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    DP 91 reacted to Perry81 in English Championship 1   
    Re: English Championship 1
    Division Two - Season Preview
    We're in for a real treat this year in what must be one of the most competitive divisions on SM.
    Here we will look at each team and predict what lays ahead for them.
    Bristol City
    Average Rating - 88
    Squad Size - 14
    Star Player(s) - Van Der Saar (94)
    Strengths - Goalkeeper and goalscorer
    Weaknesses - No right sided midfielder and squad depth
    Prediction - 15th
    Other - With only 14 players they will struggle as the season goes on. A cup run would cripple the players. However a strong first eleven
    Carlisle United
    Average Rating - 83
    Squad Size - 22
    Star Player(s) - Dunne (90)
    Strengths - A decent spine to the team
    Weaknesses - Age of better players will mean they won't like teams pressing them. Lack depth too.
    Prediction - 17th
    Other - With Danny Williams at the helm you know the team will be organised. However financial constraints for a club of this size must make survival the aim.
    Charlton Athletic
    Average Rating - 82
    Squad Size - 24
    Star Player(s) - Pizarro (92) and Gilberto (92)
    Strengths - World class midfield. Goals shouldn't be a problem.
    Weaknesses - Goalkeeper and slight gaps in defence.
    Prediction - 2nd
    Other - A great midfield make them a match for any team. Kiely in goal could be their down fall though if they want a top 3 finish.
    Coventry City
    Average Rating - 86
    Squad Size - 18
    Star Player(s) - Palop (91)
    Strengths - Good young players.
    Weaknesses - Lack depth and strength in midfield.
    Prediction - 14th
    Other - With such a small squad might struggle when the cup games come round. They do have a decent balance and should steer clear of the bottom three.
    Crystal Palace
    Average Rating - 86
    Squad Size - 20
    Star Player(s) - Canizeres (91) and Tuncay (91)
    Strengths - Good upfront and have a good balance.
    Weaknesses - Weaker CB's
    Prediction - 8th
    Other - Not a bad squad of players and if the star players stay fit they could be a surprise package.
    Average Rating - 83
    Squad Size - 18
    Star Player(s) - Helguara (90)
    Strengths - Stronger up front
    Weaknesses - Weak midfield and gaps at the back.
    Prediction - 20th
    Other - Small club and no money. Will struggle this year with the strength and size of the squad.
    Ipswich Town
    Average Rating - 82
    Squad Size - 23
    Star Player(s) - Barbarez (90)
    Strengths - Balanced with a goalscorer
    Weaknesses - No full backs
    Prediction - 16th
    Other - Shouldn't go down, but may struggle at times.
    Norwich City
    Average Rating - 87
    Squad Size - 24
    Star Player(s) - De Sanctis (91), Hleb (91) and Zigic (91)
    Strengths - Perfect balance, good depth and some real star players.
    Weaknesses - Weaker at the back... but not by a lot!
    Prediction - 4th
    Other - A high finish should be on the cards here. Good loan signing could make promotion a real possibility.
    Nottingham forest
    Average Rating - 84
    Squad Size - 18
    Star Player(s) - (Pizarro 90)
    Strengths - Goalscorer
    Weaknesses - Lack of depth
    Prediction - 9th
    Other - Not strong enough to launch an attack at the top, but will certainly throw up a few surprises early on. Expect them to start quickly.
    Average Rating - 88
    Squad Size - 16 (10 in youth)
    Star Player(s) - Figo (93)
    Strengths - Figo and midfield
    Weaknesses - Rely on Di Vaio up front and lack depth through out
    Prediction - 7th
    Other - In Figo they have a star, but I don't think they are quite strong enough for promotion
    Queens Park Rangers
    Average Rating - 85
    Squad Size - 33
    Star Player(s) - Jansen (91)
    Strengths - Midfield and plenty of depth
    Weaknesses - Lack an attacking star man
    Prediction - 10th
    Other - Should surprise a few people. Won't set the league alight, but expect them to grind out results. Could finish strongly.
    Rushden and Diamonds
    Average Rating - 84
    Squad Size - 19
    Star Player(s) - Perez (89) and Castillo (89)
    Strengths - Midfield can compete
    Weaknesses - Up front
    Prediction - 18th
    Other - For such a small club they've done amazing. However it looks like they are going to struggle to score goals and just don't have the quality this year round. Staying up would be huge achievement.
    Sheffield United
    Average Rating - 89
    Squad Size - 19
    Star Player(s) - Vagna Love (92), Pardo (92), Hildebrand (92) and Materazzi (92)
    Strengths - Star quality all over the pitch
    Weaknesses - Lack of left sided players
    Prediction - 1st
    Other - A great season awaits Herby's United side. The wealth of star players should see them up and up as champions. Expect them to get better as the season goes on.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Average Rating - 89
    Squad Size - 17
    Star Player(s) - Saviola (92)
    Strengths - Number of world class players
    Weaknesses - Depth
    Prediction - 5th
    Other - If they stay fit they could have a chance.
    Southend United
    Average Rating - 86
    Squad Size - 23
    Star Player(s) - Scholes (94)
    Strengths - The manager!
    Weaknesses - That would be saying!
    Prediction - 3rd
    Other - A complete over hall to the squad makes them a stronger unit that finished 4th last time round. Should challenge at the top end if injuries stay low.
    Stoke City
    Average Rating - 87
    Squad Size - 24
    Star Player(s) - Howard (90) and Zokora (90)
    Strengths - The squad as a whole
    Weaknesses - Lack enough star players to scare teams
    Prediction - 6th
    Other - One of the best squads in the division. If they start quickly they could feature high.
    Average Rating - 86
    Squad Size - 24
    Star Player(s) - Cruz (91)
    Strengths - Goalscorer and good squad depth
    Weaknesses - CB's and lack of star midfielder
    Prediction - 11th
    Other - Good squad, but lack the star quality to get promoted at the moment
    Swindon Town
    Average Rating - 84
    Squad Size - 21
    Star Player(s) - Palacio (91)
    Strengths - Up front
    Weaknesses - Lack of wide players throughout
    Prediction - 19th
    Other - Could struggle if they don't start quickly. Not enough real quality in vital areas
    Wigan Athletic
    Average Rating - 85
    Squad Size - 22
    Star Player(s) - Sergio (90) and Muntis (90)
    Strengths - Sergio and Muntis
    Weaknesses - No wide right players
    Prediction - 12th
    Other - Much will focus around star players. Not enough quality else where to challenge.
    Average Rating - 84
    Squad Size - 23
    Star Player(s) - Moretti (91)
    Strengths - Defensively sound
    Weaknesses - Lack width and squad depth
    Prediction - 13th
    Other - Surprised many with a high finish last year. Could be a tougher season this time round. Goals could be hard to come by.
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    DP 91 reacted to leigh1 in English Championship 1   
    Re: English Championship 1

