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  1. Re: Ribas Diego Help anyone?
  2. Re: Maarten Stekelenburg: BOUNCE BACK or BUSTED? I swapped him for Mandanda as i needed a 91 quicker than Skekelenburg might rise, also i was going to sell him a few months ago and was told no as he was moving to united lol, If you can get someone like De Gea then get rid of stekelenburg
  3. Is he worth buying? He's currently with a manager who has sold players cheap in the past so i could probably get him at a snip, but only if he's worth it, I'll have to put at least 15 mil to get him but he may want slightly more than that, any help is appreciated guys
  4. How about an option to change how long a player stays transfer banned in custom game worlds, as me and a few of my friends play in a private game world and quite often there are no transfers whilst people wait for players to be unbanned. Any feedback is appreciated
  5. Re: Best Under 19's to buy (rated 75-79) This thread is great! I've signing as many as possible off this list, thanks guys
  6. Re: Help with two deals please My plan is to buy Park, and when he is in my squad accept the Vucinic deal and hope to god it goes through (the manager buying from me is a mate of mine so i'm not 100% sure that the deal will go through, the SMFA sucks sometimes lol)
  7. Re: Andre Schurrle I've heard good things, I think he's going to hit 90 next rating change but I'm not 100% sure
  8. Hi all... Could I ask your opinion on 2 deals I'm considering doing? First deal: Buying Ji-Sung PARK: £15 Million. Is this worth it? In my eyes PARK is still under-rated on SM as he is a consistent performer for United, but is he a safe 91? or will he drop? Second Deal: Selling Mirko VUCINIC: £13 Million PLUS Ashley YOUNG. I know YOUNG is almost guaranteed to rise (probably only to 91) but VUCINIC has just moved to Juventus so now can potentially rise higher, but this deal is tricky as VUCINIC is a first team player for me, if i did both deals PARK would ply on the wing instead of VUCINIC and YOUNG would be on the bench. Thanks in advance for any help given
  9. the manager wants 15 mil for him, worth it or not? thanks in advance
  10. I have: SILVIO, Azevedo RB/LB 23 88 FORSTER, Fraser Gk 23 85 Should i keep a hold of these 2? as i have managers who are interested in buying them, i can get a decent amount of money for them but i'm not sure if they are risers or not, thanks in advanced
  11. Hi All, I have this kid in my squad, he's just risen to a 87 from an 84, making him worth just under 8 mil to me, i already have an offer for him, he's not a first team player, just a youth player, is he worth holding on to?
  12. I have a rather dire squad problem, it's commonly referred to as a 'One Man Team'. My one man is Dani Alves, he's by far the best player on my squad, he's a 95, then i have lots of players on a 92, and when he is injured i lose, almost without fail, he got injured 4 games ago and i've lost all 4 games, and a friendly (which doesn't matter). I never had this problem last season as i had Milito who was a 95/94 at the time, but as he's plummeting down the ratings i sold him for a good price, i also got Anelka before he dropped to a 92. Now the most obvious solution is to buy better players, unfortunately this league is in it's 10th season, which means getting good players is very very difficult, and i don't have the players to try and swap to get better players without destroying my squad. There isn't really a solution to this problem unless someone will sell, i just wanted to moan about Alves being injured, but if anyone has some tactical genius to help me out i'd appreciate it a great deal
  13. Re: Moutinho, khedira, Modric,...
  14. Re: Moutinho, khedira, Modric,... Moutinho could be moving to chelsea with Falcao so he may be worth looking at if he's cheap
  15. Is this kid worth hanging on to? as i've got a bid in for him and there are other youth players i'd buy with the cash, i brought him for his rise to an 83 and now i'm not sure if i should sell him now
  16. Re: Riccardo MONTOLIVO for Rafael VAN DER VAART Thanks Guys i'll leave the bid in just to see if he would accept it, but if Montolivo is moving to a bigger club i'll hold on to him
  17. i have Riccardo MONTOLIVO, should i swap him for Rafael VAN DER VAART? This is mainly out of curiosity as i doubt i'd be able to get VDV lol
  18. Re: Unable to log in? i still can't get on, and i'm a gold member, but the mate i mentioned who got on IS a gold member, this is really strange lol
  19. Re: Unable to log in? glad to know it's not just me
  20. Re: Unable to log in? yeah i'm in the UK, but one of my mates got in no trouble, weird, luckily i know my score as i signed in n my mates behalf lol
  21. This is strange, i can't log in connecting with Facebook or by logging in normally, i get redirected to the error page, but i can log in on my friends account (who i'm logging in for as he's on holiday). Any ideas?
  22. Re: Game world Sheriff's if used correctly it could be a good idea but could easily abused, has potential though lol
  23. Re: MOUTINHO, João Deal cheers for that, now an unbiased opinion please lol
  24. My mate has offered me £25,500,000 for Moutinho, should i take this deal? because if i did i dont think i'd be able to buy anyone fantastic with the money, and it's unlikely i'd be able to persuade him to do a P/E for him, there are a couple of players at externals and unmanaged teams, e.g. Rolfes or Milner are at unmanaged clubs. I have LOADS of cover for CM so that isn't a problem, plus i've been holding onto him for a long time, i've read posts that he's going to rise but he hasn't so many times it's untrue lol
  25. I've got an offer for Lennon of £15 Million, if i did sell him i'd be able to buy: ROLFES, Simon (if Burnley stay unmanaged) MILNER, James (if Hull stay unmanaged) ALIYEV, Oleksandr PALACIO, Rodrigo MISIMOVIC, Zvjezdan JOAQUIN, Sánchez the only player who is better than Lennon is ROLFES, but is it worth selling Lennon to but him? or are any of the others worth a buy? Thanks in advance
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