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  1. Re: Spanish thread MUNIAIN, Iker is better IMO lol
  2. Re: Spanish thread List of young Spanish talents I've picked up, mostly from looking around on the forum (all under 21): ISCO, Alarcón GRIMALDO, Alex DEULOFEU, Gerard CARLOS, Juan ÁLVARO, González BERNAT, Juan JAIRO, Samperio ZALDUA, Joseba CAMPAÑA, José SUÁREZ, Denís PARDO, Rubén MORATA, Álvaro SAMUEL, Domínguez ILLARRAMENDI, Asier JESÉ, Rodríguez These are just the one's that I personally managed to buy
  3. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread i've just taken over Exeter... that ok?
  4. Re: Gold Championship 4 Transfers / Match reports Thread Hi Everyone, Stephen James, Manager of West Ham and Iran finally making the effort to find this forum haha Looking for 88+ rated players, if you have any for sale let me know (Cash only, i cant do P/E as i have no-one to swap)
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