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  1. Re: Worst Premier League Manager 08/09 Whoever created this post is either retarded or just fishing for controversy. Zola has done fantastic at West Ham. If anything he should be placed on a poll for the best managers list. By the way, my vote went to Ricky Spraglia (cant be bothered to spell his name correctly). But who is he?? Tony Adams is a great shout though. Did less than nothing at Portsmouth and is an even less impressive TV pundit..
  2. Re: alonso looks set to join madrid As good a player as Alonso is, Liverpool will cope without him. Mascherano, Gerrard and Torres are the 3 most important players for Liverpool, and its no coincedence that we have been closer to winning the title since Torres and Mascheranos arrival. If benitez can secure Silva and perhaps Aqulani ( i also expect to see more of Lucas next season) then liverpool will still be title contenders.
  3. Re: Joe Cole - 92? I can't really disagree with this more. A players potential should have no impact whatsoever on the rating they get. I can see you're point completely. But, Soccermanager have always said that the ratings are judged on form. This is the rating system SM decided on, and it was and has been clearly stated since day 1 of soccermanager (and I have been a manager since then). To then contradict it with their ratings is the sole reason that I am complaining now (again). Of course, there will always be slight inconsistencies. But I see it far too often for it to be simple mist
  4. Re: Madrid Defenders Lets hope so. He is too good a player to go to waste on the bench..
  5. Re: Joe Cole - 92? is that right? I didnt realise that SM scoured every league looking for who was injured and who just didnt play due to being out of favour... if thats the case then I hold my hands up. But, i just get the feeling that when ratings time comes around 'sky sports stat centre' gets opened up.. Performances this season - 6(4) - rating down 2 points... unless you play for top 4 in england of course..
  6. Re: My team, where would you strenghten ? Fisrt and foremost, sack the manager.. Get someone in that knows what they are doing.
  7. How is this player still a 92??? hasnt played all last season, kind of like eduardo at arsenal. By comparison, hernan crespo played limited times for Inter last year. Started the season at 92, ended up an 89? Still played more games than eduardo and joe Cole put together though... Oh, hang on. I forgot, both cole and eduardo play in the premier league, my mistake...
  8. Re: Esteban cambiasso. Over rated? I will say one thing on Cambiasso. If either of those 2 oafs by the name of Diarra deserve their rating, then one simply cannot argue with Cambiasso's 95. He is by very definition a 'world class midfielder'. And by that I mean there are very few teams that he would struggle to hold down a first team place. Utd - yes Real - yes Chelsea - yes(over mikel) Juve - Yes Milan - Yes Liverpool - ? (perhaps not) Arsenal - Certainly Barca - ? (close call between toure and cambiasso) Inter - ? lol Bayern - yes At the very least, Cambiasso will always be rem
  9. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! Yes. Was 95 if i remember rightly.
  10. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! Is it? Pichichi for 2nd time in his career. How many better strikers in Europe?
  11. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! No-one mentioned Forlan on here?
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