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  1. Re: Official Tennis Thread I know amazing! Hes pure class and will definitly hit No. 1 in his career
  2. Earlier today Demba completed his move from German-side TSG Hoffenheim to Engish-side West Ham United. Fee and Terms have remained are yet to be released. My Question to you: How do you think this will affect his rating? Will he continue his fine form or flop in the more physically dominated Premier League.
  3. Re: New GW with website This sounds GREAT!! You should probably invite the big managers you know
  4. Re: Job offers-by succes of manager No it doesn't. I think there is some sort of roster that it goes on. Like at one time I had 12 different job offers with 4 different clubs
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Valbuena is good but VDV is better. Could get 93. Valbuena will also rise but VDV is much better
  6. Re: AdaM D | P o r t f o l i o Your sigs are incredible! Any chance of starting requests
  7. Re: Dirtiest Player Ever? I watchedf the last game live. Was a great atmosphere but that Muscat tackle ruined it. Also another hall of shame entry: The Italy national team.
  8. Re: Kroitzz' Signatures Great thanks
  9. Re: Official Tennis Thread yeah, Azarenka and Kirilenko are completley out of it
  10. Re: Kroitzz' Signatures Yep sure. The Words: Passion Power Pride Prestige
  11. Re: Kroitzz' Signatures Hey mate could you actually make me a Wellington Phoenix one with any players that you can get renders for. Cheers
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey, ive been offered KPB for my Victor Ruiz. Normal Espanyol squad BTW. Im signing Botia.
  13. Re: Kroitzz' Signatures Nice, very nice! R E P P E D! Cheers *Gotta spread
  14. Re: Totti417 SM Skins Requests Hey mate, a Mochengladbach on please. Since there is none for them and I have them in a GC. Cheers
  15. Re: Kroitzz' Signatures Hey man, I was wondering if i could have a Marco Rojas, Wellington Phoenix player. I knew you are probably the only one that can do it because you watch the a-league, so try your best I dont really mind how it comes out I just want to see it done
  16. Re: Time For A Forum Filled Spanish Championship Ill join, probably get Celta De Vigo or Los Che
  17. I have a chance of signing probably the two best prospects in RB, so which one should I buy? Cheers for the help.
  18. Re: Official A-League Thread Pheonix still up for finals contention! 1 point behing heart and 2 behind victory! with 2 games in hand. Got 2 hard games though Adelaide and Brisbane, hopefully can find a draw from one of these. The rest of the gaes should be a breeze. GOOOO PHEONIX!!!!!!!!!
  19. Re: Maicon For Lahm Maicon is over-rated NOW. But last season Inter won the treble, Maicon was at his peak and he deserved 96. He should drop to 95 now, but he was definitley not over-rated.
  20. Re: Graphics Design Feedback LOL... Hopefully it goes dwn in forum history under this name so in the year 2018 people will be like: Sig maker: (makes a sig of the legend Nuri Sahin, lttle does he know that he has spelt it: Nrui Sahin) Hey guys do you like my new sig, made it of the greatest player ever Nuri Sahin! Random other SM forumer: Umm, mate you did a BEN its spelt: Nuri Sahin Sig maker: Ohh woops
  21. Re: New year, fresh start in a forumer filled WC? Maybe make it open at around 23:00 GT, Eastern forumers are on and it is night for Western forumers.
  22. Re: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) Gt some good youngsters now. The likes of Botia and Inkoom join my ranks. Hopefully in with the youth cup title chase now. Nearly ready to register my team. You can buy Bruno Saltor of me, if you want.
  23. Re: World Championship 10658 Match Reports and Tranfer News 'Los Che Sign Brazilian Prodigy' Last night Valencia manager, Mr Slater, announced on their website that they have signed PAULO HENRIQUE GANSO. GANSO is believed to have signed on a P/E of, Obayan Sunny and Alejandro Dominguez+1 million. GANSO on National Team duty, pictured with: Silva Neymar and Alexandre Pato
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