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  1. Rodri. He is poised to be key to Man City's midfield with Fernandinho dropping to defence or playing less time due to his age.
  2. Chilwell + Cherki. I think Chilwell may get a 91 with Leicester likely to get Champs League. But Davies in the long-run (2-3 years). Bentacur & Barella. Neither if you can. Both may retire soon. Keep Felix. Duo + Cash. Ndidi & Brandt. Wirtz. Yes. Looks very likely.
  3. SM has a tendency to drop players over 30 too quickly, maybe even a bit ageist. In the same vein, Lewandowski may not get his 97 because he is above 30. I'll always remember Godin's case. He got his 95 (if I didn't remember wrongly) and dropped in the next 1, if not 2 reviews even though he was still playing proper for Atletico.
  4. Akanji as he has a decent chance of getting 91. I rate Klostermann highly and he is more flexible to for you tactically. Can you get Akanji & Klostermann? 😁. Otherwise, there is really not much difference between them as their rating ceilings are probably the same. Martial. Should get a raise to 91 so you'll make a profit on your 16m immediately.
  5. Sell Pukki. His form has dipped at the turn of the year and Norwich is going down. I'll get Maupay if I were you. Both stay. Akani + Kounde. Laimer. Sell Hazard asap. Get Sterling and Havertz (personal preference over Gnabry as I think Havertz has a higher ceiling and will likely move this summer to a bigger club.)
  6. Is 88 impossible? I thought to compare Greenwood to Haaland, hence the idea maybe Greenwood deserves an 88? Bruno deserves it. Hope that he gets it. Wan Bissaka & Shaw to get 90s?
  7. Martial >>> Saint-Maximin > Hazard >>> Guedes Kimmich isn't really a CB. He has been playing more at CDM / CM for Bayern so he may re-position to RB / DM / CM. IMO, your CB looks a bit weak and will get weaker. Sancho >>> Pogba >>> Ziyech. Also get Bruno Fernandes. Sell Ndombele as Mourinho can't coach him (or anyone these days). Your LB, CB and AM positions all could do with some strengthening. LB needs to get younger and get a better starter than Miler + Kolarov. CB & AM positions could do with more depth. You could play Pavard as back up to TAA and sell Dani Alves instead. But I guess you need the funds for reinvestment? Sell Vidal for someone younger too. Could go for highly rated youngers at 88+ rating instead. Would suggest the same for your ST position. Haaland is a good option which makes Aspas dispensable. I think Silva has been more consistent at City. With David Silva and Sane leaving, Pepp has proclaimed he will not sign any replacement so playing time for Bernando should be better. While most people rate Sane highly, I feel he is quite injury prone and perceived as not having that something (I'll call it winner's mentality?) which makes his position for German NT more uncertain than it should be. IMO, his ceiling is 93 but hey, I hope I'm wrong. Yes. I actually like Neves better. Personal opinion. Follow at your own peril.
  8. You should consider making your defence younger. Pique and Hummels ain't going to keep their ratings for long. Gomez / Soyuncu / Akanji. Gomez is starting CB only because Matip was injured. But of course, because Liverpool won the league by big margin so they are the greatest and every player should get a rating raise according to the logic these days. #justsaying Havertz >> Fermandez >>> Ziyech >>>>> Odegaard >>> Mount Sell Nubel, Walker, Sandro, Hummels, Sarabia, Alvarez, Aubemeyang. Fernandes >>> Goretzka > Ndombele >>> MS
  9. Rashford > Martial > Zaniolo > Pulisic > Pepe. Stay / +1 / +1 or 2 / Stay / +1 / +1 or 2 Kounde, Kounde. No. This is the second time you're asking? And second time we're telling you to take the deal (assuming you own Militao). But if you are a real fan of Militao then maybe just keep him and not ask again? Duo. Werner may not succeed at Chelsea. And he has some amazing misses at Leipzig which is kind of worrying. Tonali since very long-term.
  10. Oyarzabal should stay where he is now but he needs to get a move to a bigger club and soon. I'll take the cash and players for Militao if I were you and sorted at CB. Don't bother with Meunier and Chiellini.
  11. Definitely get Arthur. Looking at your midfield, you can dangle Kante or Pogba as their only way in down. Yes, I may be harsh on Pogba but he has not played anywhere like a 93 for the past year or so and hence, he deserves a drop. Letting Oyarzaval go for Pulisic makes sense. But do you have better options than Pulisic? He hasn't really stepped up He should retire, apologise to the fans and return all the money that Man U has paid him for the past 1 year. I watched him play against Norwich. Totally out of confidence and the entire team of bottom feeders of the Premier League is better than him now. Raiola can try but nobody would want to take him and his ridiculous wages.
  12. Holgate. Playing very regularly for a strong Everton side which should achieve good things under Ancelotti. Soyuncu for the league that he is playing in. Dias perhaps for the higher potential ceiling although he definitely needs a move to improve his ratings faster. Ndidi (age + regular for Leicester that's playing well) > Klostermann (regular for Leipzig that's doing pretty good in Bundesliga and German international) > Soyuncu (see comments for Ndidi) > Felix (lots of potential, getting better at Atletico Madrid) in my view. If Partey is going to be a starter then grab him too.
  13. Not necessarily given that he may not have played enough in an ultra-competitive Juventus midfield.
  14. To be fair to Van Dijk, he was really good for Liverpool last year and they did win the Champions League. I guess he is the highest rated defender in the game now which arguably makes sense since he is playing like he is the best CB in real life. Is it too fast? I don't think this question can be answered given how SM gives rating changes is murky at best. As to the point about him being better than Ramos and gang, I think the point is pretty moot given that I doubt one or 2 rating point difference really makes that much of an impact in game. Personally, I'll be happy to see defenders get more recognition in terms of SM ratings so no complains from me. Well, SM has recently given (and taken away) rating chances exceedingly fast these days, I'll wager that Van Dijk's rating should stay for another 2-3 years at least if his performances stay at a high level consistently. I'll do it in a heartbeat for Sancho if I were you. Saul's a good option too but Sancho is younger and should have a higher ceiling too.
  15. Well, I do have him in most of my teams given that crazy transfer fee that was paid for him. Hence the question. Given that I do not hog players and cap my first team to 22 players max, I had to give up someone higher rated for him to get a spot in my teams. It may have affected my title challenges so yeah..
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