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    FrozenTree got a reaction from jaison in Adryan Tavares - Superb Brasil Talent !!   
    Adryan Tavares has so far been the star performer for Brazil in the Under-17 World Cup, scoring 3 goals in 5 matches. Adryan is a highly potential player who has also attracted Spanish giant Real Madrid. Manchester United now wants to monitor the young Brazilian closely at their training ground. If Adryan can impress Ferguson, he could be offered to join the Red Devils permanently. He is a classic AM who has lots of confidence, brave decision and knows how to shoot from angle. He also has a good left foot. Adryan took a major role in Brazil's Sudamericano U17 championship win and caught the eye of Red Devils scouts. But when Manchester United approached his team- Flamengo, they were slapped by a £12M price tag that was put on the player and backed down. Meanwhile, the winger showcased some impressive performances down in Mexico, scoring three goals for Brazil in the U-17 World Cup and helping his side to the Semi-finals against Uruguay .Adryan is an attacking minded winger, who can play on both sides of the pitch and also behind the strikers, executing excellent dribbling abilities and a great shot from long distance, also holding the ability to take powerful free kicks from outside the box. His performance against Japan u-17 has attracted interests from Manchester United, Real Madrid, and etc. His trickery, pace, strength and mind has make him one of the hottest prospect in Europe now. Manchester United is close in signing this talented youngster.

    Thanks for watching
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    FrozenTree got a reaction from R-Pancake-x in Brek Shea : The Next American Superstar   
    Re: Brek Shea : The Next American Superstar
    #Quick Update : Brek Shea is already scored 11 goals and 6 assists so far for FC Dallas. He is currently training with Arsenal, with Wenger tipped to use him for the Reserve Side. He is comfortable at DM, Wing or AM. ( So He should be change postion to MID during next DB Change ). He got 9 caps for US, which he started 7 of the games. He has now claim a starting spot at US national team. He is the MVP for FC Dallas this season. He has been compared to Fernando Torres ( because they have same hairstyle ) and maybe can become the Gareth Bale of US. He certainly look promising. Snap him up when he is available.
    Please support my threads as well as other threads !! I will continue updating Infos about him.
    Thanks for seeing
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    FrozenTree reacted to JamTart in Rvp deal..   
    Re: Rvp deal..
    Get RVP! This guy is amazing, and should already be a 94 if it wasn't for his injuries. I think SM should give him the benefit of the doubt and give him this well deserved rating. The Dutchman IS Arsenal, and his presence is giving a huge morale boost to his team-mates. If he wasn't there, Arsenal would not be where they are. I'm just hoping that Van Persie stays at Arsenal in the upcoming transfer windows!
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    FrozenTree reacted to MeowMeow =) in Rvp deal..   
    Re: Rvp deal..
    Good deal for me. RvP will probably hit 94 this season or even 95 (perhaps his peak?) if Arsenal gets champion. Rossi willl stay because of injury.
    Hope it helps
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    FrozenTree reacted to ᴩᴙᴇᴆᴀᴛᴏʀ in Rvp deal..   
    Re: Rvp deal..
    Yeah, good deal mate. RVP is on simply on fire atm and has a shot at 94, whereas Rossi's rating will be stable as he is injured.
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    FrozenTree reacted to Rohit420420420 in Rooney Deal.   
    Re: Rooney Deal.
    Again a fantastic deal
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    FrozenTree reacted to Ben C in Rooney Deal.   
    Re: Rooney Deal.
    Yes, Hernandez will never reach and rating like Rooney's and Neymar though many believe is an amazing prospect he hasnt proved himself in a big league yet and so his future isnt certain till he moves. A lot of brazillian players flop in the big leagues but florish in brazil so basically get rooney as he is a proven 95 player and could get 96 back after this season.
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    FrozenTree reacted to MammaPoor in Rvp deal..   
    Re: Rvp deal..
    Do it Angelababy

