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    barcelona2k10 reacted to Safir in marcelo deal   
    Re: marcelo deal
    Send a ticket to SM explaining that their ridiculous blocking system is ruining your gaming experience and that they should fix it.
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to BowesFC in marin help   
    Re: marin help
    Still a good deal IMO' date=' just was trying to get you a better deal![/center']
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to Fadi7 in youth players   
    Re: youth players
    WOW you've got a great youth team
    keep these:
    de gea - in 2 years he'll be 90' date=' he is great keep him trust me.
    azplicueta - a starter for Marseille and expected to represent Spain, KEEP HIM!
    muniesa - will not rise these days but he is Barcelona B's Carles Puyol !
    kjaer - Great prospect, only 21 years and already a 90 rated player, ofc he will rise again. Many clubs are chasing him.
    alcantara thiago - Great player, you'll see him playing for Barca in many games, you won't regret keeping him.
    ozil - is that a question? ofc keep him he is doing great with Real Madrid, also with Germany !
    pjanic - good player ... maybe will rise +1
    iker muniain- the spanish messi !! getting alot of play time with Athletic Club, he is great at dribbling and will rise by +2 or +3.
    neymar - I heard so much about him, he is great, you should keep him.
    funes mori - seems good from his rating, haven't really heard about him, but i recon he will rise again.
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to cleg_yorkshire in rising players   
    Re: rising players
    im sure he will make more than 2 - 4 million for you
    he even had his first start for georgia
    check out his stats
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to Shepherd 9 in Player Ratings   
    Re: Player Ratings
    Yes, the Brazilian league is on the list to be reviewed next week.
    Yes Pjanic probably will get a +1, providing Lyon do well this season and he plays well,
    Wilshere probably will go up, especially if he plays more for Arsenal this season
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    barcelona2k10 got a reaction from stones in Player Ratings   
    Re: Player Ratings
    bebe or kakuta
    which one do you think is a better prospect
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to Alexandre_Pato in Player Ratings   
    Riferimento: Player Ratings
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to abidicus in Player Ratings   
    Re: Player Ratings
    Originally Posted by barcelona2k10
    Well i want to know if these players will rise, stay or drop
    Fábio COENTRAO +1
    Thomas MULLER +2/3
    Eden HAZARD +1
    Silva NEYMAR +1 at santos, 2 at chelsea and not much higher could and should go higher in near future
    Paulo Henrique GANSO stay unless madrid or Milan get him sorry, but he's going up +1 or +2 in next few weeks
    Correia BEBE ? +4 at the most nobody can be sure, he hasn't kicked a ball yet for Man U
    Marc MUNIESA good prospect but no idea
    César AZPILICUETA stay but likely +1 in next spanish changes
    Iker MUNIAIN +1
    Mesut OZIL +2
    Sergio BUSQUETS Stay for now again, will rise in next Spanish changes
    David DE GEA +2
    Simon KJAER Depends on how Wolfsburg play with him
    Alcántara THIAGO +2
    Gaël KAKUTA +2/4
    Javier HERNANDEZ +2/3 great Form no, he needs more sustained form through the season before he'll get the +2 or +3
    Pereira RAFAEL +1
    I would like to know how mych of a rise and drop
    Sorry, the last effort by Matty was just a little bit misleading IMO
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to Ashh in If you managed my team   
    Re: If you managed my team
    cesar - Stay
    de gea - rise
    vidic - stay
    puyol - stay
    maicon - stay
    evra - stay
    pique - stay/rise
    kjaer -stay/rise (see how he does in germany)
    azpilicueta - rise
    muniesa - stay/rise
    c.ronaldo - stay
    xavi - stay
    iniesta - stay
    Fabregas- stay
    busquets-stay/rise (maybe 92)
    ozil - rise
    muniain - rise
    thiago - no idea
    Messi - stay
    rooney - stay
    villa - stay
    higuain - stay
    neymar - rise
    good enough ?
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to Football1977 in A good cover LB   
    Re: A good cover LB
    Adriano has jut moved to Barca, mainly to provide cover. His rating should be safe even if that is what he is used for. He has a chance of the left back role as Abidal and Maxwell are relatively weak links in the Barca line up. If he does his rating will go up but it all depends
    Bastos has been linked to Man U and Juventus but Lyon refuse to sell. Mainly a LM but being used as LB by Brazil. Good player but doubt he will rise without moving to a bigger club.
    Marcelo is great going forward but defensively poor. Real have been trying to get a LB in without success and he therefore has a chance of playing next season, but all depends what happens before the window close.
    Coentrao was one if not the best left backs at the World Cup. Bayern again were linked but put off by Benfica. Chelsea and Real have also been linked and he looks like he will continue to rise. Very good investment as will rise. Would def consider him.
    Of the other ones mentioned. Gibbs has good potential and will rise but chances will be limited due to Clichy. Cissokho is a great player and would def look at getting him in if you can. ANother option is Temoulinas who was arguably even better than Cissokho last year and has also been linked to Real.
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    barcelona2k10 reacted to DJM_R3MIX in rooney or torres   
    Re: rooney or torres
    Rooney!! he seems to score more goals ... (in my case)
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