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  1. Re: Kevin Kurányi Drop???? agree, the russian ratings appear low in general.
  2. Re: Kevin Kurányi Drop???? agree, very harsh indeed.
  3. Re: HELP PLSS...Sebastien Corchia???? Very early to tell, only couple games in. There is already a thread on him where the general consensus is that he is a good prospect but divided whether he will remain at le mans for a year to help regain their ligue 1 status and alternativly move to a larger club. Its big decision time Seb, either way i think he will become a very decent little player.
  4. Re: anyone know any players who will rise highly for a maximum of £1 million? hehe if only SM would take on the heskey love! Nice chap, shame he just wasnt built with International football in mind.
  5. Re: Argentine Risers, 2010/2011. One off return to the ratings section You said: 2010-08-11 05:45:51 Name: Manuel Lanzini Club: River Plate ***: 15/02/1993 Pos1: AM Pos2: CM Nation: Argentina SM Support said: 2010-08-11 09:24:38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, Thanks for the information, this player will be added to the game in the next 48 hours. Regards SoccerManager.com Support Team SM Support Team :D:D:D Yes hes top class, great dribbler with good end product from what ive seen He played 45 mins or so on the opening day, dont know if he will rise this early tho. Another one to watch for the future though along with Lamela, Funes, Villalba, Pereyra and Affranchino at River.
  6. Re: Talents obvious ones like Muller, Badstuber, Neymar, Ganso, Lukaku, Pastore, Diaby, Azpiclueta, Luis Filipe, Sirigu, lots more to be honest, ask for specific positions and you'll get better response, all the above are likely to make it but could ofcourse get injured and fail miserably, who knows, best ask for specific positions and we can help more i feel.
  7. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis Guys whats the general feeling about Khedira at Real now? He's a top talent for sure, im sure he will also get gametime, what are your thoughts?
  8. Re: Argentinian Analysis wait..wait...
  9. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (10/11) Just remembered why i came on here lol, whats the expert opinion of Khedira moving to RM? I dont get to watch Real that much but know their usual system. But new coach, new players, where do you guys thiink he will fit into the setup? Seems like a decent buy for 10 mil or so, worth a buck?
  10. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (10/11) Definately hold onto those two to see their development this comming year Alcacer Paco another one to look out for, thanks to U.D for getting him onto the database pronto!
  11. Re: Biggest risers ?? PS: look out for little Sneijder when he gets added to the database
  12. Re: Biggest risers ?? I dont disagree with Muller, he could well hit 91/2 by the end of the season but not in the next ratings. AS th big leagues are being reviewed more regularly now, we could well see him push +2 and +1/2 during the season, but like you say it must be earnt with good performances. Already scored in the supercup and looks good, hes in my team so im happy =) Sneijder to 97 i dont agree with to be honest, perhaps 96 at a push. Iniesta is 96 and a far better and more established player, yea Wes had a good world cup and decent last year but got a +1 to 95 which is right. HE may well get another +1 IF he has another super year. (ona side note im not against him getting 96 as he is top class, i just think it may take him another year) Villa to 97, possibility, needs to bed in at Barca well, which im sure he will. Good player all round so could well see this happening. Robben to 95, really dont know, is he as good as Ribery? probably so could see him get this rise if he has a solid season again.
  13. Re: Multiple Account Help A few of our mates are having a real problem , its not directly related to this one but is associated. Firstly there are 20 of us in a custom gameworld having lots of fun etc etc. However some of us have a second/third team in an older game world as lower sides just for some less competitive fun. Now when we bought a gold membership for the best man at my mates wedding/birthday prezzie he is now told that he cannot join the league due to 'multiple' accounts. Now i may be wrong but im nearly 100% sure that he hasnt even done 1 transfer with any of us in our other game worlds and he has his own gold membership and lives in a different county so no IP sharing etc. This is simply not on as he has done nothing wrong and SM not even helping at all i find this a little dissappointing frankly. As a simple check on his login ip would make it fairly obvious that he is his own person. Basically at this stage SM in effect are saying that real world friends cannot be in the same gameworlds and i know that isnt the case so why do we have this problem?
  14. Re: England - The Next Generation Manu Frimpong has impressed me in the last coupe of years and with a lack of fit central midfielders at Arsenal Le Boss may use him at Anfield in the opening game. He's not on database yet but worth a look when he becomes available.
  15. Re: 90 + Risers Centre Midfielder Add Hernanes to that list, he's just moved to Lazio and a good season could see him increase. Khedira is a good call, looked great for Gernmay but depends on gametime, over the course of the season and CL he should get plenty. Jovetic but not this year, he's out with a really savage cruciate ligament injury, really sad for him, but hes young enough to bounce back. Marchisio would be my shout tho, great player and if Juve pull their fingers out this year he would be in for a nice rise. Also Misimovic could be worth a look too if your looking for a more attacking option.
  16. Re: 87+ Right back risers good call mate, if you have the money, he is defiantely the best choice. Top player
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