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    FrozenTree got a reaction from braucieno in Yann M'Vila   
    Re: Yann M'Vila
    His peak will be 90 in Rennes, but if he Move to a better club, he could get higher 90s.
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    FrozenTree got a reaction from MeowMeow =) in Elton Monteiro- Arsenal Talented CB!!   
    Elton Monteiro is a 17 year-old centre back whom has his first season for the Gunners and proved talent- making the under-18's second highest number of appearances, (26 appearances), debuting the Reserves and signing his first professional contract into a bargain.
    The big defender having impressed throughout the season with numerous strong and intelligent performances at the back. He is highly comfortable on the ball and good in technical ability and playing the ball from the back.
    He was officially made an Arsenal player in late February when he turned 16, moving into digs with Martin Angha just as the likes of Cesc Fabregas have done before him.
    And the starlet certainly now looks to be taking full advantage of his move. After a quiet first six months with the club, Monteiro is beginning to assert himself for the Under 18s, performing admirably despite a poor start to the season by Steve Bould’s side.
    In any young players' career, there'll be some down- and Elton certainly experienced one on his Reserve team debut, when he featured in the unexpected 10-1 defeat to Aston Villa. He bounced back to play a big role in the Under-18's season.
    However, His header can still be improved. His height is 192 cm. He is a tall and strong defender. He is able to dominate games physically, Young Guns describe Elton Monteiro as a “giant and imposing defender who has a great turn of pace and is solid in the air”.

    Elton Monteiro in Action
    Link : http://www.arsenal.com/reserves-youth/players/elton-monteiro
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    FrozenTree reacted to AdaM EFC in Ozil to swap Aguero   
    Re: Ozil to swap Aguero
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    FrozenTree reacted to La libelulle in David SIlva Deal.   
    Re: David SIlva Deal.
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    FrozenTree reacted to minhha09 in Big Ozil deal   
    Re: Big Ozil deal
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    FrozenTree reacted to Raz. in Suarez Or Sanchez?   
    Re: Suarez Or Sanchez?
    Personally I'd get Suarez,he is one of the best strikers in Europe.Sanchez can get a move at Barcelona and if he move to Barcelona he can't play much with Messi and Villa.Wait 1 week more to see,maybe Sanchez will go to City and if he will go to City I'd get Sanchez.
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    FrozenTree reacted to BroodRoosterNL in Arjen Robben Deal   
    Re: Arjen Robben Deal
    "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters."
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    FrozenTree reacted to NariN in Andres Iniesta Deal.   
    Re: Andres Iniesta Deal.
    I would give Robinho and Khedira,and btw do you have cover up for Khedira in the middle?
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    FrozenTree reacted to Kensational in Don't offer rep - its against the rules   
    Could all members posting in this section remember that it is against the rules to advertise rep as a 'reward' for help.
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    FrozenTree reacted to Tombstone in Valencia   
    Re: Valencia
    I'd keep Robinho, Valencia isn't going to be rated 93
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    FrozenTree reacted to darshan j. in Valencia   
    Re: Valencia
    It's tough, because Robinho has blown hot and cold for Milan and you just never know with these Brazilians.
    Valencia though is a solid 91 and if fit, will certainly get a 92 sometime next season. Try to get around £10-15m along with Valencia for Robinho, that'd be a great deal.
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    FrozenTree reacted to Spam in Spam's Snapshot Glance At Potential 90+ Risers   
    Anyone who's seen any of my 'riser' threads before, you know the drill. This is a (hopefully) handy and un-contentious little guide to the higher rated players' chances of rising either into the 90s, or from within the 90s. Enjoy.
    Pale Green means a rise is extremely unlikely, but hopefully it gives an indication of where the player in question's rating will go next. Players who i think are both liekly to rise and continue to rise are down in Purple.

