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  1. I'm going to go opposite and say go ahead to give Wirtz for Sule. Only because I think your need for Sule now outweighs the potential for Wirtz. I'll try to at least get a 91/92 rated player if it is for replacement.
  2. Long term is Pulisic BUT at current state, I'll say Richarlison edges it for me. Akanji, Militao (talent's wasted at Real), Lindelof. I'll get rid of Matip. Ok with Kubo but ask for someone else other than Odriozola. Peak ratings: 89, 90. Valverde, Odegaard, Asensio Yup. Badiashile.
  3. Vini. Nah. Don't think Dybala will drop. Giving Dybala for Pellegrini for Sanchez / Aouar is paying too much imo. Value wise, duo. But I'll personally keep De Jong because I really like him. 20-30% chance.
  4. Send 1. over. But just so you know, there is a school of thought in SM that the rating of the goalie is not important for the match engine. So if Kante is a start and Dean is doing okay for you, you may not have to trade them for Oblak. Yes, do the replacements. Nope. Since Griezmann is your star man, I think you should look for a better deal. At least a replacement star at 94 rated and someone else. Deal if Koulibaly is not key starter and Maguire and Maddison are nothing more than backups. Koulibaly may lose his 94 soon. Theo long term, Romagnoli short term.
  5. I understand your pain. Lost a title by 2 points because I drew 2 games in the run up. Rather than worrying about getting better / younger players, it may make sense to try tweaking your formation a little. I find that to be more effective so far. 89 as Kieran said. Does he deserve it? Yes. Will he get it? Unlikely. I mean, consider how long Alaba took to get his 94... No idea actually. I think he is not good enough to be a sole CF so I tend to stick him on the wings. Only in one of my gameworld does he start at CF because he is the only choice for me there.
  6. Well, it's a negotiation so he has the rights to make unrealistic demands. You have your rights to reject his demands?
  7. I think Vardy is ok at where he is now. Giving him 93 may be a bit of a stretch as Leicester aren't in the Champs League. Sell Militao. Not getting a look in at Real Madrid. Zidane would rather play Lucas Vasquez at RB than Militao should tell you enough? Nope. I hope not. I personally think Morata has been over-rated all his life and have no idea how he continuously gets wanted by big clubs. Keep the duo. Wirtz is a big talent as the others have said and Lamptey has been really good for Brighton (though not doing so well). Do you have other options rather than Sandro?
  8. Yes. If you can get Pavard and Ndidi, you get 2x 91 rated in return so the only "loss" is 1 rating. And the 2 players are younger so you gain in the age department as well. Duo. Havertz hasn't settled well at Chelsea and isn't being played in position where he can perform. I'll still pick Theo. Think Theo's ceiling is a bit higher at 93 while Angelino is probably more 92 than 93. Get Goretzka. Not the best. Dortumund is a mess this season and their defending has been atrocious. Not harm keeping him but if you can get more out of the cash he can generate then let h
  9. I would do it if you believe that Davies can raise as quickly as Haaland did. The bonus of Nkunku & Eze should do the trick. see in bold. Think he deserves it. Whether he gets it or not is another question all together. Nah. There could be better options out there imo. Unlikely for both. And no, Konate is going to get a +1 after only play in 6 games so far. Duo for now. Paying a bit too much imo.
  10. Sell both. Hummels has been a sieve at the back for Dortmund so far this season. I think we would expect him to be the leader at the back for Dortmund and he has anything but that. He might drop like how Boateng dropped a couple of seasons ago. Yeah, I'll do it. Don't think so. A little too much in my view. Can you give someone else rather than Kounde? Worth getting except I'll try for a deal that doesn't include Jordan. Maybe someone else lower rated. But if neither Otto or Jordan are starters for you while Kounde is, then go ahead.
  11. I wouldn't say it's nailed on for now. Maybe towards the end of the season. But if you need to buy one then Aurier. Pavard's more polished but Hakimi has more potential. Yes. He deserves it imo. No chance of 92 now. Depends if Everton gets somewhere by end of season and Digne makes it as first choice for France. Neither of which is likely now so no? 92 if Leipzig wins Bundesliga? Hope so. He has been good. Nah. Unless Lazio wins something. He definitely deserves it more than Pogba. But not sure if SM will give it to him. Should be happening.
  12. Do you have better options? In any case, I'll say Semedo. Akanji hasn't been that good for Dortmund (i.e. see Dortmund's completely atrocious defending against Stuttgart over the weekend) either. At the very least, I think Semedo deserves more time at Wolves. He is after all adapting to a new system, coach, club, country, language and if he is good enough to be s starter at Barcelona, I think he can come good eventually. Nope. I'll say Bailey. Ox could keep his rating but other options are coming to the fore (i.e. Curtis Jones) which may make him obsolete soon. I hope s
  13. Grealish. First choice at Villa may be better than rotation player at Liverpool at his stage of career and current rating range.
  14. I wouldn't say Greenwood has a proper career yet. He is still a long way from performing at the level required to be an established player and his conduct isn't helping him much. So much so that Mata is getting the nod over him tells us a lot isn't it? I argue that the make or break for a young player with bags of talent is coaching. Coaching not just to improve his skills (which Greenwood has plenty) but how to be a professional footballer where discipline and professionalism is a huge part of it. Rashford is probably the only one who looked decent as a starter at United but he is not t
  15. Ferran for me. Doubt so. Why? I'll keep and wait till after his recovery. They'll find a way to destroy his career.
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