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  1. It appears so, they just missed a good 40% of the league because their knowledge of Serie A has always been horrendous.
  2. We've had some bad reviews, rather consistently for 2/3 seasons in fact but the speed of this review... might be the worst ever.
  3. Fantastic deal for Icardi, rumours again of moves to Madrid & Chelsea for example. Despite his exclusion from the Argentina squad due to 'Messiah Messi' ruling over everything, he's a class forward, guaranteeing goals, certainly in a 92-95 bracket for a few years yet. Chiesa is a fantastic addition also, one for covering the loss of Traore but more so upon his potential for a big move and subsequent ratings that will come from exposure to football at greater levels such as the UCL. Big future ahead of him, hopefully as big if not bigger then his fathers.
  4. 2 years later, the chat has had one of its disappearing acts once again, now for a good 48 hours.
  5. Just bumped a topic which was started by an admin/dev over 2 years ago, asking for ideas, suggestions, improvements for customs. Nothing has been implemented since, no posts since. Seems to me that despite the persistent adverts, pop ups for money making schemes, SM could care less what the players within SM Worlds are doing. Don't get me wrong, this hasn't changed for years now, SM Worlds has been put on the back burner for a long time but it would be nice to know if anything will ever be done to improve it again. Fact that we're currently overseeing the latest review of major leagues for at least 3 years if not longer tells a story.
  6. A topic created by an admin/dev over 2 years ago, never a reply since, plenty of ideas & nothing has been implemented within the last 2 years either from my knowledge. Why has SM Worlds been forgotten about & left for dead? Custom Worlds still thrive, are still where especially long term players of SM reside, myself for example starting in 2006, still playing Custom Worlds now. Still we are forced to apply & manage advanced rules & features ourselves as nothing has been implemented to help us do these things, has SM Worlds been left to die?
  7. Lorenzo Insigne; 15/16 Serie A + Europa League + Coppa Italia 42 appearances. 13 goals. 11 assists. 2856 minutes. Lorenzo Insigne; 16/17 Serie A + Champions League + Coppa Italia 49 appearances. 20 goals. 12 assists. 3767 minutes. This is 100% a mistake if SM have decided he shouldn't rise however surely he has just been missed as on statistics alone he is a certain +1/2 candidate. Take into account his improved general value to Napoli on the pitch this season away from the goals & assists, he is essentially a top 3 / key player within a side that has once again challenged for the Serie A title & gained a UCL entry once again. Ciro Immobile; 15/16 Serie A + La Liga + Champions League + Copa Del Rey + Uefa Super Cup 29 appearances. 9 goals. 5 assists. 1673 minutes. Ciro Immobile; 16/17 41 appearances. 26 goals. 7 assists. 3517 minutes. Ciro is back in Serie A & at his best, in my opinion the reason why Lazio finished 5th & the side really should have finished 4th if not for a collapse from the side in the final 3 games. His goals for Lazio have been priceless, there are 5 players that scored more than him in Serie A this season & all bar Belotti are at least 2 ratings higher than he is, Ciro has surely been missed as he is certainly of 91 quality in comparison to his rivals in Serie A but furthermore strikers across Europe who are currently rated 90/91. Of all the generous rises there have been in Serie A over the past week or two, these two players not receiving rises would be ridiculous.
  8. Cancelo to Barcelona is confirmed, he will join in the summer. Valencia flirting with relegation after what has somehow been a further decline in form, performance, shift of staff, additional managerial changes & so on, a club in turmoil to be honest & the pressures of the fans really don't help either, the quantity of coaches the club have been through due to deluded opinions that their club should always been challenging for the title only harms them. Anyway, despite the agreed move to Barcelona, which is a great move for both I believe, he will still only get a +1 at the most which is due to his consistency in the side over the past couple of seasons, various positions covered etc, I believe he's attained some of the most minutes for Valencia this season. He hasn't been getting forward & assisting as much as before though but in general Valencia haven't done anything as good. 3 games for Portugal since they won the European Championships in the summer so he will presumably get +1 only at this time.
