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  1. So KdB is the equivalent to Ronaldo as a CF now. Good one.
  2. Is Saul safe as a 93 for the future?
  3. I picked him up in November from an unmanaged team, with no other bidders, for minimum fee. He’s been in crazy good form since 😄
  4. Confirmed move. Yes, he’s regressed this season. But so has almost every player under Lennon.
  5. Leaving Celtic. Apparently to Bayer Leverkusen for something around £10m. Certainly wouldn’t be improving under Neil Lennon.
  6. Jeremie Frimpong, Celtic RB. Won young player of the year. Currently only ranked 70 and 19 years old.
  7. Dembele was born in England, has played for both Scotland & England at youth level. More recently England.
  8. Absolutely tragic how long these rating changes take.
  9. Can't view played fixture on old interface despite it being right there to view. (No 'play' button, just team screen loads up) Download the mobile app, tells me results in, open it up "next fixture in progress". Mess.
  10. Solarized

    Site issues

    Can't even play my games. The start game button has disappeared (so have the green, blue , red dots for latest form)
  11. **The most you can offer (£9,218,000) is less than the minimum amount the club will sell the player for (£9,280,000)** 30m in bank and no bid because of 62k difference?
  12. Re: Ronaldo 99? well done SM
  13. Re: This game suddenly doesn't like me I saw your thread about 352 and guess what? I'm a 352 person. After 12 league games I have 2 wins, 3 draws, 7 losses, GF 12 GA 24 I guess its time to change.
  14. Re: This game suddenly doesn't like me Another league defeat tonight, against a managed team who for whatever reason hadnt changed his team from a cup game on Tuesday. Thanks for your reply but I guess tactics are irrelevant when you are losing to NMF teams 3-1.
  15. Not even looking for advice, this is just a rant. Last season (in a fairly competitive game world, all teams in top 2 divisions managed) I managed to win all 6 competitions available. Now obviously I thought this is the top for me after being in this game for 4 years, I'm not going to ever match that again. Start of the new season after 7 league games I've lost 5, drawn 1, won 1. I only lost 6 games all last season. Included in those defeats are 2 at home 4-0 and 4-1 (my worst ever). I've already been knocked out the cup by a team ranked way below me at home (I had 4 times as many shots on target). I'm on a run of 1 win in 8, I've tried to alter tactics/style in the last 3 games. Same results, dominate games and still lose. Do I go back to the tactic that served me well for years and just hope the game likes me again? (OK I did ask for advice)
  16. Re: New Improvements Nexus 10 tablet, using Chrome browser. All up to date.
  17. Re: New Improvements The tactics screen with massive unused white patches However when you submit a tactical change, it completely changes to this, with the managers logged in and news bar appearing?
  18. Re: New Improvements The score centre is a depressing site
  19. Re: New Improvements Looks awful on a tablet, especially watching a match. Match screen window shoved to the right and it takes up the full screen and more, can't keep an eye on all the latest scores unless you scroll down during the game and the commentary lines are increasing and decreasing the size of it.
  20. Re: Player concerns Just had the exact same, back-up keeper hit level 4, played him in the next 15 games, now level 5. Goalkeepers are worked out slightly differently, with your highest rated and those 88 or above expecting to play in approximately 90% of games. Absurd. Has Casillas put his transfer request in at Madrid yet?
  21. Re: ferreira pepe to rise again? Surely he's going up!
  22. Re: ferreira pepe to rise again? Madrid defence is performing anything but poorly.
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