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  1. I have Leonardo BONUCCI. I wanted Holger BADSTUBER. So, I offered £15million + my BONUCCI for BADSTUBER. He counter-offered £30million for BADSTUBER. Is this worth it?
  2. Re: Erik LAMELA and Antoine GRIEZMANN Cheers guys
  3. What's your opinion on the above two players. Should I keep them for the future or sell? If sell, who do you recommend buying as their replacement.
  4. These two are still stuck at 89. I expected great things from these players. They keep missing out on a rise!? Should I sell and if so which one/both? Should I buy Sakho (90) and one/both of the above players make way for him. Please assist.
  5. Re: Players fitness Friendlies do not keep up players form
  6. Re: Lionel MESSI My bid was accepted and it was the highest and Messi was coming to my club... ...and so I thought. I expected the deal to go through this evening. Low and behold and just 30 minutes ago Messi's club installs another manager. I don't want to be appear cynical, but I am very suspicious. What's stopping all those 'interested' clubs telling their mates to become the manager just so one of their rivals doesn't get a star player, in this case Messi !!?? One very upset manager.
  7. Re: Lionel MESSI Cheers I've put in the maximum amount my Chairman would allow, which was approx £139million. Just have to wait and see now....
  8. Lionel MESSI is up for grabs (shocking I know!) There are a few clubs who have put in undisclosed bids including myself. I have a bank balance of approx. £230million. I put in an undisclosed offer of £100m. Do you think this will be enough or should I put in even more just to make sure that I get him?
  9. Re: Losing cash - who to sell? If I had to be brutal, I'd keep the ones in bold. Maybe, also Ryo, Araujo
  10. Re: Sidney SAM or Shinji KAGAWA? Mmmm tricky. Kagawa was linked with Man Utd at one stage a few months ago. But his NT is Japan. Whilst Sam plays for the German NT and has alot of potential, very much like Giggs and Bale (style). Rodriguez looks like a gem of a player, if Hulk leaves Porto then I think he will get much more playing time and increase a bit hopefully. Long term, what order would you put these players taking everything into account?
  11. Dilemma. Both rated 88, both will cost approx. £6m, both AM/Wing. Kagawa plays for Dortmund who are top. Sam plays for Leverkusen who are 2nd. Which one? (btw - What about James Rodriguez for Porto - 19 y/old, rated 86 AM/Wing?) Thanks
  12. Re: Joe HART deal Thanks also
  13. Re: Joe HART deal I did the deal, but negotiated and gave just 3 million in the end. I also purchased Sandro and Huddlestone to make up for the loss of Sissoko.
  14. Re: Joe HART deal Cheers for the replies. I think I will do the deal. (Sissoko one) I think Wenger is sniffing for a top world class GK and if that happens (and Wenger buckles under the pressure to sign one) Szczesny will not stay as back up. Also, I can get Sandro as a free agent as back up, cheap as chips.
  15. I wish to purchase Joe HART and sent a PM to the manager as an enquiry. He said: My SZCZESNY + SISSOKO (Toulouse - good player!) + 10 million or SZCZESNY + M'VILA + 5 million I do not want to do the M'Vila deal, but the first one (in bold) appears acceptable to me. What do you guys think? My GK's are Weidenfeller & Kraft I don't mind selling SISSOKO as I have the likes of Sahin, Bender, Defour, Henderson, Alcantara & Lamela.
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