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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... just gerrard for turan
  2. Re: Which player to keep?! Keep all those bold ones and keep Juan Iturbe as well, pure talent.
  3. Re: Rating Caps? Thanks mate
  4. Re: Pedro Rodriguez + Alexis Sanchez = Cristino Ronaldo
  5. Re: Favourite CAM Mesut Ozil Brilliant at holding the ball and picking out passes. A joy to watch. And plays well for his NT as well.
  6. Re: samir nasri or luis nani? If you can get some cash or another player with nani then accept it. NANI = NASRI I dont think one is better than the other. Both doing exceptionally well.
  7. Re: Ibrahimovic, Ribery, Mascherano or Nasri? Nasri long term Ibrahimovich short term - will take the CF role in the 4-3-3 wingers formation. Van Persie can also be used on the wings then. If, like you said, you do not plan on playing for that long, then go with ibrahimovich. Not likely to fall and is sure to bang in some goals for you And i also agree that you should sell Stankovic ASAP.
  8. Hey there, i wanted to know what the rating caps for each league are? And each division of the bigger leagues i.e EPL, La Liga etc. Any help at all would be highly appreciated
  9. Re: need help on a deal Definitely sell the bold ones. But for Carvalho and Khedira I would wait till a good replacement is available. I would recommend T.Silva, Ivanovic, Modric, Javier Hernandez for ur team. That should take the level of your team up a notch
  10. Re: my youth team - who to keep Thorgan hazard and harry kane are worth keeping as well, in my opinion.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have plenty of players at both positions. This deal wont leave me the least bit short. So now do i trade LUIZ for CHICA?? St: Messi Rooney Torres Aguero Neymar CB: Pique Hummels Vidic Smalling Jones
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Trade Luiz to get Javier Hernandez? What do u think?
  13. Guys my luiz for the other manager's hernandez, good deal? No problem whatsoever with their positions, plenty of cover at both. THANKS in advance
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