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  1. ter Stegen should stay at 94 for now. Pogba should stay as well unless Man U gets relegated this season. I would take Isco if he is an upgrade for you. Mendy isn't playing much at RM while Ndombele is going to stay at 91 with Tottenham for now.
  2. It may be challenging for Gomez to get a +1 since it seems like Matip is the current preferred partner with Van Dijk at this point. Rugani + Mandzukic sounds like a good deal for an 89 rated.
  3. Would you consider Odegaard as a flop? Or I have been too hasty to put him down?
  4. RoyLeo

    Playing style

    honestly, there isn't much difference. Formation may also play a bigger role than individual players. if you play one striker, perhaps it is better to put Griezmann as CF and Salah as the RW.
  5. No idea. That has happened to me as well. Do try to make a bid without players OR increase your cash slightly (a couple of millions) and it should be fine?
  6. I will take Kimmich and Pepe. It is easier to find a 94+ attacker than a 93 rated RB/CB/CM like Kimmich. Absolutely no to Cancelo & Pogba.
  7. Hi Guys, Ronaldo & Messi has been the 2 99 rated players for a long time. But age is catching up and they will only continue to play, maintain their ratings for a few more years. So who do you think will be the next 99 rated player in the next 5 years? Thanks.
  8. well Rahul, a little prudence when it comes to cash is very important. Running a football club is like running a business. A little extra cash on hand can never go amiss!
  9. great to have some clarity on the next step for the draft because there are some positions that needs reinforcing (obviously) and deadwood that I want to shift from my squad. Cheers mate. On a side note, i've got no idea how to improve my squad anymore seems all the reasonably priced players are gone.
  10. i must confess that i've stealthily bought Cameron Borthwick-Jackson earlier in the month. Any punishment for that? Just don't tell me to sell the player. =)
  11. not so sure mates. Wouldn't it be better to let the weakest teams draft first? That's how the Americans do it. But you're the boss, you call the shots I guess. I'm confused so I hope for a draft schedule. thanks.
  12. sorry but it doesn't make sense on how are we to appropriate enough money to make a proper team if its at base price. If it's to be a draft then the logical assumption is that all teams will start off without any players and we have 200m to populate the team up till 23 squad members. Wouldn't it be fair to assume that all the players will be without a club at the start and therefore, they would all be free agents? please enlightened me on how the mechanics are. cheers
  13. thanks for the clarity but i have another question. is it right to assume that the players would be bought for 75% of their value? if it isn't then my calculations would all be wrong.
  14. Question: Can we adjust the squad make up during the draft? For example, I do not need 4 FWs (assuming they are CFs) in my squad. So can i take pick 7 to be AMs instead? cheers. P.S. pls drop me PMs in game as i do not always check in on forum.
  15. n nope. SM, or Soccerwiki for that matter, hardly gives an experienced player a raise back even if they perform well. The last i can recall about an experienced player being justly treated is Pirlo getting a raise only after there's a massive outcry. In all honesty, Pique should not have dropped to 94 and neither should have Lahm. But well, its not like anyone cares. Soccerwiki favours young players too much.
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