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  1. Allright everyone, I've been away from this game for a about 2 years now and I was wondering who were the hot prospects nowadays? I'm looking to buy players that are 17 to 22 and that are going to have a big rating increase! Thanks Calum
  2. Is Elia worth getting and is he going to rise?
  3. Does anyone think that his rating will go up any time soon? Thanks
  4. Re: Forward rating increase... Thanks mate
  5. Who is the best young defender to get?
  6. Re: Forward rating increase... Thanks mate
  7. Re: Neuer Or Lloris I would go for Lloris. He is probably the best French keeper at this time.
  8. What rating do you think he should go up to? I think about 92/93 maybe
  9. Which Forward do you think is worth getting in case his rating goes up? Thanks
  10. When your 1 year gold membership runs out, how many clubs slots do you have left?
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