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  1. Moose lured away from RBK In shock news, da Moose has left teh Rosenberg team that hung about the title race all season last year before finishing fourth. Moose has gone to Serie B, lured by teh cahllenge of reviving a sleeping giant. "Napoli's chairman left a barry fu' eh notes at the front door, like. And her indoors says tae me 'kin we keep at?' Ah'm thinkin tae masel, that's the ba' burst, anat. Bags packed, wur off tae Naples." Moose has begun the process of reworking the squad from the ground up. "Every last man is gonnae huv tae earn his spot, all jobs are open, even the kit man. Exc
  2. Re: Forced Keeper Choice Ah thanks, m8. For some reason, wen i first was playing around in tactics, i couldn't switch the keeps (slow work comp), that works fine. its a good change, stops them 9-1 no keeper results. cheers
  3. I hink thsi is a good move, good for unmnaged and absint owners, but what about if u hav 2 keepers of equal ability and want to play 1 rather than teh other? Teh AI has selected a keeper i had on my subs bench, and put him at #1 in my tactics, and removed teh keeper i had chosen to play (my pick was younger & had better morale). Can teh players not get some control back over which keepr we play, as long as it is a keep in teh #1 slot? i hink teh solution thjat went in was a bit brute force, as i think we should be able to pick what keep we play. thx.
  4. Re: Alec Ferguson The man's a scot and his name is Alexander Chapman Ferguson. In Scotland' date=' where he is from, and spent the first 45 years of his life as a player and a manager, Alexander is often shortened to Alec, among other nicknames. I realize this may be a bit complicated to understand for fellows who want to get back to 3 "johnny foreigners" and the hallowed 1966 (41 years ago by the way), but life's like that sometimes. It marches on and passes you by. Edited fer speelin
  5. Re: FC Dinamo Bucuresti Friend, u shuld get a gold account if u dont hav 1. Teh gold setups hav dinamo, rapid & steaua bucuresti in em.
  6. Re: Brian clough Alec Ferguson isn't english.
  7. Re: bigger subs bench 5 in the english league -- UEFA competitions permit 7. Scottish Premer league has 7 - theres some examples. (wikipedia) i think part of the problem at teh moment is teh way SM handels subs. u rarely get 3 subs on unless conditons r just rihgt. Theres been loads of talk about tht topic. i liek teh idea of havin tabs, bein able 2 change tactis if winnin or losin. not sure how hard tht woud be 2 put in.
  8. Re: Squad Sizes Newer playurs in teh older setups & GCs r at disadvantage becuz so many plauyrs r bein warehousd by guys with older teams. Searchin 4 87-88+ playrs (never mind 90s) then tryin 2 get guys 2 respond 2 bids is no joke. If guys are so keen on realism, look at teh top leagues IRL -- any decent playr at a top team will push 2 leave as soon as tehy r not gettin a regular game. Guys hav come out & said tht like any wargame, 1 way 2 win is 2 deny any opponents resorces, if u own a playr, some1 else cant. i respect teh guys doin hardcore scoutin, pickin & follwin playr f
  9. Re: WOW ! drop down box for player selection Great change, thx SM!
  10. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread FC Midtyjlland 1-1 Rosenborg Rosenborg stayed unbeaten in 4 games, but dropped back to 14th in the table after a hard-fought stalemate at the SAS Arena. After early goals by Midtyjlland's pacy winger (& MoM) Kristensen and Rosenborg's Solli, the game was a back and forth affair with both sides hitting the woodwork. The lively Kristensen picked up a late knock and will miss a month's action. Manager Moose expressed regret that his team didnt make more of their chances and noted the fine play of dangerman Steffen Iversen who just needs a bit of
  11. Re: new matchday upgrade Big matchday theday, not holdin my breath or anithin
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