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  1. Cech seems very, very close with murmurs that Chelsea's goalkeeping coach, Christophe Lollichon, could follow him. Rumoured fee of £14m. Ospina's apparently on his way out with Szczesny being favoured due to his home-grown status.
  2. 150k a week isn't over-spending? He's paid more than Özil, Alexis, Cazorla etc. He's a good squad player, very versatile but I wouldn't say a squad player warrants that pay comparatively speaking. Certainly gunna need a lot more to get you anywhere near competing for a top four place again. Infernitoed - I wouldn't want Sterling anywhere near us, as clueless as Gibbs is defending, he's decent going forward and has a good future ahead of him. Hopefully he'll have gained a few brain cells by the time Monners legs have gone but that's for a different thread.
  3. Oh do give up. I wouldn't swap Gibbs for Sterling, let alone Walcott on top. Anyone who thinks Sterling is worth more than that needs help. Which leads me on to my next point, how much are you paying Milner?! Dear oh dear.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wilshere's actually looked really good on the right, much better than Ramsey who once again voiced the fact that he wants to plays centrally. Still don't understand why Wenger doesn't want to use a natural right winger though. Trying to not get my hopes up about Vidal at the moment. It's not that long ago that he came out and spoke about how he was happy with Juventus and you can see why, and with the only British news sources being the Metro and Express, it's hard to look past anything other than 'click-bait'. The only promising news was, as mentioned below, the guy that broke the Alexis deal first also believes he will join us but let's wait and see. Can't see any new news reaching the surface until after the Copa América. Another HUGE statement of intent if we pull this off early in the window. The teams around us are going to spend big. We need to match them as best we can.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread On the train back from the game, incredible first half and nice to see the players with their family doing the lap of appreciation. Some decent little Gooners in the making too by the looks of it. Can anyone tell me who Theo and Jack celebrated their goals with, couldn't see from where I was sitting but I would guess it was Shad Forsythe?
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Purely subjective. Who cares who deserved to win? Swansea DID win, end of. The arguments over it are comical. 'My team deserved to win because *insert bias reason here*' vs. 'My team deserved to win because *insert bias reason here*'. Oh, and whoever said we lacked ambition on the basis that we lost our first game in eleven needs seeing to... Thread is dead when we are winning, lose one game and everybody is up in arms.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread 30,000 corporate seats for the final. Greed beyond belief. Congrats F.A. This game will now have more neutrals than Villa or Arsenal fans. £500 minimum for a ticket now if you aren't lucky enough to be a season ticket holder...
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Surprised nobody has mentioned the new Champions League seedings. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/32422362 Can't argue with it to be honest. Champions of the top seven leagues in Europe and the current holders go in to pot one. It was always going to happen.
  9. Re: Riferimento: Official Arsenal Thread Or you could be optimistic for once. It's no coincidence that now we've got a full squad fit and a player that is willing to sacrifice his ego to sit deep and do the dirty work that we are now grinding out wins and getting consistent results. Slowly, we are moving in the right direction.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread You can't moan at Nasri and van Persie for leaving the club because of their 'lack of loyalty' and then down the line say you'd happily shift Jack off to City. Loyalty goes both ways.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Sod off about turfing Wilshere out to City, especially not for bloody Sissoko. I'd have Matuidi in a heartbeat though, but without shipping out Jack.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread As far as I'm concerned, if he's hoping for more money he can do one, head over to the Scousers for all I care. He doesn't look like he's getting a sniff near a regular first team slot and I'll be honest, the Ox looks ten times the player he is at the moment. Whether or not he's still getting over his injury or not I don't know. He's not deserving of the money he's on at the moment (many will argue whether any footballer is deserving of his pay but that's beyond the point) let alone a pay rise. Don't get me wrong, I'd want him to stay, but if he's looking for more cash I'm sure we can shift him for a decent amount and bring in someone more than capable of replacing him.
  13. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Packed a Lewandowski but can't sell him because of the price-cap. Cheers EA.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Got offered an away ticket for the United game on Monday but couldn't afford the prices of the train journey there and back. It's not only match-day tickets that are pricing us out of the game. It was going to cost me in excess of £300 for the journey there and back. Absolutely gutted.
  15. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Cheeky. Did have them in a 4-1-2-1-2 but Özil and Alexis are wasted as midfielders.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'd rather Welbeck over Walcott at the moment. Sure he scores the odd goal, but he offers absolutely nothing for 90 minutes, especially defensively.
  17. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I've been playing pro clubs with my mate since Christmas and when you come up against decent opposition it's amazing, it's just when you come up against the 5-at-the-back idiots that park the bus from the first minutes and counter you with their pacey afro strikers normally named Bale, Ronaldo or Messi it becomes tedious. And trust me, that happens a lot in division 3 onwards. Glad they nerfed keepers this year though.
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread 1RhreBgoHls I love this
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