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  1. Is there a way to do this? it is of course regarding a SMFA deal reversal which has left me pretty cheesed off (having spent two years trying to get a good club in GGW finally got one and just had my transfers reversed right in the middle of the season. For absolutly no reason at all.) I support the SMFA it does what it does but when there is no issue with either account to either persons knowledge and neither have ever had any dealings prior just seems very very unfair that this would happen when we have both been gold members for two years and we all know what its like when your building a team up you get into it then it gets pulled away and i feel pretty naffed off with it to tell you the truth. Legitimate deals that get reversed really i cannot see why that occurs. If the SMFA read our pm's you would see the deal as a whole clearly. I know im ranting a little but would like an explanation, i think the whole notion of 'thats the way it is and deal with it' attitude towards the SMFA is really dissrespectfull and toward players who have always gone into the game with a positive attitude and played the game the right way without any cheating to get burned by something like this on a game world that i am really enjoying is frustrating to say the least. As you ALL know there are players that people want, you can't just say 'oh just leave that manager and dont deal with them' as they have the key players you wish to recruit and are willing to pay for them. This has really soured my experience on this game, and is very dissapointing having recruited maybe 30-40 people into the game over two years. Not very happy SM.
  2. Re: Custom Game World: New Advanced Rule Any thoughts on the optional removal of chairman max bids mate? as an option for custom worlds. The idea behind it being that experienced managers who have a good idea of player values can make more realistic bids. For example Ashley Young is a great prospect and would be worthy of a very decent bid however the chairman max bid is around 14 mil... I mean couple that with the fact someone like Adam Johnson is 11mil its 100% impossible to even make a worthy bid. Im not suggesting this to roll out over all GW just as an option on custom worlds. CGW run well would massively benefit from this and allow potential to come into play.
  3. Re: Smfa Manager Name: Dave Robinson Player Name: Andres Iniesta Game World Name: English Championship 3791 Game World ID: 27849 Any other info: As fas as im aware i am not in any other GW with the other manager and have not done any deals with him previously. Im not sure how long he has been at the club but it has been a mimimum of a few months, although it could be 2 years or more as the league is in season 6. I made many different bids all of which were blocked.. I can post them all if need be? Iniesta is the target player and i am the buying manager.
  4. Re: SMFA Blocks If this is actually the case and not just your opinion then you yourself can simply flag the transfer or match result as being dubious and SM will investigate it.
  5. Re: SMFA Blocks I agree bud but give them a chance, they have said they are looking into it and fingers crossed the new thread will be made on monday/tuesday next week so we will be able to put some of the blocked transfers in the limelight and perhaps they will be reversed or better still the whole system given a shake up. Patience guys hopefully something will happen next week.
  6. Re: SMFA Blocks Lets see how it goes, im feeling positive about it, im pleased that SM have noticed there is a need to address this issue which is a big step forward to making it better! Fingers crossed if we work with SM we can fix some of the old issues and tweak their program that i can allow the longer term dedicated managers a little more freedom while still catching the little cheats!! ;-) PS:Stuart H, love the shark gif, very funny mate
  7. Re: SMFA Blocks Great work bud, im sure many people will really appreciate you guys looking into this, nice one John
  8. Re: SMFA Blocks I think that's the main gripe mate, yes its frustrating when a deal falls through but one deal in a while, yea we can get over that its only a game. What gets our goat i think is when it happens repeatedly and with no explanation. I see why they don't allow us to see the workings of the system but there should be some explanation, the longer you remain in a gameworld the more deals you seem to get blocked. This should be if anything a total reverse...no?
  9. Re: PE DEALS-WHEN it will be REMOVED Realism is one thing but this IS a game not reality. If you want the game to be totally realistic then messi will never move, all the arsenal players will automatically leave for man city a year before their contracts are up, and you will have to deal with WP issue...so no the GAME is not realistic but it IS alot of fun. P/x deals make it alot of fun and without them you would hardly ever see transfers during a season. Now im not saying a gameworld without P/x could not be fun among the right players, infact i think it could be alot of fun and im seeing your point however rolling this out across the gameworlds would kill the game 100%. As an option on custom worlds, now that could be alot of fun. (Im not sure if there is an option there for that or now, someone correct me but i think there may be one already)
  10. Re: SM's performance over the last 18 months... although i don't like the new layout i am seeing its usefulness if they are planning on rolling SM out as an App so fair play ill just have to get over that. (although i would have liked an option to keep it the same, still..change and evolve and all that) However i am very disappointed to STILL see no improvement on the ridiculous SMFA transfer blocking system which ruins games for experienced and loyal players FAR more than stopping the little cheats.. Add to that the chairman MAX bids which still do my swede in as there is such a massive difference between clubs in what your allowed to offer. And not just a couple mil for big players it can be as much as 30mil. I would understand for example if you have no money or have a small squad or some other criteria but there is no logic to it at all. Silly and frustrating on custom worlds amongst friends especially. What worries me alot more is the lack of any contact from them regarding in particular the SMFA blocks issue which has led to MANY people leaving, to me it seems this is obviously causing many many good honest players to leave and frustrating many others, this MUST be addressed if they take themselves at all seriously they must look at what their customers are saying.
  11. Re: Chairman's Valuations on CUSTOM game worlds. not even close, for some reason there are MASSIVE differences between teams. for example my max bid for Messi is 30mil or more less than that of other teams. This is exactly why i see this system as being frustrating and spoiling custom worlds where there is no need for anti-cheat systems
  12. Re: SMFA Blocks Literally couldn't agree more mate
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