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  1. Re: Connect Game Worlds Dont worry what ratings players are, it would appear to be completely irrelevant.
  2. Re: Ronaldo 99? The extended deadline made no difference to the top 3.
  3. Re: SAMARAS rating of 87....... Absolutely not. 88/89 would be his max on form and sadly he has been no where near to being on form this season!
  4. Re: Ronaldo 99? So because you have decided that its tiresome we have to stop on your say so? I guess you have a pretty high opinion of yourself? Here's a tip sunshine, dont enter or read the thread, you absolute cretin.
  5. Re: Ronaldo 99? Oh look, its Adolf.
  6. Do you think he deserves a rise?
  7. Re: Karim Benzema Because his play at both National and club level has been awful/average. A few goals and assists here and there doesn't mask it.
  8. Re: Ferreira PEPE to ever rise again? There was no reason for him to drop to 92. Another stupid reaction to a few months off form.
  9. Re: Neymar 93 Reus still 92 though
  10. Re: Another new design... Margins all over the place, looks tiny on my tablet browser.
  11. Re: Sm hates mario gomez Beyond a joke.
  12. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Feb he went to 92. 6 months later he drops again to 91, probably half of that was close/pre-season. What could he have done in 3 months to avoid dropping again?
  13. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Terry 91
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions No rise for Ramires? C'mon.
  15. Re: Courtois v De Gea Both great shot stoppers(if it weren't for his wonder saves in the Spanish Cup final Real Madrid would have won easily), Courtois is far better at commanding his area. Or do you think De Gea is better because he plays for a bigger club?
  16. Re: Courtois v De Gea Because Courtois is a better keeper.
  17. Re: NEW SM Home page Has the wrong club name for me.
  18. Re: Match engine bug Fitness, tactics and rating of players has become utterly worthless.
  19. Re: cavani for gomez and tello Cavani can reach at least 94, maybe 95. So no.
  20. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Would imagine Betis/Malaga tomorrow. Madrid/Atletico/Barca over Thursday/Friday?
  21. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? Playing 87/88 rated teams with most NMF, having 10 times the shots on target, double possession and losing 1-0 is a regular occurrence, tiresome.
  22. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Nobody could care less if it's more flexible, there was a fundemental structure before and now it's an absolute shambles. Some Italian teams were updated, that seems to have stopped, but it's ok, 2 Botswana players had position changes.
  23. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Managing to turn the best bit of the game, which was structured fine, into a dogs dinner. Kudos.
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