  9. He's a CB, goals & assists mean nothing. In La Liga he has around 950, 11 appearances & 10 full games. 3 clean sheets & 9 goals conceded total. Across all competitions I believe it's close to 1900 minutes but the stats that matter for him are more so the average of 1.7 tackles per game, 1.9 interceptions & only 0.4 fouls. 4.1 clearances & 0.8 blocks. When you compare that to Ramos; 1.8 tackles, 2.0 interceptions & 1.1 fouls they're in close competition whilst Ramos clears less due to his being a superior ball playing CB with 3.0 but he has half the blocks of Varane as he averages 0.4 per game. I would still say that Varane is fairly weak in regards to tackling, but he's aerially strong & not afraid to intercept, he reads the game pretty well. As mentioned they're two different types of CB however myself I prefer defenders that defend. Bonucci & Godin over a Pique or Ramos everyday, I don't need defenders that want to score goals, break lines into the midfield & get out of position which leads to my side being vulnerable on the counter attack, other players can do those jobs. Varane is closer to the mould of Bonnuci & Godin than Pique or Ramos but that's the good counter balance for the Madrid pairing & thankfully with Casemiro to cover Ramos they're efficient & that's been a big part of Zidane' record, ensuring that the attacking fullbacks & Ramos venturing forward is covered by playing a midfield with the duties that in the past Madrid have never really valued. Overall though, either way Varane is a +1.
  10. Pogba, not to the fault of his own but to Mourinho, hasn't performed to a standard better than 93 yet consistently however has done so on a couple of occasions. Mourinho signed one of the worlds best #10/AML players, the freedom he had there for Juve made him unplayable at times & it also showed for France in the summer when played in those further forward roles. Only recently has he played a little further forward for United as when he first arrived Mourinho played him in a 6 role in the 4-2-3-1, that isn't his ideal position & limits his forward / attack minded midfield abilities. Ozil has been terrible at times this season & this is his own fault, not Arsene'. He is perhaps lazier than every out of possession, as shown in the Man City game last weekend, when he is not consistently in & around / on the ball he loses his touch, awareness & abilities to break away from opponents. Man City had the ball for the majority & especially in the 2nd half & each time Ozil received the ball he lost it & would the sulk & not attempt to win it back, he's a luxury possession player, one I despise out of possession. He needs to be hot, as in to be playing in a team on the ball where he can stay aware, he hasn't got the temperament to keep an alert frame of mind if the team do not have majority possession. One game, but overall he has been below last seasons standards which for me was his first season showing his true abilities since he has been at Arsenal. A certain stay. Michael Keane, a mainstay & key player for Burnley at the heart of the defence. Consistent, a great temperament & a leader for the backline if not the team as a whole. Also received an England call up didn't he? A certain +3 to 87, I think maybe now 88 is a too big a jump however a May review should see him obtain a +1 to 88 if Burnley stay up, he stays injury free & key to the side plus also getting minutes for England in a friendly perhaps.
  11. Xhaka has been pretty poor for Arsenal so far, he hasn't adapted as quickly as you'd expect a consistent performer within the Bundesliga to have done. His box-to-box ability hasn't really shown at all yet, stay. Clyne, based on other reviews, his playing every game & I believe domestic minute for Liverpool who are going better than expected this season would suggest a 91, a toss of a coin perhaps but he has been good, better than when he attained a 90 & therefore for me should be a 91 as long as Kyle Walker, whom has outperformed him this season is also a 91, both performing very well for their clubs, a great problem for England to have however certainly Walker the #1 choice currently. Monreal is brilliant. A professional, he does things the right way & for the fee paid has been fantastic for Arsenal. Maybe on two occasions / games this season he has been poor & the rest he has been consistent at a high level, I believe he is a 91 standard player currently & that is his peak which is why at 30, SM could overlook him slightly. No chance of Kouyate & Lanzini rising. Both have been underwhelming for WHU whom as a collective have been poor this season. I believe they're both already on quite generous ratings at 89/88 respectively. If their seasons don't improve they will have both performed below the level of their current ratings & are actually therefore more likely to drop than rise however will keep their ratings at least until this time next year I would guess.
