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  1. Re: Chairman's Valuations on CUSTOM game worlds. This is true only for monetary transfers and does not remove the MAXIMUM bid. The point is if you were trying to buy a big player then you should be able to make a decent bid for him? Cesc + Higuain for Messi is not an 'over the top' bid by any stretch of the imagination and yet my chairman will not allow it. That is what im attempting to change to give people the OPTION to turn this on/off as they so wish.
  2. Re: Chairman's Valuations on CUSTOM game worlds. I think your missing my point mate' date=' cash bids are not the issue, like i said in my post in competitive game worlds cash value is almost worthless. I agree with your opinion in regard to normal game worlds, this post is however NOT aimed at normal game worlds. And all i am asking for is to be given the CHOICE to have an unlimited bid on player or not. If you feel the system is right then by your choice as owner of the game world you can keep the box ticked and be unaffected. Not all managers want to only sell players that they don't want. I mean where is the fun in that? I mean i don't want to sell Cesc Fabregas but if someone else in the game world who may really want him offers me a great deal like Busquets and Pedro for example i would likely accept even though i hadn't previously made the decision to sell him, This is where my issue comes into play as the buying manager would be UNABLE to make the bid as his chairman would not allow it.. [b'] So to again make the point of the article, this is the suggestion to implement an OPTIONAL removal on custom game worlds of the chairman's maximum bid value.[/b]
  3. Re: Toni Kroos or Mario Gotze ? ah Gotze, i remember when i was lambasted for even the merest suggestion that Mario would jump to 82+ from 75 (86 in the end if my memory serves). I couldnt find the old thread link but im pretty sure i said he was 90 by the end of the season ;-), well 89 so he came close! Another great German prospect, although it pains me to say it they really have got something right at youth level, again their U17 and U19 teams looking really decent and with actual talent that will make the grade. Volland, Yesil and many more. Well done Germany is all i can say. Back to Gotze, he is just class, saw him at U17 Euros back in 2009 and he was awesome, had him on watch ever since, when he appeared on the database snapped him up for 400k couldnt believe my luck! Simply if he is available buy him, if hes not available make an bid, he will be worth it!
  4. We run a very competitive game world in its 4th season and first of all must say we love the game. My one and only criticism is based around 'chairman' poking their noses where they shouldn't in my opinion be. Now i must firstly say that minimum valuations are good and i understand the reasons for them being there in both custom and normal game worlds. I support these wholeheartedly. However where i have issue is with the 'maximum' bid valuations. Now i can sort of see why this is useful in a normal game world i cannot find any use for it in a custom world. At the least it should be an option that can be turned off if requested. Some examples, Leo Messi is of course a huge player for any team and i for one would give an arm and a leg to sign him, cash means nothing in competitive worlds so lets throw my best players at the deal and see what happens. Anyone would agree Fabregas and Higuain is a decent deal for Messi, i would happily offer that, in fact if i could i would offer it plus 50 mil or so! Despite this my chairman will not even allow the 2 players deal thus ending all hope of anyone ever signing the player normally. The maximum bid limit only lends to managers being forced to circumnavigate the rules by swapping 3-4 players and exchanging cash amounts to make the deals work by the 'chairman' which leads to some very strange deals which stand out and then require explanation. Another example where the maximum bid rule comes up to block a potential deal are players like Ashley Young and Hernandez who play for big clubs but are as yet not massively priced. My chairman will not allow me to even swap Theo Waltcott for young straight swap, as the manager of the buying club surely i should be allowed to make that decision if its too high and not be simply blocked. So my suggestion is to allow custom game worlds the option of removing this feature which is actually preventing our world moving forward as the top players in game valuations can never be met so no one is selling anyone thus threatening to stagnate the entire market. I'm not suggesting removing this over the entire game simply give us the option. If i want to spend 400mil on Messi and its in a private league then i feel i should be allowed.
  5. Re: Rossi and Nilmar chance mate, both but less than 50% likely if you ask me. Although on a personal note i think Rossi certainly has the talent to be 92 or perhaps even higher eventually, top class player. May not get a rise this time around but always worth a couple mil!
