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  1. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Nice to see someone knows I am manager of Stuttgart Anyway I have been changing my mind as to what I want for my team but one thing that I do need is a goalkeeper. Was hoping for Butt of Bayern Munich as I would assume that Munich are looking for a better goalkeeper.
  2. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Why do so many people put illegal markers on the transfers?
  3. Re: World Championship 10000 Match Reports/Transfer News Stuttgart have made bids for... Hasebe of Woflsburg and Wendel of Bordeaux and have also made bids for other un-named players in external clubs or as free agents.
  4. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Who got Bayern Munich here?
  5. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread I have Stuttgart Only player I am selling that may be of interest is a lad called Timo Gebhart, maybe Mamadou Bah will interest someone here as well.
  6. Re: World Championship 10000 - Anyone interested? You kinda all have to do it at the same time only lasts 15 minutes...
  7. Re: World Championship 10000 - Anyone interested? I will join... I will take a div 3/4 team.
  8. Re: 7 ways to improve soccer manager This... 100% tactics seem to mean next to nothing on this game. My Werder Bremen team has lost all three matches, now to an extent you may blame me but when you consider that the other manager has made no effort on tactics and just signs random players with a much weaker team it's all a bit silly. Especially considering my team has twice had three times the amount of shots only to lose, clearly they are just random starts thrown up that must mean nothing. On the other hand my QPR team has won it's first game 4-2 which was away so it's not all bad news for me but that's a different story. Is there some explanation on how these tactics give you an advantage? I doubt it they all seem very pointless to me.
  9. Okay so I am a new person in terms of this game and I have just played my first match with my first team on this site and I lose 3-0, Valencia 3-0 Werder Bremen. Fair enough about losing but 3-0 is a bit silly considering I have a stronger squad, set up tactics including half-time/75-min substitutions, I would have to wonder if there is any point to this, although it was at Valencia's home ground. So you would assume if the other team managed to get a 3-0 win it must have been easy for them? Apparently not, I had 51% possession and, more surprisingly 19 shots to their 9 shots. I know it is luck and all that but that is just stupid, I have 19 shots and my team is unable to score 1 of them, yet they manage to score 3 from their 9. What is the point? So my suggestion would really be make the game more realistic, tactics and substitutions should maybe be made more important. Its all nice for me to putting arrows on where I want my players to go but it all seems very pointless. Correct me if I am wrong but I just seems that you can use any formation you want put the players in that formation (provided they can play) and choose a random set of tactics. Another thing, does nationality come into effect here because surely having Gareth Barry playing for Valencia there should be some sort of communication factor taken into account? Or am I misjudging what this game is all about.
  10. Everyone join. Still good teams to take over. Season starts tomorrow.
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