  12. Leverkusen have been underperforming, pretty terrible overall other than making the most of Spurs awful performances in Europe to progress & these games against Spurs who were far below their best, were the best of Leverkusens season so far. Kampl hasn't done much other than to be consistent in an underperforming side, to be rewarded for that is crazy, if he's consistently assisting the squad in underachieving if anything he's a problem arguably. He isn't of course & has actually been good again since moving there but to get a +1 & to now for example be rated the same as the likes of Salah & Dybala is madness. Someone asked about Timo Werner, he's been a star in the making since being handed first team football at Stuttgart whom didn't suit him & he quickly outgrew them & then stagnated, the move was questionable at first but is has certainly paid off! He has been immense this season, always involved, consistent & that is a consistent at a high level. Rahul in a previous post said an 87 & possible 88 which I completely disagree with, I believe he is a 88 & possible 89. Brandt at Leverkusen was given a +2 to 89. Timo Werner; Julian Brandt; Stats alone tell little of the complete story however they still tell a good story. Brandt has played for the national side & Werner is still waiting, won't be for long but hasn't yet featured for the first team. Brandt has has UCL exposure whereas Werner as of yet hasn't, of course his performances for Leipzig this season & the clubs as a whole means there are very good chances that they will get European football at the least. Werner has played more minutes than Brandt over the last 2 seasons domestically, the current season they are practically level at this stage, the difference is that Leverkusen are underperforming & Leipzig are exceeding all expectations & then some & Werner is key to it. Both are 20, 21 in March/May so near on the same player however Werner has been given a more forward role for Leipzig which is arguably the reason for his greater involvement in creating & scoring this season but it's that understanding of his abilities which Ralph Hasenhüttl has exploited. Overall based on UCL/European football exposure & national team call ups I would have thought Werner would get an 88 however I don't believe there is any reason why these 2 should not be rated the same. Werner is relied upon more & can be relied upon, he does what is asked of him, Brandt hasn't yet fit that bill. Leverkusen underperforming, Leipzig going above & beyond. Either way, if you plan long term, I'm backing Werner to go further than Brandt but whether either can outperform Sane for Germany is up for debate but those 3, presumably Brandt AMR, Sane AML & Werner off of the striker as a #10/SS is not a bad looking 3 & they're all only 20!
  13. Kevin Kampl is now rated the same as Salah. Sums up what is a terrible Serie A review & not for the first time, some of the changes in Ligue 1 almost suggest SM rate the French league as a more competitive league than Serie A now. Cross domestic league comparisons of players & their ratings are hilarious.
  14. I feel that based on other changes so far he will get the 92. Madrid's record & rotation of the squad yet his having obtained one of the highest minutes totals in the squad will both ensure he gets a +1. I wouldn't say he's been anything better than how he performed when attaining the 91 but consistency at big clubs is often rewarded by SM.
  15. He isn't a 93 currently. Lallana has been Liverpools most standout AM from the likes of; Coutinho, Mane & Firmino this term so far & he'll get a +1. I do think Mane & Coutinho will also get +1s whilst Firmino probably will also, all would be fair increases. This season in terms of contributions to goals & assists looks to be Countinho' best in a Liverpool shirt & the collective players mentioned are all likely to do the same, should they improve at the back & Liverpool challenge for the top spot through until the end of the season with Countinho & co doing as they have done so far this season through until the end there's every chance for another +1 in May/June, similar to the way they have been done in the past for a lot of players.
