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  1. Re: A forum filled European Championship Umm hey yes I am very interested, as long as I can either of these 4 teams, Manchester United Barcelona - preferred Real Madrid Chelsea - also preferred thanks and I hope I participate, what european championship is it anyway? ?
  2. Re: World championship 10430 the Division 3 challenge Hey guys just took over Lille OSC and I don't know what to do just yet but I will be signing a couple of good youngsters to the team.
  3. Re: Snooky's avatars and signatures (requests) Hey Snooky, its been a long time. I need a cool Neymar avatar. Dont care what it looks like it just needs to look awesome.
  4. Re: Muller or Di Maria, Opinions. I appreciate all your thoughts anyway and I am grateful that you are helping me out.
  5. Re: Muller or Di Maria, Opinions. I am trying to buy Sneijder or Lampard. I am trying to get opinions on who to put in the deal for either one of them.
  6. I need help on my Sporting CP because I want one to go in a deal for Sneijder or Lampard and it is so hard to choose!!! I need help from everyone that has opinions.
  7. I wondering if I can get opinions from other forumers about young talents like Ganso, Neymar and Hazard etc. Others included as well but I just want to know about this stuff more often and you can say on this new thread about new talents coming onto SM and think about their peak and everything you thik about them.
  8. Re: Matty G's Graphics awesome {dude!}
  9. Re: Risers Either, I guess.
  10. Re: Matty G's Graphics Well at the moment he is making a wicked sig with Cahill in his Aussie Kit so you will like it a lot, not to mention the sign of the Australian International Football Team. He is almost finished. But dont use it because he is.
  11. Re: World Championship 8984 Just took Chivas de Guadalajara and I am looking to try and sign Alvaro Dominguez, Shinji Kagawa and Javier Hernandez. They are decent deals so I think they should be accepted.
  12. Re: English Championship 7326-Discussion Thread Logo Kit Signings this year. Diego Milito, 1/4 signings. Salvatore Sirigu, 2/4 signings. Mats Hummels, 3/4 signings. Dimitri Payet, 4/4 signings. These are just the starters because their are more to come and you better watch out.
  13. Thanks guys for getting the message and I hope that you only post on how your club is developing, its nice to see how awesome this thread is going to be.
  14. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread isnt bale going to be a bigger star than Coentrao cause that is only my opinion
  15. Re: The Toilet Seat Cup| EC2933 Hey guys thanks for inviting me into this and also KOPSTAR my name is TACTA SCOTT not TASCA SCOTT, anyway did you guys hear about me beating Matt 4-1 in WC 10000 yeah with that strike against him I should then beat him again, DID SOMEONE SAY STRIKE 2, yeah that was me. Why did you guys have to call it the toilet seat cup why couldn't it be the EC 2933 Secret Cup, if you are the going to call it the toilet seat cup then the winner(me) might as well sit on it,lol. But yeah really looking forward to flogging Matt again. Lets try beat Matt again but this time 5-0 l
  16. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread sorry guys couldnt get on for like a month because of hassels on Sm anyway Kabore is going for part exchange 2, 84+ players plus please cause I only got 21 players in squad
  17. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| love it, thanks for the sig
  18. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Well that's a ripoff that is what another manager made the counter offer to me to exchange a 90' for a 89' and a was fricken annoyed because us forumers think they are inexperienced managers and there is another thing I agree with you on and that is that I am fricken annoyed to death man.
  19. Re: World Championship 10000 Match Reports/Transfer News French News- Marseille Suarez is waiting. Shock loss to Valencia! End Score: Marseille 0-1 Valencia On the 3rd of October Valencia beat Marseille 1-0 and on top of that is was a 2nd half goal in the 75th minute by Valencia's Alejandro Dominguez. After that loss Marseille have done nothing but train hard and had their lesson learn so they are going to win Division 2 with nothing but hard work and accomplishments. This is what it would look like-below. Yep' date=' definitely what it would look like.[/color'] This is th
  20. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Whoever is the Ajax manager 6.8 mil and Remy is worth Suarez so why did u reject
  21. Re: Predator | Avatars & Signature Requests | Portfolio Hey mate can I have A new sig, I want one with a wicked light blue backgroud mixed in with white and Steve Mandanda holding to ball and then next to him can I have Lucho Gonzalez looking like he is going to take a shot at goal. Also at the the top left can I have a wicked style writing saying Marseille. Lucky last can I have in the bottom corner can I have WC 10000 in the same style writing as you give the Marseille please.
  22. Re: World Championship 10000 Match Reports/Transfer News French News- Marseille Still negotiating.... Goran Pandev-above Today Internazionale's star winger Goran Pandev is negotiate with Marseille manager Scott Gerritsen and own manager Camilla De al Meida Brum with the deal for Pandev. Both manager have kept in touch and hopes to wrap up a deal that will have good tactical changes that happen to both Internazionale and Marseille. Luis Suarez' date=' Marseille's next player?[/size'] Luis Suarez-above The Uruguayan international and Ajax big gun told Scott about a break from the
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