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  1. Re: looking for an RB Van Der Wiel might be worth picking up if he moves, or if SM are generous and Netherlands win euro.
  2. Re: Xavi Rating! I could see him retiring at a 97 in all honesty, unless he gets a serious injury or something
  3. Re: Pazzini for Jovetic Cheers all
  4. Should i swap Pazzini for Jovetic, I'm considering it because Inter are doing awful in the league and the whole team will probs drop at the end of the season, and because Jovetic is quite young with a load of potential, I don't play Pazzini atm as I just got Eto'o and Jovetic won't play, so it really comes down to best potential lol Thanks in advance
  5. Re: Michael Dawson Never mind, He's injured AGAIN for Spurs so his chance of rising is no-existent now
  6. Re: Rank these Keepers regardless of rating Manuel Neuer Hugo Lloris Joe Hart Victor Valdes Iker Casilles Peter Cech Julio Cesar Gianluigi Buffon IMO
  7. Is he going to rise next change? I've had him in my squad for a while un-used as he's my worst 'first team' defender, i only brought him because i though he may rise, but he didn't, so now i wondering if i should just sell him on as he's just sitting there doing nothing or if i should hold on to him, as if he rises to a 90 he'll still only be a bench player, but as i said currently he isn't even a bench player. Thanks in advance for any help
  8. Re: 4 Players next rating changes? Could i ask about Toni Kroos as well please, predictions for him?
  9. Re: 4 Players next rating changes? Cheers guys, didn't know mikel might drop
  10. Could i have 4 rating change predictions please? Dani Alves Robinho Badstuber Mikel thanks in advance
  11. Re: Tactical Help Please Thanks, i'll try those out when the new season starts, i've just stored them to use
  12. I'm looking for a tactic that will be effective against weaker teams in division 2 with these players. MANDANDA, Steve Gk 26 91 ARMERO, Pablo LB/LM 25 89 IVANOVIC, Branislav RB/CB 28 92 ALVES, Dani RB/RM 28 95 VAN DER WIEL, Gregory RB/RM 24 90 LUIZ, David CB/LB 24 90 RAKYTSKIY, Yaroslav CB/DM 22 89 DAWSON, Michael CB 28 89 ROLFES, Simon DM/CM 30 91 M'VILA, Yann DM/CM 21 90 VIDAL, Arturo CM/Def 24 91 MARCHISIO, Claudio CM/LM 26 91 BOATENG, Kevin-Prince CM/AM 24 90 MILNER, James CM/Wing 26 90 MOUTINHO, João CM 25 91 MONTOLIVO, Riccardo CM 27 91 PARK, Ji-Sung Wing/AM 30 91 YOUNG, Ashley Wing/AM 26 90 SCHURRLE, André Wing/Fwd 21 90 PAZZINI, Giampaolo CF 27 91 DZEKO, Edin CF 25 92 SOLDADO, Roberto CF 26 90 I use to play a 4-4-2 all the time but it hasn't been fantastic so i'm hoping someone on here can come up with some tactical genius for me, thanks in advance
  13. Re: Cut out multi accounts? 1. not the problem 2. I agree, managers with really similar names are more than likely multi accounts 3. Could just be coincidence that they sign in at the same time 4. You can only do 3 deals a season anyway, but if the 2 best players move to the same club and then the next best player also moves it probably should be blocked 5. Proxys would get around this 6. To abusable, if i volunteered i could then screw people who beat me to players, would take a huge amount of effort to manage and monitor the volunteers
  14. Re: Cut out multi accounts? Multiple teams in the same league to buy or sell players
  15. Re: Cut out multi accounts? I've put 3 (coming on 4) years into SM, and yes, multi accounting is a massive problem in quite a lot of leagues, in my main league there is one club which holds a huge amount of the best players and there is a manager who got messi from someone with the same surname as him, and they've done it in the past, ibrahimovic moved for chairman between two of these people and so did tevez and various other big name players, in that set up there are 3 maybe 4 teams which could win the league. Multi accounting goes unpunished by SM, i've no idea why, maybe because all the extra accounts look good on their home page or something and i agree reporting managers is pointless, at best you can get the deal reversed (if they are determined they'll just go back in with another bid and get the player anyway) I've seen some absolutely horrible illegal deals which sm's fantastic ATMS, or whatever it's called, miss even though a blind man could see how illegal the deal is, whilst perfectly legal deals get blocked all the time.
