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  1. Just a message for those of you who have Marquez, his exchange value is around 11.5 mil. Chances are if you have a fairly decent team, your own chairman value will be between 4 and 7 million, so cash in on him on the exchange.

    Mind how you went...

  2. Re: Players Level's..

    95 for Steve is more than fair' date=' supurb performance for England on fri shows he still has the desire QUOTE']

    Have to disagree, thought the game passed him by. It was a big chance for him to shine in Lampards absence and imho, he didn't take it. He doesn't look like hes anywhere near back to his best yet. 95 is fair atm, but if Liverpool miss out on CL then he should go down to 94. Personally, i think hes not fully fit and i wont be surprised when he picks up and injury in the next month or 2.

  3. Hi

    Porbably been posted before, but what are the best positions and formations for Messi and Ronaldo? I've got some teams with these guys. First season i played 4222 with both as wingers rather than strikers, the first season they bother got over 20 goals and over 13 assists, the 2nd season neither has got over 5 goals, still a fair amount of assists. Am i wasting these players? Where do you play them to get the best out of these guys? :confused:


  4. Re: Players Level's..


    2. Casillas_96 (+1) Deserves to go back to 96

    8. Van Der Saar_93 (-1) Still good' date=' but age beginning to take its toll


    3. Puyol_95 (-1) Should be 96 still, immense player

    4. Vidic_95 (-1) no way

    6. Ferdinand_95 Should drop to 94 if not 93, always injured, played what 15 games in the last year

    7. Lucio_95 (+1) Deserved this in the last ratings but unlikely to go up now Rafa in charge

    8. S.Ramos_95 (+1) As good as Maicon imho, not as strong but more of a threat, perhaps questionable in defence.

    9. D.alves_95 (+1) 94 is right for him

    10.Lahm_95 (+1) no way

    13.Samuel_94 (+1) again, no way


    1. C.Ronaldo_98

    2. Xavi_97

    3. Sneijder_97 (+2) not after 1 season

    4. Iniesta_97 (+1) Should be 97, injured for a 1/3 of last season, but what a fantastic player

    5. Kaka_96 (-1) agreed

    6. Robben_96 (+2) no way 94 is right for him

    7. Fabregas_96 (+1) not yet, Arsenal need to win something

    8. Gerrard_96 (+1) no way, not shown any reason to suspect he'll be better this season than he was last.

    9. Ribery_96 (+1) more likely a decrease to 94

    10.Lampard_96 (+1) Should've got 96 last ratings, but will probably stay at 95

    11.Schweinstiger_95 (+2) +1 maybe



    14.Mascherano_95 (+1) 94 is right for him atm

    15.Xabi_95 (+1) 94

    16.De Rossi_95 (+1) 94


    1. Messi_99 (+1) Again should've got 99 last ratings

    2. Rooney_97 (+1) not yet, needs to get 30+ goals again this season

    3. Drogba_97 (+1) Most complete striker in the Prem imho, irreplacable and nobody quite like him the world, has it all.

    4. Torres_97 (+1) Too many injuries 96 is right atm after a shocking world cup

    5. Ibrahimovic_96 will probably drop 1 at Milan

    6. Villa_96 - should be 97, consistently excellent and will score a bucket load at Barca

    7. Milito_96 (+1) will be lucky to keep 95

    8. Eto'o_95 (-1) Good team player now but not the player or the threat he was 2 or 3 years ago, will probably drop to 95

    9. Forlan_95 (+1)

    10.Higuain_95 (+1) needs another 25 goals this season then maybe next summer


    Just my thoughts, suprised nobodys predicted a decrease for Rio Ferdinand. The guy is crocked and will be lucky to play 20 games this season, in for a drop to 94 maybe even 93.

  5. Re: Columbia??

    When are expecting the Columbian increases?

    Also' date=' I noticed a few Peruvian updates without warning! Oh well.[/quote']

    I know what you mean mate, i need those columbians done, i've had Cuero for like 9 months...

  6. Re: Your Worst SM Decision

    Not buying Otamendi when he was in his 70's :o

    Instead i used the money a week later to buy Fiorilli who is still stuck way down in his low low rating.

    Alrite Bourkey...

    I'm new on these forums but i'm in your Bradford gameworld with Norwich City, have a look at my team and let me know what you think? You have done pretty well at Bradford and got some good players. I will be looking out and bidding with you on the new risers for this season and hopefully i will be in the prem next season, its a tough setup though, not many decent players at unmanaged clubs...

    Anyway, my worst decision was selling Gamara in my Chelsea team 6 weeks ago before he went up... Made up for it though by selling Cech for 55mil and buying Cesar from an unmanaged club, also selling Lampard for 37mil... My Chelsea team in a custom world now has 101 players, 6 out on loan and a squad value of 510 mil...

  7. Re: Gerard Pique

    Hi' date='

    I've had an offer for Gerard Pique of 33M but don't really want to sell him. However, he's injured for 6 weeks so he's going to miss the rest of the season anyway and a bit of next season aswell. Do you think its worth selling him now and can you suggest some possible replacements.


    Jonny :)[/quote']

    Think about what players you will need to exchange to get him back, is it a competitive league? Are there other players of similar rating who are cheaper who you could replace him with like Carvalho, Samuel, Cordoba, Juan...

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