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  1. well Rahul, a little prudence when it comes to cash is very important. Running a football club is like running a business. A little extra cash on hand can never go amiss!
  2. great to have some clarity on the next step for the draft because there are some positions that needs reinforcing (obviously) and deadwood that I want to shift from my squad. Cheers mate. On a side note, i've got no idea how to improve my squad anymore seems all the reasonably priced players are gone.
  3. i must confess that i've stealthily bought Cameron Borthwick-Jackson earlier in the month. Any punishment for that? Just don't tell me to sell the player. =)
  4. not so sure mates. Wouldn't it be better to let the weakest teams draft first? That's how the Americans do it. But you're the boss, you call the shots I guess. I'm confused so I hope for a draft schedule. thanks.
  5. sorry but it doesn't make sense on how are we to appropriate enough money to make a proper team if its at base price. If it's to be a draft then the logical assumption is that all teams will start off without any players and we have 200m to populate the team up till 23 squad members. Wouldn't it be fair to assume that all the players will be without a club at the start and therefore, they would all be free agents? please enlightened me on how the mechanics are. cheers
  6. thanks for the clarity but i have another question. is it right to assume that the players would be bought for 75% of their value? if it isn't then my calculations would all be wrong.
  7. Question: Can we adjust the squad make up during the draft? For example, I do not need 4 FWs (assuming they are CFs) in my squad. So can i take pick 7 to be AMs instead? cheers. P.S. pls drop me PMs in game as i do not always check in on forum.
  8. n nope. SM, or Soccerwiki for that matter, hardly gives an experienced player a raise back even if they perform well. The last i can recall about an experienced player being justly treated is Pirlo getting a raise only after there's a massive outcry. In all honesty, Pique should not have dropped to 94 and neither should have Lahm. But well, its not like anyone cares. Soccerwiki favours young players too much.
  9. maybe it makes him feel good? He can take his players out now and then to dust them off like the little toys he collects in real life? But frankly, stop player hogging.
  10. Juventus Picks & Squad Updates: 1st Pick (GK): Kevin Trapp (PSG) 2nd Picks (Def): Nathaniel Clyne (Liverpool) and Thimothee Kolodziejczak (Free) 3rd Picks (Mid): Grzegorz Krychowiak (Free) and Ever Banega (Free) 4th Picks (Fwd): Kevin Gameiro (Free) and Yacine Brahimi (FC Porto) 5th Picks (Mid): Antonio Candreva (Lazio) and Jordan Ferri (Free) 6th Picks (Def): Tony Jantschke (Borrusia Mochengladbach) and Davide Astori (Fiorentina) 7th Picks (Fwd): Nikola Kalincic and Josip Ilicic (both Fiorentina) 8th Pick (GK): Alex Rizzotto (AC Milan) 9th Picks (Def): Mamadou Sakho (Liverpool) and Cheikhou Kouyate (West Ham) 10th Picks (Mid): Yunus Malli (Mainz) and Riccardo Saponara (Empoli) 11th Picks (5 Others): Oscar De Marcos (Bilbao), Stefan Bell (Mainz), Daniel Wass (Celta Vigo), Dimitri Kombarov (Free) and Mahmoud Dahoud (Borrusia Mochengladbach) S1 Additional Buy: Cameron Borthwich-Jackson (Man United)
  11. I think SM is trying to address this issue by greatly increasing the wages for the players so that player hoggers will be 'punished' and go into debt very quickly. In fact, i do think its a bit over the top and it punishes other players who do not player hog. I'm not entirely sure how SM would balance this wage outflow and receipt money inflow issue. I'm practically bleeding a few millions for all my clubs on away games. It's quite sad to see that the cash reserves that one has built up painstakingly over the years by making shrewd deals mixed with lots of patience being withered down like that.
  12. Hi, Can we have the old 'clear selection' option back on tactics page? It would come in handy for managers who are looking to try out new formations or simply for those who rotates their squad heavily. Thank you.
  13. Can we have the old 'clear selection' button on tactics page back? It makes things a lot easier for team selection for managers who rotate heavily or want to try out a new formation properly. Thanks.
  14. Re: Varane + money = Boateng?? I just got Boateng for El Shawarrwy plus 5m. I must say its a total rip-off on the other manager. I think Boateng has performed well consistently for a couple of years now so i'll say his 93 is fully justified. And also, he is versatile enough to play anywhere across the back (though i hope he loses his LB to make it more balanced) so i think he would be great buy for anyone. Cheers, Roy
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i like the second deal better than the first. I'll go for the second one if Lamela isn't a starter. I'll say either Mangala and some other lower rated younger OR Mkhitarayan plus some cash for Griezman that's all. to give both is too much IMO
  16. Re: Varane + money = Boateng?? No freaking way mate. Boateng was arguably better than Hummels at the World Cup. Are you sure you've got the right Boateng? In all seriousness, i'll offer Subotic for Varane if it was me. Cheers, Roy
  17. Re: Need some quick responses on this one please....
  18. Re: FC Barcelona: Fabregas go or keep ?? keep Fabregas. I think he is doing well at Chelsea and worth keeping.
  19. Re: Hazard, Di Maria or Reus Second this. Cheers' date=' Roy[/i']
  20. Re: My Iturbe for Nacer Chadli? keep Iturbe.
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