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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Yes defo! Cavani is on fire and recently scored an awesome hat-trick against Juventus. He is gonna get 91 too. Hell Yes!! Soldado will rise to 90 and maybe get 91 top rating possibly 92 while Ramis I dnt know much about... But, Martinez is gonna be Xabi's succesor and could easily hit 92/93 if he moves to a bigger club.
  2. Re: 4231. Tactical advice needed. I actually use this tactic alot and I believe it is best when played like this: Defensive Short passing Slow tempo mixed attacking Counter-attack Use Pm use Tg Men behind ball My best tactic work really well
  3. Re: The new Offer Acceptance is increasing cheating You can't join an external club
  4. Re: Snooky's avatars and signatures (requests) Hey man could I have a Nuri Sahin ava
  5. Re: BenNewman Signatures Really like it... What in his mouth?
  6. Re: Matty G's Graphics Hey man, what program do you use to make your sigs? Cheers
  7. Re: CBs that will Rise ^^^ Phil Jones 85-87 Also I doubt Ruiz will rise much now probably +1 but no more until he moves, any transfer rumours?
  8. Re: Sheffield Wednesday-Battle to the Prem 'Wednesday sign French prodigy' Maxime Gonalons Price: L.Buxton+P.Heffernan
  9. Re: Sheffield Wednesday-Battle to the Prem 'Van Wolfswinkel, Vossen and Cesar goals make it 4 out of 4 for The Owls' 4-2 R.Van Wolfswinkel 5' 76' J.Vossen 48' S.Saunders 50' N.Adams 61' B.Cesar 70' The gaem started quickly with the first bit was an actual goal, Van Wolfswinkel used his slick skills to step through the defence and past the goalkeeper to be granted a gaping goa which he calmly lets the ball roll into. The rest of the first-half past without any incidents. The second-half started quicklay too, with an incredible cross coming into th area for Vossen to nod it home t make the score 2-0 at the 48th minute. Then Sam Saunders recieved a great through ball and smashes it past Koval. Then in the 61st minute the score was leveled when a great cross makes the defenders scramble and confusion is everywhere, but Nicky Adams pokes the ball though the confused players to send the fans into a fenzie! 2-2! But on the 70th minute the Brentford fans were hushed by an excellent Bruno Cesar free-kick to put Wednesday ahead. Then 6 minutes later MOM Ricky Van Wolfswinkel dodged the keeper and smashed the ball into the back of the net to finish a thrilling game! MOM: R.Van Wolfswinkel (2 goals) Van Wolfswinkel celebrating his 5th goal in 3 matches.
  10. Re: ★A2R's Avatars And Sigs★ Hey mate could I have a Nuri Sahin ava
  11. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? Please PM me too, been followng this thread for a while and haven't posted-but nw I have.
  12. Re: Milner+Hart+3 Million=Lampard? I will sell Cech afterwards too-I also really like Hart. WHat is he gonna rise to next?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 1. Id probably not do the first deal as Soldado has been great for Valencia and shold get 90. It reall comes down to If you have good enough cover for Soldado and Fernando. 2. Yes. Jovetic is good and should get a peak of 93/94. Also, I dont see De Rossi rising and could possibly drop in the not-too-distant future. Also I have a question of my own. Milner+Hart+3 million for Lampard. Im also planning on selling Cech if this deal is accepted Normal Chelsea squad
  14. Should I accept this deal? Playing a 3-5-2. Got the normal Chelsea squad. All help appreciated
  15. Re: One Country One Team v2.0 Fk Partizan have secured promotion after new manager Patrick Slater won his first 3 games: 8-2, 8-0, 5-2. Hoping to bring the skill of Milan Jovanovic (13 goals in 12 games) to Div 2
  16. _fernandez-1043564.jpg[/img] this are my top three players lopez is my top scorer. Fernnadez is my best all round player. Veron has got my most assists
  17. Re: First name MOUSSA Last name SOW
  18. Re: Matty G's Graphics Thanks man *Im a Chelsea fan to btw (r e p p e d)
  19. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| Hey man, can I have a Nuri Sahin hin ava Thanks in advance:D
  20. Re: Pick 3 of these; Same here;)
  21. Re: give me idea to beat sm legend I think he is suggesting that he always loses to people with higher 'reputation'. Reputation doesn't give you any advantage in matches, it just means you have more experience than other players, this also usually results in having better knowledge of tactics/formations which I guess can give you the upper-hand in matches but it doesn't directly effect the match outcomes. Like Beathy said, I would use the 3-5-2, I don't use it that much but with the teams I do use it with they are usually succesfull. I prefer the 4-2-3-1, these 2 tactics I believe are the to most succesful/popular tactics. I would whole heartdly suggest one of thse two tactics. You may use anyother tactic that you find most succesful though. Finally, I would suggest looking around the tactical help sub-forum to learn about succeful tactics. Hope that helped;)
  22. Re: Sheffield Wednesday-Battle to the Prem 'Vossen Brace Hands Convincing Win To Wednesday' 4-0 M.Beevers 31' G.Teale 70' 75' 87' (pen) The Game started slowly with the first real chance actually ending up a goal, the first goal was off an inswinging corner that found the head of Mark Beevers who nodded it home to give the Owls a 1-0 lead in the 31st minute. The next 20 minutes past without incident but then Bournemouth left back Jason Pearce pulled off an uneccessary tackle and was sent off in disgrace. This did not help his team's cause when 20 minutes later Gary Teale, Wednesday winger, stepped the keeper and slotted home the easiest goal he would ever score! Then in the 75th minute in-form striker Jelle Vossen shot a beauty from outside the box to push te score to 3-0. Vossen then struck again 12 minutes later to hand the Owls a 4-0 win. MOM: J.Vossen (2 goals, 1 assist) Vossen celebrating another world-class preformance
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