  6. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 thanks bud, excellent response mate. Ill keep track for now and wait until we know when thier league review is scehduled. Thanks again
  7. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 hey guys, im looking at Willian of Shakhtar but without really seeing him play aside from CL its hard to get an idea of his rating, whats the general thoughts on him? Do we think he will rise next time around? He looks pretty solid to me and at 22 still very young. Whats your opinion?
  8. Re: sergio BUSQUETS- +2 rating increase? Xavi keeps Cesc out of the national team not Busquets, just so thats clear.. Take nothing away though, he's class and does what he does quietly and effieciently. Just remember he is a completely different player to Cesc Fabregas, it would be like comparing a hammer to a wrench! You 'could' use the wrench as a less effective hammer but you could never use a hammer to do what a wrench does. Basically im saying Cesc is great =) (and Busquets is pretty **** good too for that matter, just very different)
  9. Re: A Brand New Forum English Championship With Updated Squads ? sign me up, could do with another competetive league
  10. Re: Rising Wingers to 90+ suprised no one has mentioned Eden Hazard... linked to pretty much all the top sides for a summer move, currently top of Ligue 1 with Lille, twice french player of the season, i hear Arsenal have a first option deal with Lille for him, he would be great at the Emirates no doubt, even at lille he has a big chance of a 90. Nani will rise Lennon might but only end of season and if spuds continue in CL spot Sanchez is great but not sure he will be 91, perhaps a shot at 90 tho Caveni is in great form, he is 100% for 91, could well hit a 92 by the end of the season, 50/50 in my opinion. Di Maria is ofcourse a solid option if you can afford him Kroos could be worth a look for next couple years, like Holtby, Gotze, Kagawa too
  11. Re: Hot prospects Wilshire Gotze Varela Ninis Tried to mention a few new ones not just repeat but as many have said Payet, Kagawa, Hazard, Canales, Bale, Ilicic, Sanchez and Johnson. All good shouts
  12. Re: Who is better prospect ?? Davide Santon vs Rafael Da Silva As many have already said Santon is class and still has huge potential lest we forget he is still a teenager!! However Raf is excellent and has a real chance of nailing a starting spot for united next year not to mention this year. Both good prospects but Raf wins this one in my book Andrew Carroll vs Javier Hernandez Sorry but had to sit on the fence here, mainly in defence of a comment some guy made about Carroll not living up to the hype... what hype 10 goals and 7 assists in 17 games.... yea thats nothing special.... That said however i must admit i was totally wrong about Hernandez, didnt like him at all at first, but i hold my hands up if im way off and i was here, hes class, really decent guy aswell, great attitude just a shame hes at Man U! Still it makes me dislike them a little less now, more like him, less like Evra please Sir Alex. So a tie it is, both great! Eden Hazard vs Thiago Alcantara For now its the Hazard garden that wins it, TA is propsect but simply being at Barca doesnt give you a rating and when they crash out of the CL to Arsenal all the players at Barca will drop by -1 i think.. ;-) In all seriousness again both potential but Hazard cant really even be seen as a 'prospect' anymore hes already performing well and playing at a decent level, im pretty sure they are still top of Ligue 1 and hes a big part of that. Javi Martinez vs Nuri Sahin Gotze was my scutler watch of the season this year and hes been great, huge part of that is down to this man Sahin, along with the entire BVB squad to be honest. Sahin is both the engine room and creator as well as having a keen eye for goal, hes a class act and im gutted i bought Diaby and not him when i had the chance! Emiliano Viviano vs Salvatore Sirigu To be totally honest ive not seen Viviano bar a few highlights a while back and so cant really comment there, Sirigu looks to be on course for the Italian NT no1 jersey though so perhaps in SM terms he would be a better bet, but like i said ive not seen much of either to be honest so better asking the ita experts there. Ricardo Montolivo vs Luka Modric Left this one simply due to the fact they are both well established and its unlikely but not impossible that their ratings with shoot up more than +1 in the comming years. If i was pushed id say Modric (begrudgingly) but he is quality and perhaps an unsung hero sometimes. My spurs buddy likens him to Rosicky who i agree is unsung but also always injured so cant comment!
