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  1. Re: ronaldo deal?? ive aceepted but my chairman doesnt let me do the deal so ive countered with a different nad ill tell ya wat he says also ive ogt players like neuer, lahm evra nani hazard mata sahin rooney and i keep on getting bad results for like the past 2 seasons and i keep changing the formation to see which 1 suits the team and it doesnt work:confused:
  2. i want to buy ronaldo and the guy countered with and wanted hummels + benzema + 50 mill im on the verge of doing this deal eventhough i dont want to lose them players in strike ive got ronney gervinho van wolfswinkel for cb ive got vidic subotic luiz sakho busquets p.jones what do you think?
  3. Re: Fabregas deal Thanks I'll do the deal
  4. I've been trying to get this player for ages now and offered many players which included players like Nasri Bastian.s cavani and he keeps on negotiating with ridiculous deals for my players My last offer I gave to him was Bastian.s and cavani and he countered by wanting Bastian.s and bale So what do you think I should do I don't care if Bastian.s goes but should I let bale go ?
  5. Re: Sanchez vs Mata vs sahin I would love to keep him but I'm sure them players are better than him and they're are already at a better club I'm sure he isn't going to go to a big club yet because Napoli think he's worth over 30 odd million I've got ather options I could trade him for coentroe or wait a month and trade him for hummels
  6. Ive got cavani and was thinking of trading him As these three players are in external clubs so who do you think I should buy and is the best player and who will gave the highest rating So it's barca v real Madrid v Chelsea I don't need any if these players to cover my positions because I've got better players So whos the best cuz they are all 91s
  7. I've been trying to get jones for a while in this competitive setup and the other guy accepted the deal which was me trading Necid for jones Necid I think is an ok player but will he rise ? Jones is the new Terry who has moved to man utd but he won't get that much playing time for a rise I know jones is a great long term prospect buy will Necid be worth handing over for him Necid is 1 higher than him
  8. i could buy busquets by giving away essien plus 15 million money aint a problem in the setup i just wanted to know if i should do this deal im saying yes because busquets is younger plays for a better team so what do you guys think ?
  9. Re: shall i keep these players Wat the hell it's been a day and no ones bloody decency to reply
  10. ive got these players and was thinking of selling them as i dont play them. I dont know if they will rise so please could you tell me if i should keep them or sell them also if they rise could you tell me how much - Taiwo - Gustavo - Castro - necid - Bacinovic - Perez These are the players
  11. Re: carl jenkinson to arsenal! thanks also phil jones is set to a move to utd do you think he will rise in the changes
  12. Re: carl jenkinson to arsenal! look you are not funny could some one tell me what hell rise to
  13. hes gone to arsenal and i could buy him for 10k what will he rise to now hes gone to arsenal he must be good
  14. Re: young players In some of my setups I havnt got some players do you think I should quickly get them up for all my clubs?
  15. i dont know nothing about these players and was wondering if i should buy them now or later (if they are going to rise in the changes) they are j.espinosa kovacic deulofeu isco miyaichi araujo alcacer i just dont want to keep players that are not that good so help please
  16. Re: deals for fabio and ozil thank you very much ill go for him by giving away kaka
  17. Re: shall i buy sahin thanks for the quick replies i decided to go with sanchez because i need wingers but ill buy sahin later on by selling gerrard also do you think i should sell him gerrard now or after the rating changes, will sm drop him or rise him or keep him how he is
  18. Re: deals for fabio and ozil hes the list of defenders ramos pepe marcelo busquets carvalho lahm chiellini i was wondering if i should give away kaka becuase he might decrease to 94 becuase he isnt been playing very well so what do you say ?
  19. shall i buy him and will he rise becuase hes had a good season with dortmond and now hes at real madrid hes surely going to rise in the future ill be giving away carvalho edit : i forgot i could buy sanchez instead of sahin so who should i go for and whos got a better chance for a rise
  20. i could buy fabio by trading drenthe i could buy ozil by giving away 1 out of the following kaka Lahm chiellini lahm so what shall i do ?
  21. Re: New real Madrid team help with transfers Thanks for your reply any1 else care to comment
  22. Im in A new gameworld I've made bids for the following players that i think are good so could you tell me if it's good and whether they are worth it neymar for 16M gotze for 3M and garay wilshere for2.2M and m.diarra and kristenson marcelo for 2.3M and arbeloe and finally I'm buying Hernandez by giving away gago so what do you think and who will rise thanks
  23. Re: My puyol deal Or should I try getting Pato and khedira but I don't know if he'll accept what should I d?
  24. I've got puyol and I want to sell him this man city manager has offered me hummels and khedira for him so shall I sell him my defenders are vidic piqué ramos alves controa Fabio I really dnt need him also shall I get sahin instead of khedira both r at real Madrid so who shall I get
  25. Re: cambiasso and kaka in my setup ive been trying to sell him no-ones buying him or selling their player so i got an offer from an external club so do you think i should go for it as i got xavi,busquets that could play in cm also then ill have money to buy benzema and ganso thanks for the quick replies
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