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  1. After being a bit unlucky not to get 95 last season, is there a possibility for higuain to get it this review as he has carried on where he left off last season?
  2. A few things I have noticed I think need a changing..... (All on I pad) As mentioned before bring back match previews, to show the stadiums etc, also to see the history of each club and the records against each other. On matchday, the ratings page is a disaster, no longer are both teams ratings side by side but below and above each other and overlap at times (leads to more scrolling and not accessible on one fixed screen) also can be a bit hard to see who attained what rating. Same as above with the matchday stats Bring back average rating of team on team selection. In player database
  3. Been with my Villarreal team for 14 seasons in a gold championship, 4X smfa cup finalists, 2x winners, league champions 7 times plus various other cups. My stadium has been 25,000 the entire time. So I have gotten used to this. I have players like ronaldo, cavani, Sanchez, silva to name a few. The new value increases seem fair as does the increase in wages (to an extent) though for me today to have my stadium increased from 25,000 to a measly 29,455 is just pathetic. (Currently just before start of season) my wages have risen by near £800,000 per week, so I imagine it won't be long before I wi
  4. Have seen so many managers quit over the last few days due to this new update. At the minute I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt, though there are numerous things that need fixed. Loading times, parts of the layout and get rid of the add club bring the main home page, too many flicking to get to where I want. Also lost out on three transfers as players values increased dramatically. To match this will prize money and game revenue increase? And wow players wages have massively increased. My West Ham first team wages went from £1.2 million per turn to £1.9 million. Dunno if looking forward t
  5. The problem is the poor financial prizes for winning a league or finishing in a European cup position. I came 3rd in the English league in a gold championship and my reward was just over £5million. It should be more like £15 million or £25 million. Or at least since i have won various trophies and finished in top four for the last 8 seasons my stadium should increase from the starting 35,000 especially as I'm now in season 14. These would be better solutions than huge cash injections. I do feel cash injections are a good idea, but not only for clubs with huge debt but even for clubs with may
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... A manager has been trying for agesssssss in a pretty competitive gold championship to sign my pogba. Offer on table is Jordi alba + Lucas moura + 20 million = pogba. Other manager is unwilling to use players such as varane, marquinhos, veratti, lukaku, Wilshire, eriksen, de gea or Thiago. (Has most of the top players in league already esp the younger top talent) Alba would start at lb but moura on my bench. It's a good offer but I'm unsure, the 20 million could help me buy either benzema, Rooney or Marcelo. I can't see alba rising over 92, but what is mou
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Two very good points especially with the players you have chosen, both I believe should be 95 rated. By no means am I a Neymar fanboy, have him in one gold setup out of 13. Although for Costa and hazard to earn their 94's this review why wouldn't Neymar? Costa yes having a great season but two good seasons, terrible international form has seen him rise to 94? Hazard, brilliant player (future ballon dor winner) but again what has he really done for his 94? Poor World Cup, no honours with Chelsea except Europa league. He got his 94 because he us a
  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Have to say today's rating changes seem spot on, had hoped griezman would get his 92 but it will come sooner rather than later. As for Neymar 32 goals in all comps in 18 months for Barcelona is pretty decent stats having played out wide a lot last year. (Also had spells on the sidelines) That combined with a solid World Cup and his obvious ability I see no reason why he wouldn't be rated same as hazard or costa after their recent rises. Just my thoughts
  9. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread James Rodriguez is a cert for 92, although is 93 a possibility? Also is it too soon for griezmans 92? imo he definitely deserves it. Thanx for any opinions.
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion With Germany winning the World Cup and bayerns success over last 18 months are we thinking Boateng to 93? Gotze to 94? Muller to 95? Neuer to 96? :confused:
  11. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Andddddddd both falcao and garay gave found their way to inter haha well done :eek: no suprise though
  12. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) I concur, definitely didn't see ac Milan offered out on here when he signed bale, Vlaar and schneiderlin. Then again I think he had a rival bid in for garay at Porto, obv didn't lik that. Hours away from signing Falcao too, aww well maybe he will find his way to inter for 'part exchange'
  13. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development The match engine was meant to be worked on, has this happened? I lost 7 out of my 12 matches tonight, all times I had the stronger team with more possession, shots on target but guess what? My keeper received 5 or less each time, with their keeper receiving motm. Each time their total shots on target resulted in a goal each time. Pathetic sm. I can accept one or two results lik this out if 12 but 7 out of 12. Unacceptable. :mad:
  14. Made a wee list of players who are either slightly underrated and have had a very good World Cup or players who are international regulars and should be recognised as such. Also a couple stand out players David ospina 88-89 Alexander mejia 86-87 James Rodrigues 91-92 Kostas manolas 87-88 Ahmed musa 89-90 Juwon oshaniwa 80-83 Kenneth ormeruo 84-85/86 Marcos rojo 88-89 Fernando gago 89-90 Paul pogba 91-92 Deandre yedlin 82-85 Jerome boateng 91-92 Mats hummels 93-94 Divock origi 84-86 Jasper cilissen 87-88 Stefan de vrij 88-89 Georgino wijnaldum 88-89 Memphis depay 87-88 Gary
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