    Canaries on the Title March!
    Norwich manager Leigh Auston seems to have annouced his intentions for the coming season! He has stated in the press conference that his 1 ambition this season is to get into division 1 and lix it with SM's best! Norwich's team is taking shape and starting to look very handy in a very tight division 2. They could only manage 9th last season after Auston took charge late in the season but there were only 3 pts behind the 5th place side and with the potential introduction of playoffs (??) they intend to be real contenders for next season.
    Auston is happy to announce the mega signing of Aleksandr Hleb from Sporting Braga for £17.5 million and fully expects the Belarus international to lead the Norwich team after his return to England! Hleb chose to join a resurgent Norwich ahead of joining Fulham in division 1. With Hleb all set to get an increase to 93 Auston sees him as the club's new Talisman and hopes for him to be the driving force behind the clubs push for promotion.
    When questioned why he chose Norwich, Hleb had the following comments:- "I wanted to join a club with ambition and lots of potential. There new manager has proved his class in the past within other SM setups and has great plans for the club. I was very pleased with his attitude and how much he wanted me to join his club! He seemed to have more drive than the Fulham manager who seemed more cocky to me! () I also see Norwich as a team with huge potential who can get promoted this season and perhaps push the big boys next year whereas Fulham don't excite me." These are perhaps controversial views by Hleb but the fans have taken to him like a duck to water!
    Hleb in action whilst at the mighty Arsenal during his last spell in England!
    Auston is also happy to announce a partnership that has been struck between Norwich and Chelsea. Norwich will be a feeder club for the London Giants and at this time they have taken Argentinian centre back Martin Demichelis and also German midfield powerhouse Fabian Ernst on loan. These 2 re-join the club after being involved at the back end of last season also. Auston is pleased to take the Chelsea duo on loan and offers his thanks and gratitude to Dan Payne for helping Norwich to reach their potential!

