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  1. Re: Mario Gomez Or Karim Benzema so if i said i could get benzema plus cash for gomez how much cash would be a good deal?
  2. Re: Kompany Deal he wants vermalen and gervinho and 6 mill
  3. ive been trying to get kompany for a while now, i offered vermaelen + gervinho for him and the manager message me back sayin he wants vermaelen and gervinho and cash how much cash should i added to this deal lads?
  4. Re: anzhi put 25 mill bid in for vidic fergie must reject
  5. Re: Sneijder Deal thats what i was thinkin myself just wanted to see what others thought
  6. manager in my league wants my thiago silva and nuri sahin for his sneijder i dunno weather to take it silva could get 94 at milan and sahin could get 92, id like to see what others think, weather i should accept or not?
  7. Re: swap schmelzer for mertesacker? cheers for the advice lads im gonna get mertesacker ino werder had a poor season last season but i think they will have a better season this time and mertesacker do good, cheers for the help
  8. Re: Vidic Deal already accept lets hope it goes through
  9. Re: Vidic Deal was thinking the same myself
  10. ive been counter offered my Thiago SILVA and David LUIZ for united vidic should i take this deal lads?
  11. Re: swap schmelzer for mertesacker?
  12. Re: swap schmelzer for mertesacker? my lb is evra lets be honest schmelzer aint getting 91 anytime soon and mertesacker is 92
  13. 92 for a 90 am i being silly asking this
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