  16. For a second consecutive season, at this point anyway, Spurs have one of the top (2nd) best defensive records in the EPL. Jan Vertogthen has been the mainstay at the heart of the defence however this is down to injury more than anything else this season. Jan is certainly not to the standard as an individual defender, especially in 1v1 situations to which his #1 partner Alderweireld is at Spurs however all stats, performances on the whole & minutes obtained perhaps mean he should get a 92 which when compared to CBs around Europe certainly isn't a stretch but it might be a tough one in that he shouldn't really be seen to be on par with Alderweireld which at 92 he probably will be.
  17. It's long past the time for Gotze to drop 1 for me. Whilst being a player of 93 quality he hasn't performed that way for 18+ months now. Less than 1000 minutes last term, on course for around 1500 domestically this season but isn't performing to a high standard, not the game changer he once looked like he could be. His age, return to Dortmund & such may give him the benefit of the doubt this time around & then be properly reviewed in May/June time I would guess but he's not been anymore than a 89/90 player in terms of performances for quite some time I don't believe. Pulisic has been a more influential & better performer than Gotze this term at 18 & has only just about played less minutes domestically in a Dortmund side which of course has been heavily rotated so far this term, which for me is why they're underperforming but that's another story. I believe that whilst at a better standard & a different player of course, Kessie going from 80-86 is a good benchmark to presume a +5 based on fewer minutes, less of an individual standout player but of course at a better club so my guess would be +5/6. Leverkusen are struggling this term, like a lot of the usual suspects in Germany that are on paper your top 4 predictions. Hernandez has been a little inconsistent for me & certainly doesn't have the form & confidence he did last season where he was fantastic. It's his 15/16 performance that ensures he will stay at 91 despite the poor season so far for me this term. Leverkusen must improve & I believe will do over the remaining games this season & I think progression to the next round of UCL games is a positive thing as they would have gone further & therefore had more games if they were in the Europa League instead. Presumed elimination at the hands of Atletico, which of course is no sure thing with the form they're in will be a positive for them & should help with fitness & rotation through to season end.
  18. Felipe Anderson has played 90% of his games as a RW & the rest as a SS & he somehow gets a RB positioning, he doesn't even get back out of possession to defend as a RWB let alone RB, absolutely absurd. I believe he has been given this RB/RWB versatility because Lazio have adapted at times a 3-5-2 but should there have been games watched it's evident he is not a RB & even a RWB is a huge overstep. As mentioned, he's a higher rated RB than Elseid Hysaj, genuinely is there some kind of racist anti-Albanian establishment or something because this is actually quite the insult. Pjanic +1 was perhaps a little sooner than it should have been however he is 93 quality, what however is slightly not right is that now Marchisio is rated the same as him & I believe is a far more superior & important player, even within the Juve side you can see the important of Marchisio over Pjanic. Even Alex Sandro went to 91. On the basis of this season he has been that good however he played 1500 minutes the whole of last season & wasn't an overly dominant LB in terms of defending or attacking phases. Hysaj competed over double the minutes & certainly defensively was twice the player Sandro was however less efficient going forward which is more so down to Napoli playing a back 4 to Juve playing a 3-5-2. Dybala had a 93 season last time out & has been hit by injury this term however has still shown in the minutes that he did play that he is better than a 91 rated player for sure, he's now on par with Icardi who has a considerable amount less to his game overall than Paulo does.
  19. 450 domestic minutes, less influential, less of a key player, certain -1, he is still 95 after all.
  20. As long as Kompany falls to 92 I think it would be fair for Koscielny to stay at 92 however he could perhaps get a 93 & it wouldn't be unjustified, he alongside Alderwiereld are standout CBs in the EPL & at 92 they would both be a little underrated compared to some CBs around Europe so a good debate for them to both rise, Alderweireld is a likely +1 of course only at this time.
