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  1. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Just played Louis a few times... Burnley 1-3 Stoke City Wolfsburg 6-3 Werder Bremen Inter 9-6 Real Madrid (AET) Easy .
  2. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread I have a set piece that works every time and only depends on whether the striker has the composure to finish it (ie. today Fabio Aurelio didn't ). I will need to play you's and show you all how to be caught out by meeeeee !
  3. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Louis, or anyone on the Xbox want a game at 10? Although maybe will have to wait til half 10...
  4. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Took Hull against Louis' Birmingham yesterday, and was surprised that both teams were quite good. If I was able to be a bit more calm in front of goal, Altidore would have scored a bucket load. But fair play to Louis, he took his chances and scored two in two minutes (what on earth my keeper was doing nobody knows) and then closed it out by breaking from my corner when my keeper came up. Another game tonight?
  5. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Who is everyone's top five players in the game then? And what about any players who have lower ratings, but are very good in the game? Who's your best teams to play as online, and what is the best formation to play? I'll go with... Best players: Benzema, Eto'o, Tevez, Torres, Gerrard Lower rated stars: Anderson Online teams: Inter & Liverpool Formation: No idea
  6. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Your first goal when it was the goal to make it 2-0 lol? What you think of the game overall Louis? want a game?
  7. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread He's won every game so probably top?
  8. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread PS3 haha, you're kidding, im on the 360
  9. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread I haven't played online yet, anyone wanna play me for my first online game?
  10. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Pre-ordered from Argos for £41.59 ... cheapest you can get it seems!
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip Where you hearing this from?
  12. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Have already spoke to Neller about doing it with the website again, but considering he's not getting the game, it may take something without the website to do so, unless anyone else can make a website for it
  13. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread No i didn't forget, but Clichy was too young and inexperienced then, and look at him now.
  14. Re: Official Manchester City Thread But whether or not it was before or after, wasn't the added time shown before he scored? Therefore, the ref would add on the extra to the 4 minutes?
  15. Re: Official Manchester City Thread At the time i thought it was ridiculous the amount of time added on, but when i think about it now.. Bellamy celebrated for around a minute, and United made a sub which is meant to equal 30 seconds (but hardly ever does), and so that gives around 5 and a half minutes. Then by the time United celebrated it obviously put the clock up to around 7 minutes, so i don't see much wrong-doing. Although i hate United still, and it was a joke that that long was added on .
  16. Re: Arsenal Gossip AW spent big on Rosicky who was a hit before his injury, spent big on Nasri who was my player of the season when he played last season, and then Arshavin who was my player of the season in the second half of the season, and now Vermaelen. Why doesn't he spend big more often
  17. Re: Georgi Milanov - Bulgarian Prodigy Yeah, if crying is saying i just posted him the day before in my thread. And then saying at the end, i quote "Okay, fair enough then". So i obviously wasn't that bothered, unlike you, who didn't even make a thread and are claiming to be the founder of the player and making up stupid rules about having to wait (eg. for someone else to take the credit). Also, as if it matters who actually found him. If you get the credit, you get some credit on an internet forum with people who you don't know, so what is the point?
  18. Re: Georgi Milanov - Bulgarian Prodigy Stop crying because he made the thread before you. He's not supposed to wait any time, he is free to make a thread on a player just as anyone else is. Although i will admit, seeing a thread on a player by Kieran every time i go to the new posts section is rather annoying. But hey, we don't have to read them if we don't want to.
  19. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread After the goal, go to instant replay and then press Y to upload
  20. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread A nice Messi goal . A fine header, after a good cross .
  21. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Out of that, Chelsea and Barcelona are on the demo and those ratings match so how are they not the actual ones?
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