  16. Re: My Youth Team - Risers? No-one? At all?
  17. Re: My Youth Team - Risers? made it text only now
  18. TER STEGEN, Marc-André Gk 19 85 UNNERSTALL, Lars Gk 21 80 KAPINO, Stefanos Gk 17 78 JOHNSTONE, Sam Gk 18 76 KADÚ, Monteiro Gk 17 75 FRICK, Jérémy Gk 18 75 ARÉOLA, Alphonse Gk 18 75 LEALI, Nicola Gk 18 75 KARIUS, Loris Gk 18 75 BUTLAND, Jack Gk 18 75 GABRIEL, Vasconcelos Gk 19 75 POTTS, Daniel LB/CB 17 75 SAMUEL, Domínguez LB/LM 19 76 GRIMALDO, Alex LB/LM 16 75 CHANTLER, Chris LB/LM 21 75 WILLEMS, Jetro LB 17 80 HENLEY, Adam RB/LB 17 75 MARZO, Stefano RB/CB 20 75 HEWITT, Elliott RB/DM 17 70 GONZÁLEZ, Alexander RB/RM 19 80 DANILO, Luiz RB/Mid 20 87 DA COSTA, Danny RB 18 77 RILEY, Joe RB 20 77 CHRISTIE, Cyrus RB 19 75 NILSSON LINDELOF, Victor RB 17 75 ZALDUA, Joseba RB 19 75 ALBERTAZZI, Michelangelo CB/LB 20 77 ÁLVARO, González CB/RB 22 83 BOATENG, Daniel CB/DM 19 75 CAMPORESE, Michele CB 19 83 ZOUMA, Lionel CB 18 78 DUNK, Lewis CB 20 75 FRASER, Marcus CB 17 75 VILKAITIS, Aurimas CB 18 75 REKIK, Karim CB 17 75 WISDOM, Andre CB 18 75 HUBNER, Florian Def 20 77 YENNARIS, Nicholas DM/RB 18 75 ILLARRAMENDI, Asier DM/CM 21 82 VERRE, Valerio DM/CM 18 76 MÜLLER, Bastian DM/CM 20 76 BIGIRIMANA, Gael DM/CM 18 75 TSONEV, Radoslav DM/CM 16 75 TRYBULL, Tom DM 18 78 CHÂTELAIN, Kevin DM 17 75 REACH, Adam LM/LB 19 75 CARLOS, Juan LM/Wing 21 82 BERNAT, Juan LM/Wing 18 78 PFEFFER, Zach Mid 17 75 CIRIGLIANO, Ezequiel CM/DM 20 78 SNEIJDER, Rodney CM/LM 20 80 MAHER, Adam CM/AM 18 83 GIL, Luis CM/AM 18 78 CAMPAÑA, José CM 18 82 GARDNER, Gary CM 19 78 PARDO, Rubén CM 19 78 TAIDER, Saphir CM 19 78 MBAKA, Philtzgérald CM 19 75 BIYOGO POKO, André CM 18 75 ISCO, Alarcón AM/Wing 19 85 ANDERSON, Felipe AM/Wing 18 80 BITTENCOURT, Leonardo AM/Wing 18 80 JAIRO, Samperio AM/Wing 18 77 TANDIA, Ibrahima AM/Wing 18 75 GABRIEL, Appelt AM/Fwd 18 75 TASSI, Lorenzo AM/Fwd 16 75 EMILSSON, Kristjan AM/CF 18 75 KLAASSEN, Davy AM/CF 18 75 SUÁREZ, Denís AM 18 75 PETRATOS, Dmitri Wing/AM 19 75 LASS, Bangoura Wing/Fwd 19 83 CHANTURIA, Giorgi Wing/Fwd 18 83 OAR, Tommy Wing/Fwd 20 82 DEULOFEU, Gerard Wing/Fwd 17 80 GOGIA, Akaki Wing/Fwd 20 80 KRAMARIC, Andrej Fwd/AM 20 80 AMEOBI, Sam Fwd/Wing 19 78 NANGIS, Lenny Fwd/Wing 17 77 UCHUARI, Jonny Fwd/Wing 18 77 BENNETT, Mason Fwd 15 75 BRUNORI SANDRI, Matteo Fwd 18 72 NIANG, M'baye CF/AM 17 82 VOLLAND, Kevin CF 19 84 GABBIADINI, Manolo CF 20 82 MORATA, Álvaro CF 19 80 MURIEL, Luis CF 20 80 KANE, Harry CF 18 78 JESÉ, Rodríguez CF 18 78 NIMELY, Alex CF 20 77 LOZANO, Anthony CF 18 77 SALGADO, Omar CF 18 76 AMPONSAH, Kwame CF 20 76 TROTTA, Marcello CF 19 75 VASTIĆ, Toni CF 19 75 MCALENY, Conor CF 19 75 GAMEIRO, Corey CF 18 75 PARKER, Shawn CF 18 75 BROCK-MADSEN, Nicolai CF 19 75 WIJNALDUM, Georginio AM/Wing 21 88 MOSES, Victor Wing/Fwd 21 86 as you can see i've got myself quite a big youth team, quite a few have risen since i brought them so those ones i'd like to know if i should hold on to them, and those that haven't risen yet i'd like to know if they are worth holding on to, could you also tell me who the 'biggest' talents are in my youth team so i know which ones i need to keep a hold of, thanks in advance EDIT - Made this pure text instead of using pictures, hopefully thsi makes it easier
  19. Re: RvP 95 without CL qualification? SM ratings are more based on game time played and how good the club is than goals (i think) so if Arsenal don't get CL then i can't see him rising
  20. Re: Cut out multi accounts? There is a façade of attempting to stop multi accounting but i agree nothing is really done to prevent it or punish it, but this thread is pointless unless you are going to invoke some type of debate about how to prevent multi accounting
  21. Re: Help with Alves sale Anyone else got any advice?
  22. Re: Cut out multi accounts? And how would you cut out multi-accounting? you can't just tell sm to stop multi-accounting but not say how you'd do it
  23. Re: Help with Alves sale Both players i'd be getting would be first team players
  24. I've been offered Robinho plus either Subotic or Badstuber for Alves, should i take the deal? if so who should i take? Thanks in advance
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