  21. Has Payet stayed consistent or improved since getting a 91 to suggest he should move up to 92? Leaky Liverpool defence the reason why they're not right in the title race as much as they should be. Matip is certainly a standout in the central area & making the move up from his previous club, Schalke, whilst also playing a good majority of games since the move, 90 is a stretch but a fair one. Since getting a 92 in 2013 Cazorla went on to have another season where he was a key player & played basically every minute of the domestic campaign for Arsenal. Since then however he played half the season last year & this year is on course to do so again. That is a drop from 2500+ minute seasons as a first team player to a rotation player getting 1000-1500 minutes domestically a season. It would be unfair for him to remain a 92, he must drop 1 due to 18 months in this role. Kante' stats speak for themselves, he is on course to obtain one of the best win ratios in EPL history & even now has already obtained one which I believe is well inside the top 20 for individual players. A mainstay for Chelsea, in fact I believe he has played at least every domestic minute possible this season so far, more national minutes as a first team player for France & a likely 3 straight season player in terms of attaining the most outfield minutes for his clubs; Caen, Leicester, Chelsea. A potential 92, reasoning not to get a +2 just yet is perhaps his less than 6 months for Chelsea, statistically however he's a sure thing 92.
  22. Would agree with this completely however I just doubt it because SM, simply. We will know better once we have seen if Aubamayang goes to 94 or not I feel, if he gets it then there is a good chance for Griezmann to go to based upon the obvious stats & above quoted honours, of course though the mixed form from Atleti could well see Griezmann remain even still. Godin should have been a 95 quite some time ago also as mentioned before. A better defender than Pique & Ramos but due to being at Atleti he seems to have been kept lower than them for some reason, as actual defenders alone & based upon the criteria of the role Godin & Bonnuci stand out in that sense but of course Ramos & Pique are different types of defenders.
  23. Any updates as to any improvements to custom game worlds & perhaps some of the suggested improvements being introduced at all? Other than the quick introduction of the 'About this Game World' information tab there seems to have been nothing new in what is near 6 months now.
  24. Indeed Linetty seems to be but I hope they might still cover him late, like Koziello was for Nice. Linetty since getting an 85 has moved to Serie A with Sampdoria, become a mainstay in the midfield, a key player in fact alongside Torreira whom got a small rise. Linetty himself has also played more for the national side since the previous 85 rating he obtained at Lech Poznan. Torreira to 86 & Linetty to 87 was my expectations based upon Sampdoria being a middle of the row side in Serie A this season, instead they are almost both overlooked. Kessie has been performing better than an 86 however this was a +6 & on what has really been a breakthrough season, I felt that Kessie was right at this time. Conti & Caldara right now seem to have been missed however from Atalanta. I genuinely feel that Serie A is overlooked, neglected & certainly not covered properly by anyone with true knowledge of the league, whether that is via the Wiki or from SM representatives themselves.
  25. Badelj to 90 was pretty hilarious but on the back of what from the Ligue 1 reviews seemed to be generous upgrades I thought it wouldn't be all to bad until this morning when as mentioned Bernardeschi still hasn't changed but more so Elseid Hysaj still only got a +1 to 89 which he should have got last time around anyway. Over 13,500 minutes for Hysaj in the past 5 Serie A seasons where he has consistently been one of the best RBs in the division. A great Euros where fullbacks across the tournament tended to stand out anyway. In the last 5 seasons in France, Ligue 1, Djibril Sidibie has recorded 8500 minutes. So that's 5000 less minutes than Hysaj in what is in all honesty a less competitive league to Serie A, he has had one season at Monaco, the other 4 at Lille, Hysaj is now in a 2nd season at Napoli who last year finished 2nd & this year will again finish in the top 3 alike to Monaco. Elseid has 26 caps for Albania, yes a less competitive nation than France but that is not his problem & since he has played for Albania they have collectively gone to reach new heights as a national team. Sidibe capped 6 times for France now, didn't even go to the Euros in the summer. Overall what does this add up to? Apparently Sidibe is a +3 & 90 rated player but Hysaj gets a consecutive harsh +1 & is now an 89 rated player. The consistency in rating changes is quite the source of laughs sometimes.
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