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  1. Re: squad use lampard to buy sergio ramos and the money you have to spare:)
  2. Re: Chelsea second squad is it good enough and i am still trying to decide whether pjanic or hamsik and i also have 13.1 million so if you have any suggestions i would gladly take them:)
  3. Re: Chelsea second squad is it good enough k i also have dzeko and he could be used instead of kalou then use kalou for someone k thanks man
  4. Re: David silva and david villa i no valencia is in money troubles and they bought soldaldo as a replacment for villa, villa is now one of the best strikers in the world valencia should have bought a rising star like llorente
  5. Re: Right now i'm listening to... the best song is easily Omen by the prodigy
  6. Re: World Cup Predict - Knockout Stages. Semis: Uruguay 1-3 Holland Forlan 26' Van Persie 39' 58' Sneijder 74' Germany 2-3 Spain Villa 22' Klose 30' Ozil 43' Xavi 55' Iniesta 86' 3rd Place Play-off: Germany 2-0 Uruguay Klose 36' Muller 72' Final: Spain 2-1 Holland Robben 24' Villa 64' Penalties Spain 3-2 Holland
  7. Re: lyon vs man u Danny Welbeck is really good he will definitly develop into a fine young player around 88-90 also i have learnt over my sm career that Zenit is usually the only club in Div 1 that is hardly ever taken:)
  8. Re: ozil or pedro he will denfinitely go up. Maybe 92, 93 is pushing it but is is quite possible cause of his deinitley well above average preformance. If he went to 93 he would be knocking on the door to impossibly awesome. A 21 year old that is 92/93. So i reckon he would be a great 5 year or even 10 year player because he is only 21 and looks like he is only gonna get better:)
  9. Re: Team/league availability notification REALLY GOOD IDEA I have had alot of instances where i look for clubs and find the club i want then i go and do some tactics and stuff and i come back and suddenly the gameworld is open and the only clubs that are left are like AZ and Zenit Wel anway great idea!!!!!:)
  10. Re: ozil or pedro welk first it depends what tactics you are playing but i would probably except that coz Ozil is really an awesome player and also your money can be used to buy a replacement for him such as Juan Manuel Mata a very hot prospect but if you want a big money signing you could use 2 forwards and use Zlatan This is only if you have a new Barca so sorry if you dont:)
  11. Re: De rossi or Schweinsteiger De Rossi is really good right now but so is Bastian Both are CM but they have another second position with Bastian RM and De Rossi DM It really depends what you want to use them for Id chose Bastian coz hes not gonna go down but De Rossi's preformance in the world cup was not class and Bastian's was incredibly could and is still going so on that id really rather have Schweinsteiger hes definitely had one of the preformances of the world cup especially as they thrashed those Argentinian 4-0 So I hope this has helped you and sorry for blabbering on for so long:)
  12. Re: Chelsea second squad is it good enough i havent signed them yet except the players i listed but the layers i put in bold im thinking about signing
  13. Re: Best external clubs to plunder? this is for any other game world except italian and if you have the money world champs NAPOLI they are in div 4 in world champs and are very rarely managed they boast the raw undiscovered talent of Marek Hamsik 22 and 91 also a very unknown forward Fabio Quagliarella 26 and 91 Also notable Christian Maggio 28 and 90 And Ezequiel Lavezzi 25 and 90 ALSO Bayer Leverkusen World Champ div 4 (hardly ever managed) New clubs will have 4 top class German internationals Michael Ballack 33 and 93 (if you dont mind his age) Simon Rofles 28 and 91 Rene Adler 25 and 91 Gonzalo Castro 23 and 90 and also these notables: Tranquillo Barnetta 25 and 90 Aturo Vidal 23 and 89 These teams arent reall external but they are hardley ever managed
  14. Cech© Ivanovic---Boateng---Thiago---Westermann Mikel Milner---------------------------Fernandinho Pjanic(pm) Remy---Kalou(tg) Age: 24 Rating: 91 Attacking, hard, fast, down the left flank, all over pressing, passing style short, counter attack, use playmaker, use targetman 4-4-2 diamond I was wondering if it was worth the money to buy thee guys or it if it is a waste Cech, Ivanovic,Thiago,Westermann,Mikel,Kalou are all mine so yeah i was just wondering in advance wether it was worth the money this is gonna be my second team for use before big games and some friendlies so they dont have to be too good just good enough to win a couple so thanks for anything i might also buy hamsik cause he is good and may be easier to buy but just help me with anything at all k thanks guys or muller but he is unable to transfer so im just going on the safe side here k
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