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  1. I'd say Bastoni, Eric Garcia and Badiashile. Guillamon is worth it too.
  2. Anyone else? It's a tough one and I really don't know what to do ๐Ÿค”
  3. Umtiti + Sergi Roberto for Diallo (PSG) + Semedo? I have Umtiti and Sergi, none of them would be a starter. I'm thinking to accept for the age factor.
  4. How would you collocate here Milenkovic (Fiorentina)?
  5. In a long term project, which is the best option: Umtiti, Diallo (PSG) or Tah? None of them would be a starter for me.
  6. I'm happily surprised that Neymar kept his 96.
  7. Before his -1, I remember that on his rating history there was a +2 from 96 to 98, more than 10 years ago. I may be wrong, but I'm almost sure of that.The game has been created around 2005-2006, I don't think that a 20/21 years old Ronaldo was 98 at the time.
  8. I'm pretty sure Ronaldo was 96 and got a +2 to 98.
  9. 27 bids so far in a gameworld of 60 clubs, but there is still time to improve. ๐Ÿ˜…
  10. That's the kind of answer I'd like to receive when I ask something. It's a strange gameworld with a super competitivity, 25 yo players are almost considered old, while 18-20 yo youths are incredibly overrated. If you consider that it started in 2012 and still going at the top, it almost makes sense. My doubt is about Gnabry hitting 95-96, if I hadn't this doubt, I would have already accepted. However, thanks for your answer, I will think about it.
  11. I'm the best/2nd best club in the league, Messi and Neymar are in my squad, Gnabry wouldn't be a starter for me. Every new good youth added to database has 20-30 bids on him. Top youths have illogical prices, I've recently sold Gabriel Veron for Davinson Sanchez + Barella. Would you still go for Gnabry?
  12. Martial + Reinier + Eric Garcรฌa or Gnabry? I have the trio. What's your opinion about these players' potential SM rating?
  13. I've been offered Lucas Hernandez for my Hudson-Odoi. Regardless of position, what would you do and why?
  14. At the end I "gave up" and accepted the deal giving him Bernardo + Alli + Foden + CHO + Saka + Billy Gilmour. I lost some top talents (I'm sorry especially for Foden and Gilmour), but with Neymar and Kimmich I have now two more world class players and now I have a rated 95 XI for league and a rated 91 XI for cups. It's worth it. Thanks for the help. ๐Ÿ’ช
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