    Demichelis and Ernst arrive from Chelsea to improve the Norwich squad!
    Auston was also heard to mention that he was willing to listen to offers for his star striker Nicola Zigic after the Serbian striker was not too happy about the club missing out on promotion. Auston would not comment too much but is thought to want some cash plus a decent replacement (89+) for the giant striker!

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    DP 91 got a reaction from leigh1 in English Championship 1   
    Re: English Championship 1

    Chelsea get they're Man!!!
    This morning Chelsea unveiled new boss Dan Payne to suceed who ever it was that had them before!
    I woke up early this morning to check any teams that were free that I wanted to grab and after a good 5 mins of searching I decided to search for any Chelsea's. I had got a few recently so was reluctant to look but wow Im glad I did! There they were Chelsea EC1, I took control as soon as I could. I thought that Id probably picked up a Chelsea in a custom setup called EC1 so I went and checked and nope the real thing
    Currently doing poor in the league and I will look to build on the finish for next season. I have made player's available for loan whom wont be in the squad most games but I cant promise any wont be recalled. I will be loaning the player's to the worser off teams, preferably anyone not in the Premiership lol.
    I have set my sights on getting Fabregas and have also been offered an oppertunity to sign Escude. I will PM any manager that bids for a player and tell them what I want and when Im looking to sell which is likely to be the end of the season.
    This wednesday Chelsea travel to Southampton to face Ryan Delf's side who are on the same points as Chelsea but are seperated by the 5 goals that Southampton have over Chelsea on goal difference. It should be a tough game and will inevitably decide the prize money at the end of the season as both clubs can reach a top place of 4th and a worst of 15th depending on alot of results going they're way.

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    DP 91 got a reaction from milessurrey in The Forum Rumour Thread   
    Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread!
    United need a striker. IMO they only have Saha. Rooney and Tevez are both AM/F and play a supporting role rather then being a main striker. Like when England play, Rooney plays behind Owen alot and Tevez behind Crespo or Saviola etc. United need a striker for more goals and force.
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    DP 91 reacted to juve_fan in Gold Championship 1 News   
    Re: Gold Championship 1 News

    Excitement at London Road as two new players are unveiled!

    Peterborough United have tonight confirmed that two players have arrived at the club. These players, both Italian, have joined from Spartak Moscow on a season long loan. The players are Daniele Dessena, and Arturo Lupoli, and will jump straight into the first team for tomorrow nights match away to Rotherham.

    ^^ Lupoli will play in the lowest division in England

    ^^ As will Dessena, many are tipping Dessena to be club captain though!

