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  1. Re: Barclays Premiership Ratings! good thread mate, like that you dont take it too serious afterall we all have our opinions and thats what a forum is for. I agree with moam tho, Verminator is great and im a huge fan of his but 91 was fair last year and he's injured at the mo. I hope Torres wont drop but think he might to be honest, really not seen the best of him in ages now, real shame as he is naturally top class. Diaby to 90, im really unsure of this one could go wither way, whats the general consensus? MoaM as a gooner what do you think mate?
  2. Re: A 10k riser is not just for christmas! ive always found that making a ticket helps, sometimes they ignore them but some get reviewed, i guess depends on their mood ;-) I have a few in my team and im 50-50 as to keep or free transfer them all, whats everyone else doing?
  3. Re: Manchester United Predictions I would say decent predictions mate, altho as an impartial orient supporter you can definately tell your a man u fan. That said where's the harm in having a bit of team pride. Nani spot on for a +1, Hernandez probably will rise to 88 but most definately shouldn't, Fletctcher probably wont rise but i think should. Rooney stay. Vidic/Ferdinand best defence on SM, is that right im not sure but then when both are fit they are hell of a good. Do the other top 6 then your revioews will be more objective, cant see how you can do your own team, too hard not to be biased. Alot of risers cant see them all happening. Just a thought not a criticism.
  4. Re: New transfer values -chairmans " not wanting" deal exact same thing happened to me 3 deals all at the same time all rejected. now other ppl have bid and will likely not win the transfer battle. Shame as if i was outbid fair enough but to loose out to a bug always hurts more...
  5. Re: Undo recent trade value changes i havn't looked into this enough but it was certainly a shock when i tried to exchange Ganso and found him to be worth 18M.. I would like to know a little more about this change from SM and perhaps wait and see how it will effect the game balance. It wont necessarily be a bad thing and could be good. Id like some more info tho before i make up my mind on it.
  6. Re: Xherdan Shaqiri Aye, lovely goal. I liked the fact he and Joe hart had a laugh about it at full time, nice touch and shows a bit of light hearted character which is good for a player of his age. A couple more years in Swiss league then a move to one of the big 4 leagues! Come on Wenger tap him up before the big money boys do! ;-)
  7. Re: Any good young 88+!!! Van Der Weil is definatley good enough but not sure he will hit 90 just yet at Ajax, perhaps 89 in the next changes. Contento from Bayern is surely up for a good increase also. Diaby is potenitally a great shout. Could well be a 90 come may. Walcotts injured again.............. dont get me started on that.. Ganso wont rise again for a while. He is 88 and now out for the season with a serious knee injury which was initially thought to be career threatening, either way he will be out a long while. Adam Johnson and Joe Hart are both good risers from City. I personally think Milner could well have a +1 rise in him too. Muller and Badstuber from Bayern and of course Pedro from Barce are all certified good risers. Hernandez i dont see rising to 90 in one season, Evans could be 90 by the end of the year tho. Jones from Blackburn looks excellent and is stepping up to the plate well, only 80 rated at the mo and while he wont hit 90 he will get a good rise. Bale is in top form, could well be 90 by the end of the season, 89 for sure, perhaps a pos change to LM/LB also. Lukaku will rise but missing out on CL at the death was harsh and could well effect his 89. 88 for sure. Suprised no one has mentioned Canales, seems to have the favour of Jose so could get plenty of game time. 87 at the moment, top future for him. Wilshire could hit 88 i think too. Depending on gametime Koscielny could be worth a look too. Derdiyok from Leverkusen is 88 at the moment and with Keisling at 90 could well see him rise to 89/90 to match as he has been excellent in front of goal domestically last year and may be wrong but i think hes scored one or two this year too. Hope that helps
  8. Re: My teams ratings Im an Arsenal fan and i have to say Bale has been excellent. May get a pos change to LM/LB but should get at least a +1. CL and has been scoring and assisting. Looking good. Muller top WC, continuing his form, although must admit havent even read his last report so still early days but looking hopefully for a +2. Pedro last season i would have said definatly +2 but depends now on how much gametime he gets, but should reach 92 fairly soon either way. Top class player. Canales looks to have the favor of Jose so could see alot of gametime and 89 would not be out of the question in my opinion. Koscielny doenst look very stable to me, now with Squilaci i think he will get a +1 to 89 but not the 90 we all thought he could. Just my opinon though and its very early days. De Gea could and should hit 89 for sure. I agree exactly with your Khedira prediciton, top class but depends again on gametime. But a +1 will not be out of the question at all, perhaps even a +2 with a good CL run and if he can get into the first team. Joe Hart and Adam Johnson both top buys if you can get them. Lewis Holtby could be another one to look at, scored twice tonight i think in the U21 and has definate potential. Matt Briggs will be top drawer one day, a friend of mine works with Fulham YD and they really rate him over there, on loan if im not mistaken at the moment but one for the longer term future non the less.
  9. Re: Players Level's.. I wasnt arguing the -2 in june mate, he fully deserved it. And im not suggesting a +1 either, where would it come from? All im saying is that i feel he is still worthy of holding his 95 a season longer, and then come may if Liverpool dont have CL then yes i would say a drop to 94 would be fair. But he could do well and have a good season, win EL and gain top 4 finish and then he is well worthy of his 95, have to wait and see.