    Manuel Neuer - 92 -> 93
    Joe Hart - 90 -> 90/91
    Fernando Muslera - 89 -> 90/89
    Roman Weidenfeller - 89 -> 90/89
    Christian Abbiati - 89 -> 90
    Gerard Pique - 95 -> 95/96
    Sergio Busquets - 93 -> 93/94
    Ricardo Carvalho - 93 -> 93/94
    Bacary Sagna - 92 -> 92/93
    Thiago Silva - 92 -> 93/92
    Vincent Kompany - 91 -> 92/91
    Marcelo - 91 -> 92/91
    Neven Subotic - 91 -> 92/91
    Mats Hummels - 91 -> 92/91
    Mamadou Sakho - 90 -> 90/91
    Fabio Coentrao - 90 -> 90/91
    David Luiz - 90 -> 91
    Benoit Assou-Ekotto - 89 -> 90/89
    Rafael - 89 -> 89/90
    Marcel Schmelzer - 89 -> 90/89
    Laurent Koscielny - 89 -> 89/90
    Leonardo Bonucci - 89 -> 89/90
    Xabi Alonso - 94 -> 94/95
    Mesut Ozil - 93 -> 94/93
    David Silva - 93 -> 93/94
    Angel Di Maria - 92 -> 93
    Luis Nani - 92 -> 93/92
    Rafael Van Der Vaart - 92 -> 92/93
    Luka Modric - 92 -> 92/93
    Nuri Sahin - 91 -> 92/91
    Raul Meireles - 91 -> 91/92
    Marek Hamsik - 91 -> 91/92
    Sami Khedira - 91 -> 92/91
    Aaron Lennon - 90 -> 90/91
    Yann M'Vila - 90 -> 90/91
    Eden Hazard - 90 -> 90/91
    Anderson Hernanes - 90 -> 91/90
    Javier Pastore - 90 -> 90/91
    Santos Ramires - 90 -> 90/91
    Gareth Bale - 90 -> 91
    Arturo Vidal - 90 -> 91/90
    Leighton Baines - 89 -> 89/90
    Jose Antonio Reyes - 89 -> 89/90
    Scott Parker - 89 -> 89/90
    Aiden McGeady - 89 -> 90/89
    Sven Bender - 89 -> 90
    Fernando Belluschi - 89 -> 89/90
    Silvestre Varela - 89 -> 90/89
    Jack Wilshere - 89 -> 90
    Lucas Leiva - 89 -> 90/89
    Keisuke Honda - 89 -> 89/90
    Renato Augusto - 89 -> 89/90
    Mario Gotze - 88 -> 90
    Lionel Messi - 98 -> 98/99
    Rodriguez Pedro - 93 -> 94
    Mario Gomez - 93 -> 93/94
    Robin Van Persie - 93 -> 93/94
    Alexandre Pato - 92 -> 92/93
    Giuseppe Rossi - 91 -> 91/92
    Radamel Falcao - 91 -> 92
    Edinson Cavani - 91 -> 92
    Alexis Sanchez - 90 -> 91/90
    Darren Bent - 90 -> 90/91
    Gonzalez Raul - 90 -> 90/91
    Givanildo Hulk - 90 -> 91
    Roberto Soldado - 89 -> 90/89
    Santos Neymar - 89 -> 90
    Javier Hernandez - 89 -> 90/91

    Thanks for reading/using, hopefully at least one person will have made some use of it!
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    FrozenTree got a reaction from West Ham Till I die in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    hm bout bastian swap busquets. I'm getting busquets
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    FrozenTree reacted to Gozzy in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    FrozenTree reacted to Caleb in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    FrozenTree reacted to 123_ABC in Bastian For Busquets?   
    Re: Bastian For Busquets?
    Any of those deals but try getting both Huddlestone and Busquets first.
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    FrozenTree reacted to Totti417 in Thiago Silva.   
    Re: Thiago Silva.
    I would definitely sell Robinho, Lisandro, or even Schweinsteiger. I think those players are attractive enough that the other manager might consider dealing him.
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