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  1. Thanks dude, another question as you seem to be the only person on here. This place used to be rammed a few years back. I need to sort out my keeper situation. I've currently inherited Pepe Reina. Who will be going, I have 3 obvious choices to replace him. Claudio Bravo (now of man city), Keylor Navas or Rui Patricio. All 91 rated, I'm attracted to particio because of his age, and recent success in euros. But will he rise in the portugese league? Navas is only slightly older at 29, main keeper at Madrid (until they go back for De Gea) and just won the champions league. And Bravo, just gone to man city, won loads at Barca and the Copy America with Chile. But at 33 appears to have the least amount of shelf life (unless your buffon who plays unbelievable forever). I like Patricio, and if money wasn't really an object I'd probably go for him, but would it be worth going for Bravo, who is cheaper and would enable me to buy a 2nd string keeper like Jack Butland. All 3 are unlikely to drop anytime soon, and there's a better chance for Bravo or Navas to rise at their current club. Who would you go for? A second opinion is always a good thing Thanks
  2. High guys, I've recently taken over a club in an English championship. And I've inherited a fair few decent young players, one of which is Marko Pjaca. I'd heard of him previously, mainly through football manager and doing a bit of research he's recently joined Juventus. At 21 and 86 rated is he worth keeping? There's a lot of player's higher rated so he wouldn't play, and I need to sell some players in order to bring some in. Is he worth keeping hold of? It's not a ultra competitive league (it used to be) and if I were to use him as part ex there's a good chance I could get him back. Does anyone know if he likely to get a ratings rise. BTW the player I would likely use him as part ex for is Max Meyer from shalke as on paper he looks the better option. Thanks in advance. All help is appreciated.
  3. Yeah, this is what i now see. Thanks for the reply mate.
  4. In the game world overview it always said the season number and then out of 23. For instance when i last played it was "season 20/23" maybe i misuderstood or it or something. It appears to have gone now though and just says "season 23"
  5. Hi there, i have played SM on and off for about 9 years. However the league i initially joined was only on its 3rd season. Its now in its 23rd season, it has always said the game world only has 23 seasons. My question is what happens at the end of the 23rd season? Does the gameworld just close? I dont want to get reinvested in a league thats going to close in a couple of months. Help please
  6. Re: Ibra for Hazard and Pedro. Please help I envy those stats i really do, his best season for me was 9 goals in 23 games. He averages 1 goal in 4 games which for someone thats 96 isnt good enough. Ive played him as a loan striker, in a 2 and in a 3 upfront and still doesnt score. He averages a match rating of 8 in most seasons though. His overall record for all the teams in the gameworld is 95 goals in 300 games. Do players just play well in certain gameworlds?
  7. Re: ┬┐Nuri Sahin for 31 million? As other have said, it depends on if money is usable in the game world, unless you can get in a better player i wouldnt do it as Sahin will probably be more involved next season and is still an excellent talent and only 23.
  8. Re: Schweinsteiger for David Silva? Urgent!! I would actually say keep Scweiny, playes for a better team IMO and is a major part of Germany NT. If they were to win the euros he could get 95 imo. Plus getting a high rated CM is quite hard as the pool of 92+ CM is quite small whereas its easier to get hold of AM/WING. It all depends on what your squad needs though, personally i would keep Scweiny.
  9. Re: Ibra for Hazard and Pedro. Please help Thanks for all your replies, im waiting to see what the other managers final decision is, just a quick question. Does anyone have Ibra in a gameworld where he scores lots of goals? For his rating he is very poor for me and that is a major part of the reason i want to sell not because of his age because my average age is only 24/25 as it is. Any formations, tactics or anything that you think could help get him scoring goals. The average rating of my first team is 93/94 so he's playing with good players.
  10. Re: Ibra for Hazard and Pedro. Please help I should add that Pedro would deff start and ibra doesnt play for me anyway. Not even making the bench most times because of his poor goal return. He really wouldnt be missed.
  11. The other manager pulled out of the ibra-Aguero deal so there is a new deal in place, Pedro and hazard for Ibra. What do you guys think?
  12. Hi all ive got the chance to swap my Ibrahimovic for Aguero. I know Ibra is 2 ratings higher but he will never rise again and is IMO overrated, however Aguero could rise in the future. Aguero is also more flexible in terms of positions he can play. Although Ibra is my best striker based on ratings, my others are Benzema and Higuain. He still rarely plays for me as his goal return is awful averaging 7 or 8 goals a season when he is playing well over 30 games whereas Benzema and Hig have much better stats. Ive been looking to get rid of Ibra for a while and this seems like the perfect oppurtunity. So what do you guys think? Keep Ibra or get Aguero. Thanks in advance.
  13. Re: Real Deal . I wouldnt do it, Eriksen and Muniain are quality yes, but theyre also going to take many years before they hit the 93 that Benzema has, and Benzema is still young and on the rise.
  14. Re: Bent/Soldado I'd get Soldado mate, should be 91 already and will be eventually.
  15. Re: Alonso for Mascherano Agree with the rest, get Alono unless you use Masch at CB. Alonso could get a 95 in a few months time.
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