  10. Re: Players Level's.. I respect impaled's opinion but generally i would say that 95 is more than fair for him. There are many other players who are far more under/overrated in my opinion, cesc comes as one that is fairly close to the mark with most feeling either just above or just below 95 being fair. As for RVP he is great yes, and id love to see him 94 but he is just injured ALL the time, i dont want to rant about this but it isnt just one season being unlucky, the lads great but cant score many goals on the treatment table. Very frustrating that AW seems to have never considered this, as it happens EVERY year. Still in Arsene we trust so hopefully he will start this season well.....wait a min, oh yeah hes injured... Gerrard 95-->94 i dont think so to be honest, well i hope not anyway. If they dont get CL come may next year then yea i would totally agree, but in the next changes (with 4 per year its gonna come fairly soon) it would be VERY harsh for him to drop, yeah Liverpool are not in the CL but Villa was 96 without playing regular top flight CL, 95 for Steve is more than fair, supurb performance for England on fri shows he still has the desire, one game yes but if he applies that which ofcourse we all know he will to Liverpool he will do ok. For me just depends on how Roy settles in. Top manager so fingers crossed he'll do ok. (but not beat Arsenal)...
  11. Re: Players Level's.. Just my opinion here
  12. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM I agree mate, Gerrard was supurb on Fri, looked to have the hunger and determination to get back. His tracking was excellent and as i think many of us have been saying for a loooooong time now playing him deeper works for England. When people say 'yeah but hes so good for liverpool up behind the strikers' there are 2 things wrong with that in the national team. 1) We dont have Torres up ahead of him, and 2) we have Rooney, who is great as the puppet master in the hole. I really liked how ENgland setup, with barry as the CM hard worker, Gerrard as the deep lying playmaker and Rooney as the forward creater. If someone closed Gerrard out, there was always a pass on and invariably rooney was available. Likewise the opposite was true also. If both players were marked out of the game, up pops Milner who is no slouch when it comes to creating either. Reminded me of classic partnerships of deep lying creators/DM workhorses and a fwd sitting in the hole pulling the strings for the wingers/fullbacks and CF. Typically being a gooner i applied the Vieira/Petit/Bergkamp ananlogy. Well played England, lets not get carried away but you can only beat whos in front of you and they did that well!
  13. Re: Oppinion: Kids with a possible rise arround the world for 2010/2011! Gotze, Lanzini and Walcott
  14. Re: Mario Gotze Bit early, but still he is good. Fingers crossed like you say and he should have a bright future ahead.
  15. Re: Global revision for ujfalusi3 May be wrong but i think they scrapped the standard league review formula in favour of concentrating efforts on the 'big' league where the majority of player transfers occur. Ie Serie A, Premiership, La Liga etc etc. and these leagues will have more regular updates. In contrast the lesser leagues like the Coration second division or the Colombian regional league for example will be looked at perhaps once a year. As far as im aware there isnt a rota up for the new system but i may be wrong.
  16. Re: Xherdan Shaqiri aye, a bit early to tell in terms of numbers, but he should rise even if its by 1, but he is playing in the swiss league and only 18 so dont expect him to rise dramatically. He is however very talented and well worth holding onto unless your confident of re-buying him (ie not in a very competetive setup) .
  17. Re: whats next Mate search very very quickly in the player rating predictions threads and you will see a good 3 or 4 with 'argentine risers' in the title, Insider has done a great Brazil review among others and Radebe has returned to take us through the argentine league, andyowls also has a good thread under construction on this. There are so many great threads out there where people take alot of time to research and scout these risers, take a couple mins to look for them and the rewards will be worthwhile, for example , if you have questions these guys and many other enthusiasts myself included, who watch the game alot and perhaps have an ear inside a club will be much more forthcomming with answers to them if that person has taken the time to find the right thread or asked a good question. Trust me the more you look the better the reward, lots of people on here are more than happy to help but it works both ways, a little effort in searching goes along way towards that.
  18. Re: As Requested; August 2010 Brazilian Predictions. Guys regardless of Ganso's injury he will still go up to 88/89 from his performances already, You can then assess like Mark said the short(ish) term effect of the injury and whether Neymar is still around, which seems likely as he only just signed a long contract am i right mate?> But these things mean less than they used to so we'll see i guess. Hes talented so hopefully wont be affected too much in the long term. Really tough on the lad, fingers crossed for him. (and jovetic really gutted for him too)
  19. Re: Javier Mascherano to BARCELONA, what now Busquets? lol fingers crossed bud' date=' be happy with that maoam mate! agree, its a long old season and they will all play a part especially as it looks at though Ibra is off to Milan. Pedro is class act, if anything i think Busquets is over rated but maybe i just dont like they way he talks to the media ! I think they will use Busquets/Mash as the 2 holders in midfield in the tough games where having that extra defensive minded player in the middle of the park can give you the edge, especially when you have the creative talent ahead of you in the likes of Messi/Iniesta/Xavi etc etc, who cant do anything if you dont have the ball! Neither will drop and both are young with good prospects, dont fret lads i think you will see them both continue up to 92-93 before too long!
  20. Re: advice please random... Cardenas, doesnt look that impressive, Benitez who was on loan at Brum last year and looked dissapointingly average plays with him, He doesnt have a good gs record but i think he plays on the wing. Could be wrong. How come you want to sign these two? i think there are better younglings out there in the same positions with better potential. ie Jack Collison, Kolarov, Luis Filipe, Lukas Schmitz, Gibbs, Jordi Alba, Joe Mattock to name a few.
  21. Re: Pereira ILSINHO http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90779/90871/7106825.html some info but not completed yet
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