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  1. Re: clubs available, challengers wanted! man c for me?
  2. Re: help with this deal pls apparently only way. =( haha i accepted it.
  3. i receive c.ronaldo for giving 14m plus iniesta. good deal?
  4. Re: Gold Expires well, i am 51 sm rep. so 2 haha
  5. Alright erm guys, Initially i have 2 clubs. After i get gold management, i got a few more clubs. But it is going to expire soon. I wanted the new clubs i got. So i quitted my initial 2 clubs, so will i retain the first 2 clubs on my list, when gold management expire?
  6. i am having 50 sm reputation now and it says max 2. so when will i be able to manage more?
  7. Re: Gold member Hmmmmm so i might lose all of them?!?!?!
  8. I was offered Juan mata +20m for karim benzema. worth?
  9. Re: Gold member thx thx! how to rep u?
  10. If the gold memeber period expires. will u still be able to retain the 12 clubs?
  11. I have a question about him. Is he likely to rise? And how much can he fetch?
  12. khorjle


    RUFFIER, St├ęphane or Fernando MUSLERA?
  13. Re: Navas or Silva? a side question, how bout chamakh?
  14. Between Jesus Navas and David Silva, who should i pick if i have to choose between 1
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