    These two players will join Chris Westwood, Lee Nguyen, Aaron Mclean, George Boyd, Shwan Jalal, Josh Low (who joined for a club recored of 2.7m), Dean Keates, Gavin Strachan, Charlie Lee, Rene Howe, Adam Smith and Claude Gnakpa at Peterborough United as they push for promotion. Also Gabriel Paletta joined on loan from Liverpool.
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    DP 91 reacted to PRO_EVO in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    no not at all danny not trying to fall out and of course i will defend arsenal purley because i'm a die hard arsenal fan
    But what u have to understand is alot of what we read in the papers, is absolute bull, and is purley printed to get us to buy and read their papers. Loads of people are saying its all doom and gloom at arsenal and i did too at first. However i kno exactly what is happening behind the scenes at arsenal due to the fact that my boss at work is firends with arsenal youth teams coach who happens to be friends with mr wenger. Whether u belive me or not is your choice. However, look at what every1 was saying bout fabregas, they have been saying that he is off to madrid but i knew days ago that he wasnt, and look what happened today he came out and openly admitted he was staying at arsenal check skysports
    Now i agree totty have sum qualtiy in their side but it's just not enuf to over come arsenal and i am not just saying that. look at our new striker, i was like who the bloody **** is that when i found out, but his record is second to none, 34 goals in 32 games, i dont kno anyother player like that bar Henry. Wenger is very good at pulling hidden unkown gems outta the hat he's done it before and he will do it again. i.e Henry, Van Persie, Fabregas Da Silva etc
    On the surface Arsenal are screwed. I kno wenger hasnt commited to a new contract, but what you dont kno is that wenger has asked the bored to allow david dein back in and that the bored is now more likley to bow to a takeover bid by stan kroneke, purley because Hill-Wood has stated that he looks forward to working with him in the future. So here we have a perfect match for money for transfers. Also we have all forgotten about highbury where we spent many happy success field years. What is happening to it now. Well it is now becoming homes/flats for the rich and at present has currerntly sold 80% of avaliable living space pulling in £180 million. Again more money for Transfers. So here we have the situtation of transfer money solved. How wenger chooses to use it is his choice but again i can see many great players being brought either already stars or gems .
    Now lets look at the gems who Wenger has already bought. Now, I'm not saying that Arsenal can or will win the Premiership next season, but Arsenal are far from a spent force. We will miss Henry but look at Man U, they sold ruud who went and scored loads of goals for them and what did they do, win the league. So yes we will miss henry but, Wenger has got us some wonderful talent.
    Van Persie. Without a doubt he is one of the most exciting young players in world football. It's been said by several of his team mates that he is the most skilful player at Arsenal. He has shown in the season just past that he has a lethal finish on him as well as aerial power, and a lethal left foot. He can score 25 goals in a season.
    Adebayor. This young man has been compared to Kanu by many and yes i kno loads of people will be saying he's crap and cant finish etc but give him a chance let him mature and wait and see. He never stops working for the team, great power, pace, prepared to run a people, he's a complete pest for defenders and shows a great touch for a big man. He'll score more and more as he matures.
    Fabregas. He's the daddy at Arsenal now. The sale of Henry seems to condem Arsenal to another season of transition, and it'll be the final step towards building the next generation around this young man. He has everything other than goals atm. With a bit more luck he will get many more goals next season and he's not one to shy away from a challenge. He'll step up and take a lot of responsibility next season. Future skipper? you bet
    Theo Walcott. The similarities between Thierry and this boy are unbelievable. With a bit more work we will see a fantastic striker. He suffered from a shoulder injury most of last season and Wenger himself said that after the injury we only saw 50% of what walcott can do. And the big thing is, He's ENGLISH
    Denilson. '50% Rosicky, 50% Gilberto,' the words of Arsene Wenger. He showed last season that he has the skill in his locker, a bite in the tackle and an eye for a pass. He has already ran Spurs' midfield ragged, and contributed greatly in his 2 appearances against Chelsea this season. He'll be a force in midfield for years to come
    Diaby. This boy needs no introduction. He has already bossed Chelsea's superstars, tore Zokora a new hole, and showed a versatility that the last midfielder Arsenal had in this mould (Vieira) didn't. He's played on both wings, in a holding midfield role, an attacking midfield role and as a second striker He'll be a monster
