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  1. Managing from Skype or Zoom is the future.
  2. If your team is better and fit play 424. Failing that pack your defence or midfield.
  3. Some good points but it makes a mockery of the strategy behind a starting XI and football should not solely be based on entertaining 9-8 scorelines.
  4. Not sure if it makes any difference. Just cosmetic tick boxes in the interface.
  5. Agreed. 5-sub rule in some leagues makes it even worse. However ignoring this the shining light is entertaining high scoring games so far this season, in England anyway.
  6. Never seen a double drop before. He was rated 87 not that long ago!
  7. Very true. The new 352 is not like the old one. In the old days the 352 was very flexible and produced goalfests 7-2, 6-3 etc. I would say 4231 is the dominant formation of today, replacing the 352.
  8. I've always wondered how the SM cash handouts work. I've been playing for 10 years and never had one. Am I right in thinking if you're in debt at the end of the season say minus 2 million this is wiped and on top of that you get free money?
  9. To confirm the transfer still goes through. So the mismanaged club now only has one goalkeeper and I picked up a bargain at a 50% price.
  10. He's injured for the rest of the year which may explain why. I have to say I like the inflated and fluctuating player values, it's a realistic feature and creates a new strategy in the transfer market.
  11. Anyone know what happens when a goalkeeper hands in a transfer request but the squad only has 2 goalkeepers?
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