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    My Hobbies?????Playing SM :)
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    Nah....Still Study.
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    Glory Glory Man United,Glory Glory Man United.
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    I'm Looking For A Great Setup......
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    Fabregas,Ronaldo,Torres,Rooney And Tevez....
  1. Re: galactico era 2 Inter For Me.............
  2. Re: New Dream League Finally,I'm In This Setup.... Accepted Bid From Arsenal For Lampard.Nasri+2 Million. Targerting Gourcuff And Loic Remy.. Ben Arfa Also On The List........ Keeper??For Sure It Is Lloris..
  3. Re: New Dream League Hey' date='Mr Hammer,,Why You Always Reject Me??? My Name On SM Is: @HM@D $H@H!R I'm The One Who Suppose To Managed Chelsea... I Applied It Again.... [/font']
  4. Re: New Dream League I Want Him' date='But If You Want To Use Him For Gerrard,Than Never Mind.. I Not In This Setup Yet.... Waiting To Be Accepted..[/i']
  5. Re: New Dream League Mr Hammer Reject My Offer...... Why???? I Apply It Again...Please Accepted This Time..
  6. Re: New Dream League Malouda And Anelka Is The Only Man Who Stay.... And Also Kakuta... Bc Cliffs,Dont Sell Benzema To External Club...I'm Going To Buy Him..
  7. Re: New Dream League NightShroud- You Great..... :D:D:D To England Manager, Make A Bid For Lampard… Maybe Nasri Plus 10 Million ??? And Ashley Cole For Sagna Plus Money…I Don’t Want Gallas. I Also Waiting For Mr.Hammer To Accept Me…
  8. Re: New Dream League Mr Hammer… Im Not Trying To Be Smart' date='But, I Don’t Think You Can Offer Player That Have Different Nationality To The Club That Have Different Nationality… For Example: You Offer Fabregas = Benzema+Raul To Arsenal..Because You Don’t Have English Player to Give..But Arsenal (England) Cant Have Player That Are Not England……So The Deal Is Off…. Then,You Can Only Offer Cash For Fabregas….. Correct Me If I’m Wrong…. Anyway,You Can Give Any Nationality Player To External Club.. [/b']
  9. Re: New Dream League Apply For Chelsea....Going To Make A Good France Side... It Is Totally Different From Domenech's Side... Can You Make A Match Report Thread?
  10. Re: New Dream League Ciaran....What Is Your Club????Are You Staying With Lyon And Italy??? We Got All 10 Forumers ...
  11. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread 1. KopStar - Manchester City (Division 1 - 2nd) 2. BigGameMo - Swansea City (Division 3 - 6th) 3. Fab94 - Bradford City (Division 3 - 13th)
  12. Re: New Dream League Ciaran..... Dylan Has Picked Germany......You Cant Choose Them.. Choose Another Country...
  13. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread Hello.... I'm The New Manager Of BRADFORD CITY... Mmm..Really Happy With This Team....Full Of Youngster.... Got 7 Riser
  14. Re: New Dream League Thanks For Put Me In This Setup...Anyway,Can You Give Link To Your Profile To Add You As A Friend So You Can Invite Me... This Is My Idea: How About We Use "Cup" To Play Player Age Below 23 ???? I Cant Wait To Get Started....
  15. Re: New Dream League Hi Mr Hammer….. I’m New To The Forum But Not The Soccermanager(Rep 131). This Sound Good Setup.... Anyway. Can I Have Chelsea---France.
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