    I could go on with players like Bendtder, Djourou, Clichy, Hoyte and Traore but I think you all know what these players are about.
    but look at this. Arsenal's current players play better individually when Henry is not on the pitch. When Henry is playing there is immense pressure on players to do things his way. Pass the ball when he wants it, run where he wants and play to his strengths.
    When he isn't playing players like Cesc Fabregas, Van Persie and Adebayor play with a freedom they don't otherwise have.
    So the futures bright the futures arsenal.
    and to Dan Payne no offence meant with end off, but clayte's ****** me off, and when am i wrong lol OJ
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    DP 91 got a reaction from bryan in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    lol Danny, Well I might as well be that Spurs fan. I do firmly belive there should be a rule where at least a certain amount of players from the Nation that the club is in Ie (Arsenal - England, Milan - Italy, etc)
    Spurs and not just Spurs because I support them but they really are the best example that you dont need to buy all these foreign players to do well and it truely is very diasppointing to see Arsenal doing well in England with no 1st 11 starters that are English.
    You have what 6 players that are english that you named Pro_Evo. Including the Spurs youth team we probably have around 30. A team like Reading who did very well for their 1st season last year probably have more.
    As Clayts said it really is disgraceful and I know for a fact your be thinking...Spurs fan. But then maybe we need another view on this because I know that other's think the same. There is no point in it and it takes the whole point out of the "English" Premier League, true they play in england, they were founded in england, but why no english players in the 1st 11!
    Ive always disliked Arsenal and this is one of the main reasons. Being a Spurs fan has nothing to do with this perticular subject. Its just the whole foreign player thing.
    I know that none of you can make a difference and your Arsenal fans through and through and it would be wrong to stop supporting them for someone else but Arsenal do have a forum and I know that Arsene Wenger writes a personal letter to all members that are registered for the service monthly, why not write back start a thread on a forum.
    Your be thinking.....Ok I start a thread about this and get flamed and never welcomed there again but Il tell you now, there are many Arsenal fan's who agree with the english player thing and do really want Arsenal to have top quality english player's in their team.
    Im sure Arsenal will sign 1 or 2 1st 11 players in the next few years or someone like Walcott will actually prove to be worth then a Million lol. You had Campbell and Cole in the past, just more of them needed.
    On the whole Wenger and youngsters point to, Wenger brought Walcott after a good half season really for around 11m. People tell me that Bent for 16.5m was way over the top even though he is an established goalscorer and did so for a small club like Charlton who dont have the play makers that Spurs posses. I think its Wenger's fault Arsenal have become a none English 1st 11 side and true he brought a good looking talent if you can rate somebody over half a season but he didnt give Walcott time to prove himself and this is why Walcott sit's in the reserve squad and never starts. True he is what 17 but thats the point, how can you prove your that good at 17, be brought for 11m, left in the reserves to rot and then have someone like me say he will never make it.
    Its Wenger's fault and he is harming England's future. Walcott could have had a few season's with Saint established himself and then moved with confidence and been used in a first team to build and get better but we will now have to wait longer and probably see a player that had talent go to waste.
    Now moving on to Bale, brought by Spurs for also near the 11m mark. Spurs will start or rotate Bale in and out of the squad, Martin Jol has brought him knowing he had a good season at Saints and looks ready to start now and build. The Walcott problem was that he had half a season and because of that Wenger wasnt ready to have him in the first team.
    Now im probably going to have reply's defending Arsenal, and good you should defend your club or course you should but I think some people can be over defensive and not think about the other side of the story.
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    DP 91 got a reaction from Danny_Williams in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    Sadly I think he will prove to be a great signing for Arsenal. But hopefully he wont be able to help you get to 4th!
    Nice pics Danny, I think he is very positive about his move and im sure that fans will change their minds about his move. So far there hasnt been to many positive notes read out on Sky sports news about his transfer.
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