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  1. This guy has performed very well since his move to Barcelona and getting a few goals in the process. Also playing very well for Spain. I think we all expect a rise of +1 but what are the chances of a +2? I know SM rarely give a +2 to 90+ rated players but don't you think Alba deserves it for his performances?
  2. Re: RB Defender's Lol. Yeah. Manners cost nothing. Lets give him names of left-backs that will drop.
  3. Re: Need help with this offer ASAP!! Yes. Accept straight away!!!
  4. Ok guys I'd like to know which one has better potential to rise. Valdes has won a lot of trophies with Barcelona and although he's just behind a great set of defenders at club level do you think he should be 94 or does the fact he isn't his country's No. 1 mean he won't rise?? On the other hand Neuer is much younger and the Germany No. 1 however he hasn't won much at club level. Which is most likely to rise???
  5. Re: Ramos & Alonso Thanks for the responses guys, some decent opinions there. Is Busquets really that good? I remember on these forums a few months ago saying that he is Barcas most overrated player...
  6. OK so Spain have won yet another major tournament and in some style; especially in the final. I feel that Ramos & Alonso are quite underrated in terms of what they contribute to the team. They have also both had a great season at club level winning La Liga with Real Madrid. Realistically, what are the chances of them reaching 95? Thanks in advance for your advise.
  7. Re: benzema or Gomez He is producing the goods consistently on the big stage now (Euro 2012). Will this see him get his 94?
  8. Re: Willems Jetro- the next Patrice Evra linked with man utd The kids had an absolute Weston-Super!!!
  9. Re: Promising Youngsters Thanks for the real quick reply. Any other opinions?
  10. Hello guys, below is a list of my players (not in my first team), which do you think have the most potential to rise and which 3 do you think I should sell? Alba Pastore Balotelli De Gea P. Jones Hamsik Kroos Eriksen M. Lucas Song M'Vila Gotze Ramires Thanks in advance.
  11. Re: My Player ratings Queue responses questioning your sanity.... Van Persie 96? Really? His 94 rating is ok for him at the moment. Both he and Rooney are on good scoring runs and Rooney is slightly higher rated because he is at a bigger and more successful club. However, I don't think Ibrahimovic should be 96, although he does a lot for AC Milan I don't think he scores enough goals. His saving grace is that he is at a big club that is doing well in Italy (1 point off top spot). This shouldn't mean that Van Persie's and Rooney's rating should go up by 1 rather Ibrahimovic should maybe have dropped by 1. But a lot of forumers on here compare players and then want their player to rise in rating rather than the other player dropping. Szczesny 92? 1 point lower than Valdes after all that he has won in recent years for Barcelona? Please just take a second to think about what you are suggesting before you type on here.
  12. Since his comeback to the Man City team he has come off the bench and been quite effective. Coming from behind against Chelsea to win and against Stoke to draw. Will SM drop his current 93 rating or can he stay?
  13. Re: rise to 90 ;D Don't want to sound harsh mate but after Gomez stayed at 93 I don't think there are any more 'definates' in SM...
  14. Re: Falcao Will definately hit 92 at next changes in March/April. If he keeps getting the goals maybe 93 in July/August, but not sure about this.
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