the last game have been impressive this season. Norwich have struggled and find themselves in 18th place. On the face of it the Norwich squad looks reasonably strong but Manager Claudia Cunningham looks to have asked too much of her fatigued players and as a result the squad is suffering from injuries and several players will have to play on Saturday despite being nowhere near 100% fit unless youth players are given a chance to shine. Rovers on the other hand have an almost fully fit squad to choose from and manager Daniel Ratcliffe has made some crafty loan signings to help with the long season.
    Having looked at the potential starting line ups I can’t see past Rovers and expect them to gain a comfortable win over Norwich.
    Prediction; Bristol Rovers 4 - 0 Norwich City
    Leyton Orient vs, Barnsley
    Both side’s have struggled to make their mark on the league up to now. Barnsley have a stronger side but Leyton have the more experienced manager and their recent form has been marginally better than Barnsley. With injuries light in both sides I would expect Barnsley, who have much more strength in depth, to be able to field a stronger starting 11 and take all three points despite giving up home advantage.
    Prediction; Leyton Orient 1 - 2 Barnsley
    Brentford vs. Shorpe
    Brentford manager Daniel Ponteaux has done a solid job to keep his team mid table despite having one of the weaker squads in the league. In contrast it would appear that Akshay Aildasani has been on holiday for the last month as his team have lurched their way to the bottom of the table. Forward playmaker Kyle Lafferty should really bag his first goals of the season for Brentford as Shorpe struggle to even put a fit 11 out for the match. On paper Shorpe have the better side but with recent form, home advantage and Shorpe players not match fit I can’t look beyond Brentford for this game.
    Prediction; Brentford 2 - 0 Shorpe
    Millwall vs. Rochdale
    Millwall have one of the best squads in the league and currently find themselves in the play off places. Despite this, their recent form has been very poor and have lost four of their last 6 games but SM Deity Craig Braidwood will be hoping that his side can get back on track with a home win over Rochdale. Rochdale, while having one of the biggest squads in the league, only have an average starting 11 and have relied on some good loan players to improve the side. Despite this, Rochdale manager Gary Mack has done a decent job with his team and has managed to turn them into hard team to beat. Only time will tell if the resources put into Rochdale’s youth policy will pay off.
    Looking at the line up’s, I believe Millwall will have the better side on display but their poor recent form will mean Rochdale are in with a good shout. Hard one to predict, but I believe a home win may be on the cards.
    Prediction; Millwall 2 - 1 Rochdale
    Charlton Athletic vs. Huddersfield Town
    Charlton manager Arthur Coimbra has taken an interesting view on his team’s first team policy with every player under 21, regardless of rating, being dumped into the youth squad. This means his first team has one of the highest average ages with several players over 30. Up to now it hasn’t really worked and Charlton find themselves at the wrong end of the table having lost four of their last six games. Huddersfield on the other hand have been performing well and find themselves in 3rd with a strong side.
    With just one defeat and four wins in the last six Huddersfield are clear favourites for this match and despite playing away from home should record a another win over struggling Charlton.
    Prediction; Charlton Athletic 0 - 2 Huddersfield Town
    Leicester vs. Southampton
    Leicester standout as the team to beat in Division 3 and are in essence a league 2 side waiting for promotion. Manager Gozzy Raikkonen has done a fantastic job this season and rightly finds his team sat on top of the table looking down at the rest. That’s said, his side can’t afford to take a decent Southampton side lightly. With star man Jean Makoun playing in the centre of midfield Southampton have proved very hard to beat having lost just once in six. They do however need to turn draws into wins if they want to stand any chance of progressing but I think they’ll find it hard going against a superior Leicester side who also have home advantage.
    Prediction; Leicester 3 - 2 Southampton
    Walsall vs. Crystal Palace
    Walsall have struggled this season and find themselves in 16th place. Manager Jordan Styring will need to improve his squad if he wants to climb the table or at the very least stay away from a relegation dogfight. Crystal Palace on the other hand have possibly the second strongest starting 11 in the league after Gozzy’s Leicester but have struggled this season due to some possible mis-management from D Richardson with the majority of their players either injured, suspended or not match fit.
    As a result, a game Palace should be winning with ease may in reality be a much closer run thing than it really should be. Palace should triumph, but I can’t rule out Walsall against a side that could potentially be running on fumes by half time.
    Prediction; Walsall 2 - 2 Crystal Palace
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