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  1. Martial or Elvedi & Kayky (Fluminense - Man City? - 2003 brazilian)? Martial is my 5th choice atm, Elvedi would be more useful than him. Can Elvedi rise to 91 at Monchengladbach? 🤔
  2. Are these youths worth keeping in a competitive gameworld with a squad cap of 60 players? Anass Salah-Eddine (Ajax) Paolo Gozzi (Juventus) Malachi Fagan-Walcott (Tottenham) Arthur Zagre (Monaco) Jesus Rivas (Unam) Quinten Timber (Ajax) Victor Mollejo (Atletico Madrid) Edon Zhegrova (Basel)
  3. Would you sacrifice Eric Garcia and Hudson-Odoi to get Ruben Dias? Regardless of positions.
  4. I expected one of your classic long and complete answers to convince me 😛
  5. Leroy Sanè + Ferland Mendy or Sterling? I have the duo - Long term - Robertson is my main LB My doubts are about Leroy Sanè's peak on SM
  6. I need to sacrifice 2 of these youths: A. Russo (Sassuolo)/S. Bajic (St. Etienne) [both GKs] M. Mudryk (Shakhtar) I. Losada (Celta Vigo) E. Zhegrova (Basel) A. Almeida (V. Guimaraes) Who would you sell and why?
  7. SM is quite generous nowadays, are there chances for Carvajal, Robertson, Kane, Barella, TAA, Valverde and Felix to get a +1? P.s. Merry Christmas!
  8. Time to sell Kepa? 100% -1 next reviews? Would you swap Mason Greenwood and Kepa for Oblak? I have also Edouard Mendy in my team.
  9. Thanks Socca. He initially asked me Pavard + Lucas Hernandez, but that was a no way because I only have two LBs. I tried lots of different bids but nothing, until he opened to Pavard + Aouar, that seems the only way to get De Ligt. Damn, if only I weren't a Juventus supporter... 😅 P.s. the post you liked was about another gameworld and I kept my players.
  10. I know that the duo is more valuable than De Ligt alone. I'm trying to build a top XI for the future and De Ligt is the best CB possibile for age/rating. In the long run I think De Ligt will have a better rating than Pavard. Still doubtful tho. Yeah, my only doubt is about having only 2 RBs. Haha, which club are you?
  11. Pavard + Aouar or De Ligt? I have the duo, none of them start or me, while De Ligt would. Useful info: - my other RBs are TAA and Kimmich (but I often use Kimmich as a CM). - my other CBs are Varane, Skriniar, Sule and Lucas Hernandez (I use Lucas as a LB backup for Robertson). - my other CMs are Kimmich, Verratti, De Bruyne, Valverde, Tonali and Camavinga (I sometimes use De Bruyne as AM in my 4231) - as you can imagine, I'm the best club in the gameworld, a full 116/116 and very competitive one. That's why I don't want to make a mistake in this deal. Please, motivate your answ
  12. One month later, is there any news about the update? @chris16@Steven Paul
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