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  1. Re: Matty G's Graphics I know but, Ive been looking for one so someone can make me a avatar
  2. Re: Serie A Best Striker CAVANI!!!! Have you watched him play and seen his stats, he is INCREDIBLE!!!
  3. Re: Matty G's Graphics Nice, been looking for a David Luiz pic for the past hour:confused:
  4. Re: New year, fresh start in a forumer filled WC? Ill probably go for Corinthians, not really that interested in reserving a club.
  5. Re: Forumers chance to decide the setup Yeah im defo interested, like I said a Tigres in a Mexican champ would be great
  6. Re: Titulli: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? They'll both rise, but Id keep Bale. Much better and has more big teams interested. Both will rise and both will be great players in the future but Bale is much better
  7. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Mate, this thread could really get going. You could ask around if people wanted to help you in certain leagues. Jusrt an idea;)
  8. Re: New year, fresh start in a forumer filled WC? Guys make it soon, got school in 3 days Edit:I probably wont buy a team since my Parents dont usually let me So ill just go for my favourite team that isnt reserved
  9. Ive just accpted this offer for Villalva with my River Plate. Other Forwards: Jose Callejon and Funes Mori Should I let it complete?
  10. I have the chance of swapping my Henderson for Boateng. I know that both are really talented and will be 90+ when they are at their peaks so who is better. Cheers;)
  11. Re: New year, fresh start in a forumer filled WC? When is it gonna be out?
  12. Re: Forumers chance to decide the setup Id like to see a Mexican championship. That would be great
  13. Re: Official Tennis Thread Who the hell was that little kid
  14. Re: EC 7557-Out soon! Yeah that would be great
  15. Im looking to make ANOTHER forumer-filled EC. EC 7557! It is gonna be out at 11:00 GT which is in about 6 hours time. Il be taking Southhampton most likely or Wimbledon as a Div 5 challenge. Invite your friends and spread the word, would really like to get this going Cheers
  16. Re: Rodrigo ALEX. Id keep him right now, unless you get a good deal for him.
  17. Re: Young Talented Goal Keeper Hell keep it. It is nearly impossible for a Barca player to drop there rating f they are a regular starting XI. He may even rise if Barca take home the UEFA and the La Liga. *Also if you want a GOOD riser get Maksym Koval, starter for Kyiv and is only 18
  18. Re: New Loan Alternatives EXCELLENT IDEA!!!! Id also really like to see advanced contracts with realease clauses and seasonal/goal/assist/clean sheet bonuses. Id also like to see this: When a team accepts a bid then the team that proposed the bid has to propose a contract to the player that they are trying to sign. The higher the player morale is, the harder it is to get a player to accept a contract from another team.
  19. I need a good left-back and these two are availible and are the best options. Which one should sign?
  20. Re: Official Tennis Thread Hes won!!!
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