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  1. Re: Joao Victor +12 I'm guessing the bid I put in for him last night will be rejected.
  2. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Absolutely shocking that Cavani & Hernanes remain at 90.
  3. Re: Player Rating Change??? Click on Game World > Player Database Changes Lists leagues that have been reviewed/about to. SM Facebook/Twitter pages have also being given out info recently on when to expect leagues to be reviewed.
  4. Re: Canales - Kakuta - Lacazette You do know Canales played for a team before Madrid? 31 games 7 goals for Racing last season.
  5. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!! Good news for those that have Van der Wiel....90! And also Chadli +8
  6. Re: Emilio Izaguirre He's started very well, quick and composed, tries to play out of defence instead of using longball. Likes to get forward to the byline and put crosses in, also good at defending, doesnt dive in. Everyone has been very impressed with him. Recently scored first goal aswell, had a touch of the Romario's about it!
  7. Re: under 21 possible rating risers wanted please!!!.. Thibaut COURTOIS Jon AURTENETXE Kévin THEOPHILE-CATHERINE Nampalys MENDY Josh MCEACHRAN Philippe COUTINHO Luc CASNOS López JUANMI Cheap, talented & guaranteed risers.
  8. Re: Spain - Segunda División - Ratings Predictions Marc Bartra has went to 82
  9. Re: Scottish premier league-no better than the championship And what do the likes of Charlie Adam, Chris Burke, Ross McCormack etc who were no more than average in the SPL prove?
  10. Re: Zlaten Ibrahimovic- overrated He's contributed more than Gerrard & Fabregas combined in delivering titles for clubs.
  11. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Loic Remy, potential 90 next time?
  12. Re: Squad Sizes I have a manager in my league who has 140 odd players and still continues to add player after player. And I'm not talking about him having 40 very good players and the rest potential risers. I'm talking about 120 of the best players in the league. Totally and utterly pointless, it's no wonder manager are dropping like flies in my set-up.
  13. Re: Young Defenders - Who is best? DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro RANOCCHIA, Andrea SAN JOSE, Mikel ANTONELLI, Luca
  14. Re: As Requested; August 2010 Brazilian Predictions. I echo this 10k, now worth £2,750,000:cool:
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