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  1. I need a CB for my team and these players are in unmanaged team. Who I sould sign? Chiellini 27.7M Silva 27.5M Hummels 25.8M De Rossi 22.3M Thanks!
  2. Hi mates. What winger should I sell for my team? I think that are many and need money for buy defenders (Terry, Subotic or both ). - Schmelzer - Kagawa - Lamela - Di Maria - Bastos - Valencia - Willian - Valbuena - Young - Reus - Muniain - R. Alvarez - Deulofeu - O. Chamberlain - I. Cuenca - Balotelli Thanks you very much
  3. Hi guys. I have in my team Chicharito and Lavezzi. Suarez is in a unmanaged team. Should I sell one of my players to sign him? What do you think? Who do you sell? Thanks
  4. Hi guys. A manager sent me a private message and offered Khedira + money for my Cambiasso. Is a good deal for me? My other midfielders are Busquets, Mascherano, Vidal, Banega, J. Martinez, Anderson and Henderson. Also, the manager of Bayern has 28 days without getting into the game and in these team is Schweinsteiger. If he leaves I could sign into German. What do you think? Thanks
  5. Hi guys. I have Kjaer in my team and the others in unmanaged teams. Who do you thing is better CB? Thanks.
  6. Respuesta: Who should I sell from my team? Anyone?
  7. Respuesta: Who should I sell from my team? Thanks you very much for the answers. I have received a offer for Kjaer of 13.9M and I can sign Vertonguen for 12.5M. Should sell Kjaer and then sign Vertonguen? In a few days, I could sign Mertesacker too. If i can sign him, who should i sell? Thanks again. Regards.
  8. Hi guys. I have this team and I need help to sell players. Who do you recommend? HART, Joe Gk 24 91 TER STEGEN, Marc-André Gk 19 78 SCHMELZER, Marcel LB/LM 23 90 CISSOKHO, Aly LB 24 90 MAICON, Douglas RB 30 95 KOMPANY, Vincent CB/DM 25 92 BADSTUBER, Holger CB/LB 22 90 SAKHO, Mamadou CB 21 90 KJAER, Simon CB 22 90 MUSACCHIO, Mateo CB/DM 21 89 BONUCCI, Leonardo CB 24 89 SMALLING, Chris CB 21 87 FONTAS, Andreu CB 21 86 ZANETTI, Javier Def/DM 38 93 BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CM 23 94 MATIP, Joël DM/CB 20 86 CAMBIASSO, Esteban CM/DM 31 95 BANEGA, Éver CM/DM 23 90 MARTÍNEZ, Javi CM 23 90 ANDERSON, Luis CM 23 90 HENDERSON, Jordan CM/RM 21 88 BARKLEY, Ross CM 17 75 PJANIC, Miralem AM/Wing 21 90 KAGAWA, Shinji AM/Wing 22 88 WIJNALDUM, Georginio AM/Wing 20 87 CANALES, Sergio AM/Wing 20 87 LAMELA, Erik AM/Wing 19 86 LANZINI, Manuel AM/Wing 18 80 BASTOS, Michel Wing/LB 28 91 VALENCIA, Antonio Wing 26 91 WILLIAN, Borges Wing/AM 23 90 VALBUENA, Mathieu Wing/AM 27 90 YOUNG, Ashley Wing/AM 26 90 MUNIAIN, Iker Wing/AM 18 88 ALVAREZ, Ricardo Wing/AM 23 85 DEULOFEU, Gerard Wing/Fwd 17 75 AGUERO, Sergio Fwd 23 94 LAVEZZI, Ezequiel Fwd/AM 26 91 BALOTELLI, Mario Fwd/Wing 21 89 IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan CF 30 96 HERNANDEZ, Javier CF 23 90 CARROLL, Andy CF 22 88 I usually play with 3-5-2. Thanks you very much.
  9. Hi guys. I need a CM and they are available. Who should I buy? They will rise? Thanks
  10. Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Chicharito or A. Sanchez? Thanks.
  11. Hi. I´m looking for a CM for my second team and both players are in the same team. Who should I buy? Boateng is valued in 7.9 and Bender in 9.1, but the price isn´t important. Thanks you very much
  12. Respuesta: Shiniji Kagawa or Marvin Martin Kagawa. He could rise to 90 if he and Dortmund make a decent season.
  13. Respuesta: Sanchez or Pato? Pato for me although Alexis is a great player and will rise +1/2 this year.
  14. I guys. I have in my team these AM/wing: - Lennon - Pjanic - Afellay - Kagawa - Wignaldum - Canales - Lamela - Lanzini - Ricky Alvarez - A. Johnson And i can sign this: - Valbuena - Valencia - Elia - Augusto - Dzsudzsak - Muniain - Griezmann - Holtby - Isla - Willian Who should I sell, keep and buy? Thanks you very much.
  15. What do you think about this player? Will he drop o keep his punctuation? I can sign for my second team, for 12M because I can´t get other CM better. Thanks
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