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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Okay' date=' thanks Thanks for your help. And i'm definitely going to snap up Lewandowski now, only £5.2m
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Who do you think are the best two players to get from this list in the long and short term: Robert LEWANDOWSKI Seydou DOUMBIA Bruno Bonfim DENTINHO Jorge MARTINEZ Lopes Beltrame WESLEY Thanks in advance
  3. Re: Leeds United Team - Risers in low to mid 80's Yeah that's what I was worried about Thanks for your suggestions, I'll have a look at them, look like they might be worth snapping up And in the meantime, I'm just going to have to keep scouring the threads haha.
  4. Re: Leeds United Team - Risers in low to mid 80's I've looked at both of those countries, but there are very few players that are likely to get to get above 85 - in fact i haven't seen any that will as far as i can remember. I'll continue searching through threads, just thought it would be an easy way to pool together some names
  5. Hi, Basically, I have a Leeds United team, I'm close to getting promoted, and all of my players' transfer bans are now finished, so I am looking to replace my squad to make me more competitive in the higher leagues. I'm looking for players for all positions in the low to mid 80's that are likely to get a nice rise, but are also not too expensive (under £5-6 million each). Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Re: I need young Forward! How much do you think he will rise by?
  7. Re: 90 + Risers Centre Midfielder Sergio Busquets is sure to rise, but it will be a few months until they review the spanish league again.
  8. Re: Player ratings thread Great thread, already got a few of these players so it's nice to see they'll get a good rise! Time to snap the other few up now
  9. Re: Dani Pacheco 75 -> 86/87 Saw him play last week in the Europa League - showed glimpses of his quality but didn't have the best of games unfortunately. Definitely one for the next few seasons though, and he's much more likely to break through under Hodgson than he would have under Rafa
  10. Re: Croatian/Bulgarian/Czech Risers? Ah sorry, just did a search and found a couple of threads in the end.
  11. I was wondering if there are any cheap players that are suitable for an English Division 4 team from the croatian/bulgarian/czech leagues that are expected to rise significantly? Thanks in advance
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