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  1. Hi, can someone help me I have a game tonight i really need to win, to keep my promotion bid alive but its againsta 4-4-2 team, I hate playing 4-4-2 teams, Ive lost a few The team is managed. any ideas what i should ply, i usually play 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2, as i dont have any LB or RB players thanks in advance
  2. Re: Magic27 Signatures Ill Have TONY MOWBRAYS RED & WHITE ARMY if thats possible THANK YOU.
  3. Re: Magic27 Signatures Hello, Im new to all these Sig's and Avatars Can you do me a MIDDLESBROUGH sig or avatar gonna sound thick hear, but whats the difference thanks in advance
  4. Hi Guys, Im just looking to boost my team to confirm promotion ASAP i have 7 games left, im 2nd in the league and 7 points ahead of 3rd place. My first Xi is gk SCHWARZER (90) CB® D.GODIN (90) CB (M) T.SILVA (92) , C CB (L) D. LOVREN (88) RW ® T. WALCOTT (90) CM ® N.DENILSON (89) or O.HARGREAVES (88) CM (L) J.O. MIKEL (91) LW (L) M.DANNY (90) AM (M) M.RODRIGUEZ (90) and up front 2 from S.AGUERO (94), F. QUAGLIARELLA (91) R.FALCAO (91) I ues the same formation, but feel with this side should be higher than 2nd and deffo not 4 points behind 1st place coventry Tack Style : NORMAL O
  5. Re: Need to start scoring Cheers Mate, hope u start scoring away from SM
  6. Re: Need to start scoring Thanks for reply but also then what set up, Tackling Style: Mentality: Passing Style: Attacking Style: Tempo: Pressing: Play Style: Counter Attack ? Tight Marking ? Play Offside ? Use Play Maker ? Use Target Man ? Thanks again in advance
  7. Hi Guys/Gals I have a team of 87-94 ratings and im only winning by the odd goal or 2, dont get me wrong im glad im winning but the opposition im playing i feel i should be battering the 5-0 upwards any ideas thanks in advance
  8. Hi Guys and Gals Is it possible for a team to have a too bigger rating for the league they are in. I have Notts County and im in Lge 3, for my 1st 14 players my rating is Avg of 91 James, Zambrotta, Zanettie, Milito, M'Bia, Arbeloa Bellamy, Mikel, Danny, Ozil Falcao & Quagliarella In the League I have played 7 and won only 2 and lost 3 but i have played friendlies v Higher division team and won 1 drew 1. is my poor start due to my team maybe being "too good" for Div 3 Any help on this matter will be brilliant and thanks in advance for any replies
  9. Hi Guys Can Someone Please Answer this? Ive got Notts County and just got them Promoted from Lge 4 to Lge 3 Now im looking to buy new players, So far big name players I have Include Beckham and Baptista. So ive been looking for a new player and Came across ANDRE-PIERRE GIGNAC Striker/Att Mid... Age 24...Rating 90, last rating Change UP1 I have to pay £14.6M, but my Chairman rates him at £5,990.000 he younger than Baptista, better rating but only worth £6m to the club im confused on what im looking at to increase revenue at the club but also buy better players than i already have as
  10. I really need some help here My Forest team (ENG Champ 74) Ratings low 90, High 80's with a few other in the low region Pld 9, LOST 8, drew 1 played a friendly v Huddersfld won 3-1 (5-3-2) Im 6 points adrift of 2nd bottom Sheff Utd, who i just recently lost 1-0 against Last season, i finished 4th (lost Play off SF) Thinking of sacking them all, and buying the ORIGINAL Forest team there rating Very very low 80's and High 70's Can you experts please have a look at my team and e-mail us some ideas to get us out the bottom 3 ccc73@hotmail.co.uk Thanks in Advance:confused:
  11. Ive read a lot on here that Managers know what the opposition for the next game is gonna bring and that helps that manager sort his/her team out for that game Can some one who does this, please tell me what to look for and how. Usually i do ok, but i am struggling this season... PLD 5 ,,,LOST 5 (Last Season, lost in P.O. S.F) Thanks in Advance Craig Nottm Forest Eng Champ 74
  12. Re: The new tactics are not helping Cheers But The season is 5 games old and ive used them in every game only to find me bottom of a league i should be walking all over i looked to see how other teams are with them and find only 3 including myself use them. so i feel for my game on Wed, i gonna go back to old skool. thanks for reply
  13. Re: The new tactics are not helping Cheers Mate I'll have a look at it
  14. My Nottingham Forest missed out promotion last season by losing in the semi final of the play offs new season has come and these HORRIBLE new tactics played 5 LOST 5, rooted to the bottom of the lge only team in the league with NIL pwah. Is it really nessessary to use them
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