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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Sign him up Bobby!
  2. Re: Official Cricket Thread Lancashire fall once again when it matters, although, we were quite unlucky and to lose in the way we did, in an 'eliminator' makes it worse. Although I have to say, well done to Cross for even getting us into that position with that final ball 6. Razzaq's innings was probably what won it for Leicestershire really, without that Lancs would have got the DL score without doubt. This day is probably the highlight of the county year, and to see it ruined by rain is just so frustrating. Lancashire really could not build any momentum at all, started well, off for rain
  3. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Our CL draw could have been a lot worse, but we have probably got the tightest group of the lot, anybody can win that group, anyone could miss out. Thank goodness we didn't get Group H, because then we really could have been worried. I think we'll win all our home games, but all three of those teams will be very difficult to go to away for anyone, and City have struggled away in Europe recently. I think we will get something from Napoli, but I think we'll lose in at Villareal and Bayern. That would give us 10 points, which should see us qualify, most likel
  4. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Nope, I haven't . But my Dad got his, which baffles me considering we are at the same address. Saw all the stuff you get with it, a nice USB with the shirts on it, a friendship bracelet, a platinum badge, some postcards, and.....some shoelaces! I suppose it's nice of the club to send all those little things, don't really get why though haha.
  5. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Yesterday was awful, biggest kick in the teeth ever. Feel disgusting and will do for a while. As soon as they pulled it back to 2-1 I knew that would happen, but for the winner to come to a goal like that where Kompany makes an error and all Nani has to do is run unopposed through the half and round the keeper, makes it even worse. To be honest, United did deserve to win it, and I'd be lying if I said we weren't fortunate to go in 2-0 up at half time, but it does show a lot about us that we managed to get into that position despite having been second best
  6. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Don't forget Kevin Horlock! Or the quality of Kennedy from down the left! Wanchope was the first ever player I got on the back of a shirt, although he was number 23 at the time. Still got that shirt even though it doesn't fit and always will. As I recall, wasn't part of the reason we'd paid that much for Macken because he had scored against us for Preston a couple of weeks before? Record signing at the time as well! Haha To be fair, he did score two important goals, the winner in the 4-3 comeback at Spurs and one of the goals in the famous 4-1 win at
  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Hi everyone, throught I'd drop in to this thread. Hope it's still just as great as it was when I was here! Not as if much has happened at City recently is it . Seriously though, 3rd place (only missed out on 2nd on goal difference!) and FA Cup in his first full season, what an achievement that was by Mancini. Excellent. What a season! I just hope we don't sign too many players in the summer, we don't need many, maybe only one or two players coming in, Sneijder would be great! If we do sign lots of players then I'd be worried we wouldn't get any better th
  8. Re: Official Manchester City Thread We've got a great set of strikers, one of the best in the world, Tevez, Adebayor, Dzeko, Ballotelli, and Jo. I'm not that keen about Dzeko to be honest. I know he offers something different that Tevez and Ballotelli don't, but I just can't see how he will fit into our formation. We can't drop Tevez, and I doubt Dzeko can play on one of the wings. I don't want us to change the formation because of how successful it has been. However, Mancini is a great manager, and he knows what he is doing, so I will trust his judgement. In other news, I'm dreading facin
  9. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Great stuff today. Great performance from every single player on the pitch. De Jong was great, did a great job for us. I think Vieira also deserves a mention, helped control things nicely in the midfield, and did quite a good job. Kompany and Lescott very good at the back when they had to be. Johnson caused problems for the Villa defence all afternoon with his dribbling skills. As for Silva, the man is simply quality, what a great signing he is. I still don't really like Ballotelli, but I guess we just have to accept the way he is. Mancini will sort him out
  10. Re: Best player in the world None of them, it's Alan .
  11. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Really couldn't see Lescott going back. Wouldn't rule out Keane though. Personally, I hope we keep Lescott, he's versatile (ish), he has a goal threat, and is an excellent cover for either Toure or Kompany, as we saw today when he came on. Joleon has his part to play, thats for sure, even if it isn't starting every week.
  12. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Very pleased with today, thought we played very well from the off. Looked up for the game, and always wanted to attack. We played some lovely football, created some very good chances. It was really good to watch. How on earth it was only 1-0 I will never know. A combination of good saves, bad luck, bad finishing and poor decisions from the officials played their part. Today we got away with it, but other days we might not. I was sitting there with this horrible feeling they'd get it back to 1-1 and we'd all be leaving very frustrated, and with the media ha
  13. Re: Official Manchester City Thread ALAN ALAN ALAN ALAN ALAN ALAN ALAN! ALAN, THERE'S ONLY ONE ALAN! £100 million bid in January . A man truly worthy of my 700th post.
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread On the Berbatov front, while some of you may be getting excited over his 5 goals yesterday, how many had he scored in the 10 games before that? Hmm... A better striker scores 5 goals across 5 games rather than 5 in one game and none in previous ten .
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