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  1. Re: young risers to sell. help that is one long name, is he brasilian?
  2. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Just joined this competition with lowly Accrington Stanley, only to find that the English leagues are nearly empty!!! What has happened, this is Gold #100!
  3. Re: Respuesta: The New Players Thread
  4. Re: The New Players Thread there is some quality passes in that lot
  5. Re: James McClean i think he will to be honest, smashed in a superb free kick at the weekend. trappatoni is unpredictable mind. andy reid was playing very well for us in the premiership and trapp was still not picking him and sticking with championship cloggers, you never know what will happen, but it would be a shock to see him not travel, he is far superior to the likes of stephen hunt
  6. Re: Chairman's Maximum Here is another example for you, in one gold competition i have a this squad; 121 players, average rating 80, total value 306.9m a 65 rated player comes onto teh database who i bid for, the chairmans maximum was 90k. and yet in another gold competiton when i bidded for the same player the max my chairman would allow me was 75k. my squad in that game world is 40 players, ave 73, total value 51.5m. :confused:
  7. Re: Player rating reviews Seems ridiculous, what is going to have changed in just a few weeks? even the championship was done recently, perhaps it should read div 3&4? just checked and there is nothing on twitter about it, they usually reveal there first dont they....?
  8. Does anyone really understand how these are calculated? I have twice missed out on players recently, to teams better than mine when we have both bidded the maximum. A new player joins the database, everyone bids their chairmans maximum, and the player is won by one of the best teams in the gameworld, full of players far better than mine. but i have a much bigger squad so i reason that is why. In a different gameworld i bid my chairmans maximum on a 10k player but am outbidded by a team with a bigger squad with a better average, higher overall value, higher wages. And another team bidded the same as me, he has nearly double the number of players and double the squad value, many players better than any in my squad... I thought the point of the chairmans maximum was to allow promising players to join the smaller & weaker sides rather than the biggest teams getting constantly bigger and better?
  9. Re: Advice needed re: some pretty bad cheating in my game world.
  10. Re: Chairman stopping me from winning bids Can anyone give any definitive answers on this? Twice in the last week i have been outbidded by teams who are far superior to mine, much better players, much bigger squad etc, surely my maxmimum chairman should be higher than a team far superior to mine?
  11. Re: Patrick Bamford - Forrest Forward bit arrogant that, both have been very useful to totteham over the years, yes you have outgrown them but they are still both premiership quality players produced by the forest academy who have a right to be proud over the players they have contributed, have a little humility
  12. Re: Denis - Sao Paulo's Young Goalkeeper dragging up an old post here rather than start a new one - anyone know what has happened to this guy, he got a -1 to 83 in aug 11 but i think he may be getting back into the team?
  13. Only 16 turns in and theres only 4 managers including myself in it - what on earth is that about :confused::confused:
  14. Re: James McClean O'Neill even, and Bruce for buying him, although SB didnt have much to do with it, was our cheif scout Pop Robson. Rumours are linking us with Wayne Bridge now, which may see Richardson being pushed forward and McClean having to fight for his place. Persoanlly i'd rather see us stick with what we've got...
  15. Re: Future players? thing is it really really depends who is available to buy? no point selling unless you can buy better. id be tempted to sell these lot but as i say, if the 90/91 rated are your best and you cant improve upon them by selling and buying up then dont bother Goalkeepers. SZCZESNY, Wojciech GK 88 21 KRUL, Tim GK 87 23 Defenders. SANDRO, Alex LB/LM 86 21 CORCHIA, Sébastien RB/RM 87 21 ARBELOA, Álvaro RB/LB 91 29 SILVIO, Azevedo RB/LB 88 24 DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro CB 89 22 RANOCCHIA, Andrea CB 89 23 Midfielders. FIRMINO, Roberto AM 86 20 JOVETIC, Stevan AM/Fwd 90 22 TURAN, Arda Wing/Am 90 25 GAITAN, Nicolás Wing/Am 89 23 VALENCIA, Antonio Wing 91 26 Attackers. DOUMBIA, Seydou Fwd/Wing 89 24 LASOGGA, Pierre-Michel CF 85 20
  16. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread what i would love, and is fairly minor isif every team, in the club history also had a line for record appearances and record goals. start it off as the genuine players and add it to club info, but as the game world progresses have it updated if/when these records are broken. not sure why i like this idea so much just think it'd be really neat, i dont think it would be the hardest thing to add at all, would love it if anyone agrees maybe we can champion it into the game?
  17. Re: Record Goal Scorers And Statistics tell you what i do think would be good, and far simpler than that as that would require a ton of info for everyplayer in every season if every team, in the club history also had a line for record appearances and record goals. start it off as the genuine players and add it to club info, but as the game world progresses have it updated if/when these records are broken
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