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  1. Re: Fletcher or De Jong? Isn't De Jong banned from the international team still? or have they let him play again?
  2. Re: Adding more options for convenience Some really good, sensible, simple ideas, i really like them, it's little things like this that would make the game better, great idea's dude
  3. Re: Help with a few deals ah ok guys, should i sell him or keep him?
  4. Re: Help with a few deals wait what? lol
  5. These are the defenders in my game world available right now, are they worth a buy? LOVREN, Dejan CARRICO, Daniel SILVIO, Azevedo SUCHY, Marek KOMBAROV, Dmitri ASTORI, Davide ALMEIDA, Leandro BENATIA, Mehdi Also anyone i should be looking at? DO NOT GIVE ME THE USUAL DEFENDERS WHO ARE SET FOR BIG RISES! THEY ARE ALREADY TAKEN! I GUARANTEE IT! Thanks in advance
  6. I've recieved these offers: "Manchester United have made an offer to Wigan Athletic for Emmanuel ADEBAYOR of £20,000,000" I brought Ade for 20 million, so i'd be making nothing back "Internazionale have made an offer to Wigan Athletic for Diego MILITO of £15,801,000" Chairman Value "Leeds United have made an offer to Wigan Athletic for Diego MILITO of £25,000,000" 3rd offer Leeds have made after twice being blocked by the SMFA, so this deal is going to get blocked, the Leeds manager is my mates little brother and his first bid was stupidly high "Roma have made an offer to Wigan Athletic for Mirko VUCINIC of £14,042,000" heard he's going to drop, but this is chairman value "Manchester City have made an offer to Wigan Athletic for Ravel MORRISON of £1,000,000" this is actually a managed club, which makes me think he's rising Any help will be greatly appreciated
  7. Re: Strikers - Who To Sell No i'm not... the SMFA blocked the deal and now Milito has dropped to a 93... THANKS SOCCER MANAGER!
  8. Re: Strikers - Who To Sell Buying Anelka was an 'accident' as i don't remember bidding for him and i barely noticed the transfer accepted message, I'm hopefully selling Milito for a lot of cash (45 mil) and hopefully getting Van Percie for 45 million, I will also consider selling Adebayor to buy a defender as i really badly need another defender or two
  9. Having recently got Anelka i now have 5 attackers: Milito, Dzeko, Vucinic, Adebayor and Anelka, so i've decided that i don't need this many, i rarely play more than 2 up front so i'm thinking i should p/e 2 of them out for 1 striker but i'm not sure who to sell, Adebayor and Anelka are still TB so i can't swap them (Adebayor is un-tb on the 24th so only a couple of days) which 2 should i swap and who should i be going in for? thanks in advance
  10. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated
  11. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated
  12. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated lol i copy pasted what was typed out in front of me lol, also he's taken anyway xD
  13. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated
  14. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated can anyone think of anyone else who hasn't already been suggested?
  15. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated all taken... lol
  16. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated both taken lol
  17. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated
  18. Re: MAZOLA, Arruda Is he still worth it? hamo didn't, he has a serious problem where he buys players 'to make money' from a big rise but then holds onto them for AGES! lol (sorry hamo )
  19. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated ABATE, Ignazio RB/RM Aston Villa 24 89 - £10.2M taken again D: lol
  20. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated Taken by Cardiff also thanks for the quick reply
  21. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated The following players are available at externals and are within my budget (18 million with 2 players probably going to be sold soon) CAPOUE, Étienne DM/CB Toulouse 22 89 - £11.8M SLA, Mauricio RM/RB Udinese 22 89 - £11.5M NAGATOMO, Yuto LB/RB Cesena 24 88 - £9.1M CARRICO, Daniel CB Sporting CP 22 88 - £8.4M CHEDJOU,Aurélian CB/DM Lille OSC 25 88 - £7.8M ALMEIDA,Leandro CB Dynamo Kyiv 24 88 - £6.0M FUCHS, Christian LB/LM VFL Bochum 25 88 - £8.7M PIETERS, Erik LB PSV 22 88 - £8.7M ASTORI, Davide CB Cagliari 24 88 - £8.4M GEROMEL, Pedro CB 1. FC Koln 25 88 - £8.2M Currently TB ALEXIS, Ruano CB/LB Sevilla 25 89 29 Jun £10.5M LOVREN, Dejan Def Lyon 21 88 16 May £8.9M JONATHAN,Cícero RB/RM Santos 25 88 16 May £8.4M after this point most are at externals and are available, these are the best players i could find with a quick search
  22. Hi all, i'm looking for some young defenders who are going to rise from 87-89 to 90+ in a short(ish) space of time, most importantly a LB as i don't actually have a LB (i have Westermann and Vidal who can cover it but that's all), also before you list off the usually risers i can almost guarantee they are taken, people like Boateng or Rafael are already taken, so i'd prefer the less obvious ones (if there are any) i don't mind if the player will take a while to get to 90+ as i've said i already have 2 players who can cover LB and enough players to cover CB and RB Also i'm not using the search feature to find any as when i try to search i get a 'this page is unavailable' message thanks in advance
  23. i have Alves and i've been offered Forlan and Toulalan for him, both of these players would make my first team as they are bother better or the same as players i already have, Forlan is better than 2 of my 3 strikers and Toulalan s the same rating as my currect CB's but would still start (if i sold alves ivanovic would be my new RB) any help is appreciated
  24. I have both of these players but i need to sell one of them, which is the bigger talent? i need the money to improve my defence, so who should i sell who should i keep? thanks in advance
  25. Re: DOS SANTOS, Giovani every big young talent is being hoarded by a couple of teams (mainly arsenal with their 150 players) its very tough to get hold of good young players
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