  13. Re: Nasri? No rise...really? Its a forum.... i made a topic, discuss.... if you dont want to then you dont have to. I dont think my topic was wildly misplaced, i made a fair comment and wanted other peoples views, thats how this works.... I may be wrong and i know i said 'rant' which wasnt a good description really, i made a point and tried to back it up, perhaps i was slightly biased being a gooner myself and your probably right, he is on good form and a +1 come may would be fair, which i agree it would if he carries it on, perhaps last seasons not great form put him to a 92/91 now he is on a 92/93 so kinda in between ratings. It wasnt a childish toys out of pram post, shame so many ppl felt the need to have a pop eh!
  14. Surely a +1 for the little wizard! Ratings have been so different this time around as the new 3-4 times a year thing comes into play meaning current form becomes even more of a factor, not like the last couple of years when the old guard would simply keep their ratings on past achievments. Although i had frey/torres/gerrard in my main team i was pleased to see them drop as i found it hard to see how they kept their unduely high ratings past the time when they did (and they did) once deserve them. That said however i was shocked that Nasri didnt recieve a +1, he has been far and away the best player at arsenal this season and inspirational against england for france. If Ozil is a 93 then so should Nasri, Arsenal top of the league, final stages of CL, semi of domestic cup, playing international football, only thing he missed out on was world cup, fair enough Ozil was suprub but it wasnt like Germany won the WC. Was a bit dissapointed on this one as although i only have him in one of my teams hes such a great player i just felt he deserved it! rant over!
  15. Re: Nasri + Juan + Mexes Nasri has been OUTSTANDING and in my opinion the most exciting player at the Emirates this season, alongside Wilshire he has been a revelation this term as he has strung together performance after performance and always looks tricky and threatening. Was my pick to impress this year after a great pre-season and thus far is not dissappointing one bit! if 7 goals and 3 assists in 7 game isnt at least a shot at a 93 then what is! ;-) In all seriousness i think he will stay but should be in for a defiante rise if he continues his form even just a little. TOP talent The others should stay but Roma struggling thus far, should pick up though. End of the day both top class players so should be fairly safe.
  16. Re: English Ratings Thread 2010/2011 nice post mate, always good to see a bit of the lower league love too. Just one thing i spotted, Nani is 90 at the moment mate not 91. Would love to see him hit 92 but 91 is far more likely. Albrighton to 85 seems perhaps a little optomisitc i think, i would say 85 by the end of the season perhaps for sure but in just a couple months, i think 83 is more likely. With a further jump in mind in January/Feb or so. All in all top work mate, repped
  17. Re: arsenal rating predictions Traore too early to say, i can see him developing more into a winger than a LB , has great pace and in the past show glimpses of potential but not enough yet, still young though. Gibbs is world class, fringe of the england squad, solid backup to Clichy and Cole at club and county respectivly. Great attitude on and off the pitch, sadly picked up a couple of niggling injuries of late but will flourish under Wenger. Never understood the obsession with ratings, this guy is excellent and worth buying full stop, when he rises and he will, you'll get more than a decent return for him! Sky's the limit in my opinion.
  18. Re: the next 90+ players that are 88 or less hmmm well as a gooner i dont rate him that highly yet, but then again he will probably rise to 89 but 90 is a BIG stretch considering Diaby still hasnt hit 90 and Song only hit 90 last year. Walcott too is 89. In my opinion Koscielny isn't great but has potential and under Wenger could do well, but Wenger isnt as good with the defence fact, when he had Adams etc etc there they could boss the youngsters into a really good outfit and in my opinion we should get Tony back as a coach along with Dennis but im going off topic. At the end of the day there are FAR FAR better players at 89 then Koscielny so in answer to your question will he be a 90+ next year, i dont think so. If he does it will be because Arsenal as a team do well and that looks less than likely at the moment.
  19. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys Jon AURTENETXE is top class mate and played every minuite for Bilbao. Looks to be a contender for this thread.
  20. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) aye, ill second that, top thread mate.repped! One question tho, i thought Gotze may rise a little more, any chance of a little more info on his rating review, as from what ive seen (and bare in mind its not as much as i would like as work is taking 90% of my time at the moment) but he seems to be shaping up really well. i was thinking maybe an 82/83 whats your rekoning as you know far more than me on the Bundes.
  21. Re: German player changes Holtby Schurrle Contento Badstuber Muller Didavi Gotze Kagawa Jorgensen thats off the top of my head, there are many more.
  22. Re: My Youth team definately keep Marc mate
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