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  1. Re: New player positions! Yep the old positions were so much simpler to read. What is the point in the new classifications???? Guess some programmer got bored and thought he'd come up with a fantastic new position system...
  2. Re: Beating 5-4-1 Agree with the 4-5-1, in any case that's what I would play. But as he's got a strong rated team, I'd use the following tactics: Hard-Attacking-LongBall-Throughthemiddle-Normal-Allover Counter-Tightmarking-playmarker=goalkeeper Good luck
  3. Re: Sell Falcao, Pazzini or Cavani? Thanks. Somehow I thought that Pazzini would be the chosen one If I can't get a good p/e then I guess I'll loan him out until the next ratin changes...
  4. Well as the title says, who should I sell? I already have Rossi (92 rated) in my squad, and am due to get David Villa (96) very soon, so I can't guarantee games for the other 3. Cavani + Pazzini also already have level 1 concerns for lack of games.... I believe all 3 have a chance of rising further, so which one would you get rid of ?
  5. Re: SLOVAKIA Thread Oct 2011 Great work, thanks for that. But when was the last time this league was reviewed and is sm ever likely to do it soon ?
  6. Re: SM site getting slower and slower! I find it slower since they've changed the layout; notably it seems to take longer when opening a pop-up window (match reports, etc.). And I also log in from 3 different locations so unless all the ISPs are bad...
  7. Re: How to beat this guy?? Has anyone tried a 4-5-1 defensive? I have a nasty habit of using that to frustrate so-called "unbeatable" teams. More often than not I actually get a good result and score a few goals... Worth a try anyway!!! (hard, defensive, long ball, through the middle, normal, own area, counter-attack, tight marking, men behind ball).
  8. Re: Tactical Help Needed Please What tactics have you tried so far?
  9. Re: Playing gk as a playmaker!!!!!! I always use GK as playmaker when I play 4-5-1, 4-5-1 Defensive or 5-4-1 with Long Ball tactics. Have done this in 4 championships over the past 2 seasons and has worked fine for me!!! I think it was in one of the original tactics threads that said do this so that GK holds up and dictates speed of play. And yes when I suggested it on another thread someone laughed at me and said you could no longer use GK as playmaker, well lol indeed
  10. Re: First season in the Prem Not sure your team is good enough to get consistent results with 3-5-2. I've taken a few teams up to Premier with similar ratings to yours, and didn't start getting reasonable results until I switched to 4-5-1, 4-5-1 defensive or sometimes 5-4-1. I used Long Ball Through the Middle tactics with those. All my teams finished top 6 with those tactics with some surprising results against much better rated teams. I'd only use 3-5-2 against lower rated teams....
  11. Re: Counter for 4-2-3-1 Goalkeeper no longer appears in the list but try selecting another player then use the up arrow
  12. Re: Counter for 4-2-3-1 4-5-1 defensive has never failed me in big games against league leaders or title chasers (so usually higher rated teams than me)... Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Defensive Passing Style: Long Ball Attacking Style: Through the midle Tempo: Normal Pressing: Own Area Play Style: Counter-Attack Men Behind Ball Tight Marking Use Playmaker = Goalkeeper (to hold up play and boot it long up field) I also use diagonal arrows on left/right wing/midfield so that they cut in and help out up front and in the middle. Good luck
  13. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!! Thanks for the suggestions, I took a punt on a couple of them
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